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The vice that was squeezing my head yesterday has relented some and the person stabbing me in the eye all the way through my head has taken their stabby thing and gone away.  As long as I do not move too fast or change altitudes too quickly I am pretty good.  Bending over still makes me need to check the floor, I am pretty sure my brain is bouncing around there somewhere.   But it is considerably better than it was yesterday. 

I got an email from a company that I had applied to, they wanted more information!  That is always exciting, they sent a questionnaire and one of the questions they asked was “4. What do you mostly read in your spare time? Give 3 examples.”  How awesome is that?  A job that encourages you to read!  It is so totally up my alley.  I love reading, as I told them “If it has words I read it.  I have read everything from JK Rowling and Rick Riordan to Steig Larrson, Albert Camus to Stuart Kaminski.  I read a minimum of seven news sites every day.  I have even read the 2006 international building codes along with the State of Wisconsin and State of Florida building codes.”  I bet they don’t get too many people who can say that!  (By the way I really don’t recommend it unless you have a really wicked case of insomnia or really need to know something – which is why I read them)

Unfortunately because of the residual yucky feelings from the migraine yesterday I can’t work out today.  I almost believe that I am feeling fine and then I will sneeze or cough or just move too quickly . . . and I am pretty sure my brain is clanging around in there bashing against the sides.  Ooo don’t want to think too hard right now either.  I guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to do my test; thinking and moving are pretty low on the list of things to do today.  It’s better than yesterday but still gonna take it easy.


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