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On Thursday I lost my job. The owner of the company came in and told me they had decided to eliminate my position. And that was that. He said I had done a very good job and I had accomplished the goals that he wanted and now he didn’t  know what to do with me. So he was ending my employment. He will give me a glowing recommendation and will not contest unemployment or any of that. He said some other things but I wasn’t really listening, the roaring in my ears and my just struggle to not cry pretty much negated anything he said. I made it all the way home before I cried.

So now I start over again. At least this time I am in an area that has a demand for what I can do. I am going to try to keep positive but some days it is very hard. This is not how I want my career to go, this is not how I planned things. But then I should know by now that plans and actual life events rarely coincide. I can and will overcome this latest setback; I just wish I didn’t have too.

I have let my girls know and now I am passing the information on to you. Hubby told the people at his work, they were worried this would mean he would be leaving too. He assured them we are not going anywhere. This is just a small set back.

This morning Hubby was out walking the dog when the door buzzer went off. I thought it was him so just pushed the door button. Then there was a knock at the door, I looked out the peephole and there was a man there with a box. It was the FedEx guy with a box from Sherries Berries. Hubby’s company sent me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and a note that says “Hang in there. We know you will find something better. The gang at Hubby’s company.” It made me cry, I so appreciate their support.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Militarymomie

An unexpected and completely appreciated gift

And so I start on a new adventure. I have no idea where it will lead, but as long as I have Hubby, my girls and all of you I can and will be fine.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I have 8 minutes and then I need to get in the shower.  I did two miles today, yesterday Hubby and I did 3.5, I have a running total and I will post it tomorrow.  Army Girl is at training for the census.  They wouldn’t take me because I couldn’t go to training last week.  They said they would call me with new training dates.  They called Army Girl instead.  She needs to do something.  I think being home all the time is starting to get on her nerves. 

I have to start looking for a job; the unemployment office wants me to contact at least two potential employers every week.  I will do so, it is just really hit home that I will not be going back.  I guess I just hoped that they would come to their senses and realize they need me.  But they let the unemployment people that I would not be recalled.  *Sigh* it always sucks to find out you are not needed or wanted. 

Well times up, I have to shower and go to the dentist.  I might write more later if not till tomorrow…

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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