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There are some things I just find gross and snot is one of them.  Gpa’s sinuses are all messed up and he has a lot of it.  His nose runs a lot because of the oxygen and he only has one tear duct so things don’t drain properly.  Needless to say I spend a lot of time trying not to gag.

He has been especially croupy lately.  The weather is changing and that affects his breathing plus Medicare or Linn Care or somewhere in between the two has changed his medicine and now he isn’t getting enough.  His doctor has prescribed albuteral through his nebulizer 4 times a day, and Medicare or Linn Care or both have decreed that he can only use the albuteral once a day.  Needless to say this is severely affecting his breathing.  By the end of the day it is a real struggle for him.  It takes his whole body just to draw a breath.  He has been going to pulmonary therapy lately to try to increase his stamina and his ability for breathing.  They assessed him as having severe COPD as opposed to very severe.   I was surprised and a little disheartened to realize that it will get worse.

There is a noticeable change in him since he hasn’t been getting as much albuteral.  Besides his breathing his memory seems to be affected.  Plus he seems to be getting obsessive about things that really shouldn’t be a worry let alone obsessed over.  I know that as people age they get fussier but . . . really?

I am sitting here watching him breath, I can hear the crackling in his chest, and his nearly constant small coughs to clear the gunk.  I get tired watching I am pretty sure he gets tired doing.  It amazes me that he just keeps on.  But I am glad he does.


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