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My garden is going crazy with tomatoes! My big beef tomato plant is now nearly 5 feet wide, 4 feet tall and covered in tomatoes.  I think this one plant is going to yield close to 100 tomatoes all by itself.  They all seem to be growing in clumps of 5 or so.  I have some that have turned shiny so I think they will soon be starting to turn red (oh I hope so! I want to taste them so bad!)  The Roma tomatoes are going crazy as well. There are two that will be ready soon and whole bunches that are growing.  Also both plants have a lot of blossoms yet, I think we will have a bumper crop.

big beef tomato plant nearly 5 feet wide

I picked beans this morning, there are more out there, I am going to let them get a little bigger.  There are more blossoms so we should get a few days worth of beans.  Only one of my pea plants has survived but it does have some peas growing.   I think I counted 7 pods.  Better than nothing, which is what I think we will get from the carrots.  It is so sad; I love carrots from the garden.  Oh well.

the most mature big beef tomatoes

I have one pepper so far.  I am surprised that some of them have as many blossoms as they do.  There are two pepper plants and some parsley that shares the space with the big beef tomato plant, the amazing thing is they are doing pretty well considering.

our one pepper so far

This garden has been an experiment.  I have never had a garden before; I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. It has been more and less work than I expected.  More work because I look at it every day that I am here at Gpa’s and I pick at the weeds and I look at my veggies and worry about whether they are going to grow; less because there hasn’t been as much weeding and stuff as I expected.

I look forward to posting more pictures of my (hopefully soon) ripe veggies and the recipes they are used in.  one clump of many Roma tomatoes


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beginnings of my garden 4-11-11

Gpa and I are starting a garden.  Now I have no experience with gardening.  The closest I have come to gardening is a few things in pots and that has been more hit and miss than successful.  We have decided to do a “one foot” garden.  We are using a smallish area that was a flower garden by Gpa’s house.  We are going to put in a couple of tomato plants, a couple pepper plants,  one or two cucumber plants, some carrots, radishes, and some onions.  I would also like to put in some of the spice plants like chives.  One of the ladies who I work out with said she has some of the spice plants she could give me as starters.  I hope she can give me lots of advice too.

So far I have dug up the plot where the garden will go and now I have covered it in black plastic.  I am going to leave the plastic on for a few weeks to kill the weeds and things growing in there.  I figure if I get the seeds in the ground before the end of May we will be fine.  I know everyone is so ready for spring to be here and they want to get things growing but I think waiting will be a good idea for us.  Our plan is to just grow what we can eat now.  I do not know how to can things and really don’t want to get into that.

The green movement is all about knowing where your food comes from and trying to eat locally.  Sometimes it is easier to say than do.  But we are going to try.  I saw at Menard’s that they have strawberry plants.  I might get one and put it in.  Now I know you can’t get much from one plant but this is an experiment so we are keeping it small.

It is going to be an interesting experiment because I really don’t know a plant from a weed so hopefully I will be keeping the right things.  I will keep you posted on how things go.

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