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I try to meditate every day. I get done with my exercise and take time to just let it all go. I know what you are thinking, oh man all sorts of woo woo new age crystal bullspit. But there is no chanting, no mantras, no anything I don’t want. I don’t meditate in the traditional way. I lay on the floor with my bottom against a wall and my legs up the wall forming a 90° angle. Right now I do this for 15 minutes.

I am working my way up to 30 minutes of meditation time. I just increased the time from 10 minutes to 15 this week. I find that after 12 minutes I start to get antsy.  I will keep doing 15 minutes until such time as I can relax the whole time.

I find this time incredibly rewarding. I just lay there on the floor staring at the ceiling and let everything go. I have a few moments most days of having a completely quiet mind. The voices in my head shut up for a few precious moments. I am hoping as I continue to practice this meditation technique the voices in my head will cease to be so loud and often negative.

We all have those voices that tell us bad things, that we are ugly or stupid or should have or shouldn’t have or blah blah blah. These are the same voices that like to rehash the past or make you anxious about what might happen in the future. I find that through meditating I have been able to make some of that negativity go away. We all need less negativity.

Doing my meditation with my legs up the wall has had a lot of benefits for me health wise. My back feels better, my hips feel better, I have less swelling in my feet from sitting too long, my attitude is better and I think it is lowering my blood pressure.

I am hoping that as I get better at quieting my mind, I will be able to hear the good things it has to say. In the mean time I will lay on my floor with my legs up listening to my refrigerator run, the birds outside my window sing, the wind blowing and for those few precious moments the silence of my quiet mind.



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