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Being flexible is a part of life. You need to be able to roll with whatever life throws your way. There are times that going against the flow just makes you very tired and frustrated. We all want to stand out so we fight against going with flow but having the flexibility and the confidence to just let go and see where we are being lead . . . it can be freeing.

We are having some major changes going on right now. Deployments are being changed, milestone birthdays are taking place, jobs are in flux, and the weather! Well we all know the weather is doing some major changing!

I wrote about the new classes I am taking. I hope some of you were able to try one. I am using this time to try some new things, ride my exercise bike and walk my dog. Plus hang out with Hubby for a few minutes a day. Hubby and Baby-O are having major milestone birthdays; I love them both so much.

The budget cuts are affecting the girls in major ways. Deployments have been postponed or canceled and we really do not know what the future will hold for them. Congress has/is screwing with so many people’s lives, not just the soldiers and sailors and airmen directly serving but their families too. Canceling deployments less than 48 hours before they are to leave is so not cool.

Thousands and thousands of people are ready to go, they have suspended their lives and then at the very last second they are told “Never mind, you are not going.” So now they have to try to put things back together, restart things. It is time consuming and costly. It is really easy for people in Congress to mess up people’s lives, I am pretty sure that none of the people making the decisions even know any soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen or coastguardsmen.

Congress has made a huge mess; they have screwed over a large group of people just by doing nothing. Please get your act together and fix this because if you keep screwing with these people who have volunteered to keep you safe they may not be there when you need them.

To all of you who serve THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE. In spite of the way Congress has treated you, I appreciate what you do for us. Please continue to be flexible and roll with what life is giving you, hopefully things will get better.

My respect and admiration,


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When the government shuts down this weekend our congressmen and senators have graciously offered to not get paid until they get their heads out of their asses and work to together.  Well la-de-fucking da to them.  They make $174,000 a year, which is $14,500 a month.  I am pretty sure they will all be fine.

An e3 makes $1838.70 a month, an e4 makes $2014.20, and an e5 makes $2230.20.  Now these amounts are all before taxes, so that lowly e3 actually only brings home $800 for half the month.  These senators and congressmen will be fine if they aren’t paid for the time that the government is shut down but we have soldiers, sailors, air men and marines who are putting in more than 100 hours a week for that pay, and to rub their noses in the government’s stupidity is just a travesty.  How dare they play with these people lives like this?  How dare they wreck young people’s lives by playing politics with their money?  Do you think the electric company cares that the government is acting like assholes?  Do you think the car company cares that the military person didn’t get paid so they can’t pay their bills?  Do you think that it is just a few parks and a bunch of so called “rich” government workers that are being affected by this?

How dare you!!!!!!  Get over your stupid selves and get this fixed!  It matters here people; it matters to the people who are paid to protect this country.  They will continue to show up and do their jobs even as they lose everything.  They will protect your sorry asses even as you screw them over.  They will protect you even as you act like the equivalent of junior high bullies and mess with their lives.  They will protect you, and reward them by acting like a bunch of asses.

Grow up, get the budget passed.

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