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I have had enough! No more campaign commercials, no more shouting, no more crap from all sides. I have had enough! This has been the most negative campaign season in history. And the thing that really sucks is it started two years ago.
Here are my new rules for campaigning. You can only spend what you would make in that position. If you want outside sponsorship you must wear it on your clothes like NASCAR and Golf. The bigger the name the more money they have contributed. No one who cannot vote for the person can give them money. All of those groups that donate money have to have names and pictures attached.
Campaign commercials can only be run from 2 am to 3 am. If someone wants to watch it they can get up at that time or TIVo/dvr it. They can only run commercials for two weeks before the election. If you lie or use actors you get pelted with spaghetti. If you are going to make a commercial you must be in it, that means all of those PAC’s have to have names and pictures of the people making/paying for those commercials.
Once the election is over you get one day to gloat or cry, after that I don’t want to hear about it. You must work together for the good of this country. No more saying no just because you want to be an ass, no more proposing stupid stuff just to be an ass, no more acting like fools, no more acting worse than most two year olds.
I have had enough!

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