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Baby-O and Hubby

I was going to write about how great Baby-O was on the trip. How she did awesome on the plane rides and didn’t really have any major melt downs. But Hubby is so very sick with this sinus stuff that I am going to write about that instead.

Although it is way more interesting to hear and read about how adorable a nearly one year old is, way more interesting than hearing and reading about a sick nearly 50 year old. But this stuff that is going around is so nasty. Worse than the poopy diaper that Baby-O graced everyone with on the first flight of the trip. Luckily we had some Ziploc bags with us and we were able to contain the toxic mess. Unlike the flu which seems to be catchable through the phone.

Hubby is willingly taking lots of naps, unlike certain very grown up baby girl. She has decided that she won’t willingly take them. But when she does she is down for the count. Kinda like Hubby, when I get home from work he has been sound asleep on the couch, doesn’t even know that I have walked in the door. I usually end up scaring the crap out of him when I wake him up to put him to bed. When Baby-O is sleeping that hard you can change her diaper, put her in her jammies and put her in bed and she won’t wake up – Hubby not so much.

Like I said, I wanted to write about how great Baby-O was on the trip, but with Hubby so sick . . .

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Well it has started it-the next round of deployments. We had a lovely four days visiting with Navy Girl and Mr. and Mrs. Air Force Girl. And of course when it was time to leave (ok most of the morning) I bawled like a baby. The more I tried not to cry the harder I cried. It is so hard when soldiers, sailors and airmen are deployed. The worst part is not being able to pick up the phone and hear their voices.

Navy Girl pointed out to me that we don’t see each other all that often now, but we can and do Skype so at least then I can see her pretty face and hear her lovely voice. Now it will be many many many months until I get to hear her. We are luckier than many families; her job requires her to check her email frequently so we will be able to get email from her fairly regularly.

We all seem to have caught the sinus version of the gunk that is going around. It starts with a sore throat and moves into the sinuses. That seems to be as far as mine went. As soon as I was coming down with it I started drinking 2 teaspoons of raw honey in some hot water. That helped my throat a lot. I read that if you take 1 teaspoon of raw honey with ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon in some hot water twice a day for three days it will help knock down a cold. It seems to have worked. Plus get lots of rest, I took Vicks sinus stuff and slept at least 8 hours a time. I feel pretty good right now.

Many people have been getting that horrible flu that is going around. Please be careful if you get it, BFF and Mr. Air Force Girl’s mom have both ended up in the hospital with it. Everyone I know that has caught it has been knocked down hard with it. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! Cover your mouth when you cough, cover your mouth when you cough, cover your mouth when you cough! It is the best way to not catch things and to not give it to anyone else.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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There is a hoax that has been going around the internet for a while.  That tonight Mars will be the size of the moon in the sky.  In 2003 Mars was the closest it would be for a very long time.  For some reason every year this hoax gets sent around.  There are a lot of hoaxes out there.  It is amazing how many people believe anything they read on the internet.  Just because it was on the internet, TV or even on the radio it doesn’t mean it is true.  It is amazing how wanting something to be true will cloud our judgment.  Cynicism in healthy doses is ok.  Too much, like too much of anything is a bad thing. 

Too much of a good thing, it sure has been a long time since that has happened.  It seems that even my good things are happening in moderation these days.  Someday I hope to have an excess of success.  Wouldn’t that be something?  An excess of success . . . I like that saying.  Do you know anyone who has that?  Let me know. 

Army Girl is getting her new car tomorrow.  The continuation of good things happening.  She is very excited and rightfully so.  I will get to see it Labor Day weekend.  She has purchased a Hyundai Tucson GLS, Iris blue.  Lucky girl, extremely happy girl. 

Brother C was supposed to come here to Gpa’s this weekend, but he has the flu.  Because of this he cannot visit.  If Gpa were to get something like that it could be catastrophic.  He is wheezing pretty hard, we are going to have to shut the house up tomorrow and turn on the air conditioning.  It has been fairly dry and sort of cool in temperature for the last few days.  But the next week is supposed to be awful again mid to upper 80’s and humid.  Ew. 

The good news is we have gotten high speed internet here at gpa’s and we have appointments set up with the plumber and the contractor to put in the central air.  That will be so nice!  Of course I will not be able to put it at the arctic temps I would like but if we can get an even temp in here it would be nice.   I hope they can do it soon. 

Ok enough babbling for the night. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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