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Have you ever worked for a company that was so frightened by one mishap that they went overboard in their security? I worked for a company where an idiot was caught with child porn. Now he was not caught on the premises with it but there was a possibility that he checked his personal email on one of the company computers.

Because of this one person’s stupidity the company reacted by restricting the internet for everyone.  I understand the fear this engendered, the authorities could have seized the servers of the company and that would have been a major hardship because of the loss of data.

Here is the problem with restricting the internet and adding terms that people can’t use. There was a potential customer whose name is Dick. We could not email him because that is was a restricted word. I had to beg the IT people to let email to and from him through. Seriously, I wish I was kidding about it.

The company was so fearful about what was being looked at that it restricted blogs. There is a lot of good marketing and sales information to be gleaned from blogs, but if I wanted to see any of it I had to request permission from the IT person.

The company was so fearful that if I went to a website that was unrated I had to ask permission to see it. So looking at small companies who were often the bread and butter of my company was a slow and cumbersome process.

I understand the fear that one person can cause, because of one person’s stupidity it made not just my job hard to do it made the whole company shrink. Instead of making the company a safer place it made peoples jobs more cumbersome, less nimble, and very frustrating. It fed an already unhappy workforce into even more malaise.

There are better ways to protect your company. There are better ways to tell your employees that hey there was one stupid person but we still trust you. Instead the company did the exact opposite.


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