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Friday was my birthday. Saturday was Gpa’s. It was a busy weekend. Hubby came down to visit me/us. He surprised me by taking a half day of vacation and getting here 4+ hours earlier than I was expecting him. I miss him so very much. I sleep so much better when he is near me. It will be two weeks before I see him again. Army Girl will be coming down the next time I think. I haven’t seen her since the beginning of the month but I do get to talk to her frequently. I talked to Air Force Girl on Skype on Friday and Navy Girl called me from her ship. I miss them all so much. All in all it was a good birthday weekend.
I am taking this managerial finance class; it is totally kicking my butt. I understand the math but the rest of it just . . . *sigh* I don’t know. I am half way through the class so hopefully it will click soon. Right now the whole class just makes me tired.
My computer got some ugly virus. It was throwing up all over the place. I was finally able to get it cleaned up by applying liberal doses of chicken soup. Many hours and frequent cleanings later I finally got it wiped. I hope. My computer seems to be working much better. Make sure you clean your computer frequently.
I found this Terri Libenson comic at the link below. It is so true of so many women I know.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!



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