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Today is the 27th anniversary of the Challenger explosion. Navy Girl and I were watching it on TV when it happened. She went around for the next week telling everyone “unbelievable! It just blew up!” and it was. At the time the internet was not readily available like it is now so we could only learn about it from the TV and newspapers. Years later I met an engineer who had worked on that mission. The engineers had advised against launching that day but the President was there and they went ahead with disastrous results. My thoughts are with the families of all those who died and all of us who watched it happen.

Speaking of disasters, that night club fire in Brazil, it just makes you weep. If you go into a building and there is only one exit please use it immediately. Your life is worth way more than a few hours of entertainment.

My job hunt continues. I struggle some days with depression and a sense of why bother and anger. Unfortunately I wasn’t born with a horseshoe embedded anywhere like some people in my family – Hubby, youngest brother, a few cousins – to name a few. So I will have to work very hard to make something work. The good news is of the 5 jobs I applied for last week I have only been turned down for 1. I haven’t heard anything from three of them and the 4th says they will be making decisions on who gets interviews in a week or so. My goal this week is to apply for 2 jobs a day and get at least one interview. I have started a spreadsheet to track where I have applied and the results. Things will work out, they always do.

I am glad to live where I do. If you don’t like the weather just wait a day or so and it will be vastly different. I cannot imagine living somewhere, where there is no change. Last week we were in the 0’s and this week we will have 50’s and then teens. It definitely keeps things from getting boring. If you are going out today, please be careful, they are saying there is a lot of black ice.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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