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Army Girl rocks! She did her 10 mile race today. It was pretty amazing, 21000+ people running, almost all of them some form of military people. She finished in the top third of all runners. Air Force Girl is the only one who actually saw her cross the finish line. I am not very tall so I couldn’t see over most of the people by the fence so I was watching on a giant screen. She started wearing a pink tank top, but got too warm so she took it off, I was looking for a pink top and she ran by in a black one. oh well, we were there and she did amazing.

Those people were crazy! Some of them looked like the just went for a walk in the park and some of them looked like there were about ready to die. The first person across the finish line did it in 46 minutes. The first woman across was in 63 place and she did it in 55 minutes. 10 miles in 55 minutes! Can you imagine? The oldest runner was 83 and two people in their 70’s ran faster than Army Girl. Amazing!
Tomorrow ok probably Tuesday I will write about our trip to Washington DC.
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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