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Once upon a time there were five little girls, they ranged in age from 6 years old to one year old. They were very much loved by their Mommies and their Daddies and all of the rest of their families. They lived in lovely houses that were full of laughter and love.

One day they all got to get together for a type of a party.  Now some parts of the party were very sad and some parts were boring and some were happy. This type of party was called a funeral.

The reason they had this party is their Great-Grandpa died. What is a great-grandpa they wondered? How could a grandpa not be great they wondered? Why was everyone sad, but at the same time laughing they wondered?

Let’s try to answer the questions so the little girls won’t have to wonder anymore.

What is a great-grandpa? A great-grandpa is a person who is their mommy or daddy’s grandpa. Just like your mommy has a mommy also known as your grandma your . . . you know what that is getting confusing. Let me show you

Great Grandpa <=> Grandma <=> Mommy <=> You

Your Great-Grandpa is your Grandma’s dad and your Mommy’s grandpa. Your Grandma is your Mommy’s mom. I hope that explains a little.

How could a grandpa not be great? I don’t know. You all are lucky because your Papas are all pretty great. There are just some people who are just duds in life and not even special people like you can make them better. Luckily we don’t know too many people like that so you don’t have to worry about having a grandpa who isn’t great.

Why is everyone sad, but at the same time laughing? This is probably the hardest question to answer. You can be sad and happy at the same time. Especially when someone dies. When someone dies it means we will only be able to see them again in our memories, in pictures and in video. You can’t see them face to face or talk to them on the phone anymore. This makes people sad. When you go to a party like a funeral people get together to remember the person who died. They will cry because they will miss the person who died.

So why are people laughing? People laugh because they share stories about the person. Often times those stories are funny. It is ok to laugh and have fun at a funeral and it is ok to be very sad.

The nice thing about going to a party like a funeral is you get to talk to all these people who have stories about Great-Grandpa. You get to meet the people he knew and find out things that will make you laugh or make you cry. Both of those things are good things. Being remembered is one of the best things that can happen to a person. Especially if they are remembered for good things.

Your Great-Papa was and will be remembered for being a good guy who helped a lot of people. He did nice things for people he knew and people he didn’t know. I am very glad you all came to the funeral party and helped make it an extra special day.

Love you always!



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I have a weekly video call with my middle granddaughter (daughter of Army Girl). She is 2 1/2 and loves talking to me on the phone. Unlike her older sister who only talks on the phone if someone forces her to say hi. I am the Mia in the title.

When I say hanging out in the title I am not kidding. She and I do stuff together: we eat breakfast or snacks, we play, we watch tv. Generally just hang out. Case in point this is a screen shot of our conversation/ hang out today. I wish I could tape some of the conversations we have. They are fun, funny, and wide ranging.

view of our conversation

view of our conversation

As you can see, we do a lot of looking at each other. 😜 I love these days when I can listen to or sometimes see what she is doing. She always includes me in what she is playing. Today we were swimming in the pool with her baby dolls. Her imagination is so wonderful to be a part of.

Often when Navy Girl is on her way to work she calls and baby A will tell me a story. Cooing and warbling, sometimes it is a happy story and sometimes it is a sad one. Air Force Girl’s kids H1 and H2 love to tell me stories as well.

I am so grateful for modern technology so that I can see them. I can be more of a presence in their lives than my parents were able to be. It also helps me not miss my parents as much.

We usually talk until one of our batteries is about to die. Then we go about our days, me just that much happier.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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