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Happy Monday! January 8th already. I hope your year has started the way you want it to.
As most of you know I am a yoga junkie. Love it, love the way it makes me feel when I am doing it and how accomplished I feel when I am done. Yoga alone can be a great workout and when paired with other exercise . . . 💗
Yoga with Adriene has a new 30 day program (completely free) called TRUE. I have not properly worked out in nearly a month so a 30 day program will be just the thing to get me back in the swing. I did Day 1- Motive (24:56) today. This is a great starting video. Moves all the muscles without any fancy moves, no pigeons, no crows, no other animals. Just simple moves that are easy to follow.
I paired this with 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I kept it slow except for 4 1/2 minutes of 1 minute sprints sprinkled through out the ride (11.5 miles). The last 30 second sprint kinda made me want to hurl but that is good because we need to push ourselves a little.
Once this 30 days is done my intention is to get the new Fitness Blender’s 4 week Burn series (only $9.99) and yours forever.
I am in no way affiliated with either of these sites on YouTube. I just love them. I am going to document my attempts at getting healthy, getting a new job, and generally adjusting my attitude.
Oh I have also been listening to some books on tape. I travel a lot because Gpa, lives 3 hours away, Army Girl and fam live 4 hours away, In-laws live 5.5 hours away, Air Force Girl and fam live 8 hours away, and Navy Girl and fam live a whopping 14 hours away. So needless to say I have lots of time for listening. So I decided to make productive use of the time.
So far I have listened to Born to Win by Zig Ziglar, Meatball Sundae – Is Your Marketing Out of Sync? by Seth Godin and You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero. I have listened to the last one 3 times in the last week. I will listen to it a few more times before it is returned to the library. I will be listening to a new one of these a couple times a month. I will keep you posted on which ones I find helpful.
So now I have a plan for the next two months or so. What is your plan for the new year? Have you started?

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Life is full of transitions. This weekend, the beginning of a new year was also witness to the best kind of transition – a wedding. My beautiful niece J married a fine young man. It was a wonderful ceremony filled with love and laughter. Most of my siblings made it to help the lovely couple celebrate. It is always a pleasure to get a chance to hangout with my family.

We have another big transition coming up. The sale of Gpa’s home is progressing quickly. We have a closing date of the end of the month. Gpa’s first 100 days at the nursing home are rapidly coming to an end as well. He will be moving to a different room with in the nursing home for the remainder of his stay.

The remainder of his stay, isn’t that a nice euphemism? We all know what I mean.

My sister M has some decisions to make. We all need to figure out how to finish cleaning out the house. I have some planning to do for a number of different things.

The new year gives us permission to reexamine our lives and see where we want to go from here. The question is where is that?



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I had a job interview a couple of weeks ago and something about it is still bugging me. The person who I interviewed with said he was impressed with my credentials, liked work I had done in the past and thought I was very smart. All good things so far, then he said he didn’t think I was creative enough.

Wait? What? How do you prove that you are creative enough? It is like trying to prove a negative, you can’t really do it. By not giving me the chance to show them what I can do for them they denied me the chance to show what I can do.

When I was in college taking a physics class when we started working with irrational numbers the professor said to think of it as going through the looking-glass like Alice in Wonderland. Use of your imagination and some creative thinking help you understand irrational numbers. When he said he didn’t think I was creative enough I felt like I had been left behind when everyone else went through the looking-glass. Denied the chance for an adventure through wonderland.

Creativity is so subjective. Everyone has their own personal definition of what is creative. Some people think rap is creative, some people thing Jackson Pollack was creative, some people think that IM Ping was creative that all are right and wrong. It just depends on each persons likes and dislikes.

I am really disappointed that my version of creativity and the hiring managers were not on the same wave length. I will not let one persons opinion derail my search or my version of creativity.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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I am working my way through an interesting book by Liz Ryan titled Reinvention Roadmap – break the rules to get the job you want & career you deserve. The book is 25 chapters, four parts and really makes you look at yourself.

I have worked my way through chapter 7 and the first part of the book. When I say worked I mean it. This book really makes you think about who you are and the choices you have made. Because let’s face it, we get where we are in life because of the choices we have made. Yes there are somethings that happen to us but it is how we choose to react to those happenings that help define us.

This book has made me think of things I have tried not to think about for many years. It is dredging up old memories, some of them are very painful. Luckily most of them are good memories. They say that time heals all wounds. I am not so sure about that. There are still some people that were so horrible to me as a child that I even now wish nothing but bad luck upon. Unfortunately that says more about me than them. I don’t think about them often so am not wasting much time or energy over them, but if we ever meet in a dark alley . . .

I choose to let it go. I choose to work through this book so I can learn more about myself and really figure out what I want to do. One of the problems I have always had is I score high and pretty evenly across the board on aptitude tests. I am interested in everything. Well everything except westerns, and war movies or horror movies or slime mold or . . . although the how that stuff works is interesting :/ hmmm . . . never mind.

Where was I? Oh yes, I still haven’t figured out what I want to do when I grow up. I hope this book helps me figure that out. When I was a kid I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom with the white picket fence and the cookie baking (yeah I know how cliche). I wanted to be an astronaut (not like we have now I wanted to be on the Enterprise like on Star Trek). I wanted to be an Archeologist digging up past civilizations (me in hot weather? Can you imagine? Me either!) There are a few other things I wanted to be so we will see what I figure out during this reinvention.

One of the best things about now is there are still a lot of things I can be. I don’t have to have picked one thing and do that for the rest of my life. I can reinvent myself as often as I want too.

What new thing would you like to do?

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It has been a long time since I posted. So much has changed. Baby O is now 5 and has been joined by M who is an 18 month old sassy pants. Air Force Girl’s baby H is 3 and now has a brand new sibling HL. Navy girl is expecting baby Hildegarde in July and has a bonus boy E. Poor E, 5 little girls to follow him around. Hubby and I are doing fine. Hopefully there won’t be any deployments for a while.

I was searching for this blog and the one that came up is “If at first you do succeed, try not to look surprised” I have included a link to the original blog below. It was a very timely find. I have been struggling lately. I was terminated from my job in March. It was such a blow. I still do not understand why. I thought I was doing a good job. But evidently the owner of the company did not agree. It is so hard to overcome this kind of set back. I am actively searching for a new position.

Job hunting sucks. We all know this. I am trying to figure out where to go from here. One of the things I am going to try to do is write more often. I need to get my head wrapped around what happened. One thing I do know is how much I have learned in the last couple of years. That is huge. Continuing to learn new things is so important. I also think if I write it will help stave off the funk I can feel calling to me.

As the last line of the original blog says “everything ventured, everything gained.” Here’s to not giving up.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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