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Have you ever thought about the labels that are put on your food? This year the FDA has recalled more than 67 food products. Half of the recalls are from things like salmonella and listeria but the other half are because of improper labeling. The food product label is missing ingredients that are known allergens usually. This can be catastrophic to some people.

I am allergic to coffee and Coca-Cola. Ok get it out of your system I can hear the universal gasp. Ohmygawd! I couldn’t live without my morning coffee. Are you sure? How do you survive!?!

Yes I really am allergic to coffee. No I do not miss drinking it. Yes I am allergic Coca-Cola and some other cola’s as well. No it isn’t the caffeine. I can drink Pepsi or Mellow Yellow without adverse effects. I am pretty sure it is the brown stuff in the coffee or cola. I pretty much avoid all cola type pop so I don’t have to worry about a reaction.

I have a food allergy. I am lucky because it is something I can almost easily avoid. It isn’t something integral in most people’s lives like eggs or milk or even peanuts. This is good for me because almost everything I like has some form of those ingredients in them. I do have to be careful because a lot of chocolate things have coffee in them. I generally avoid anything that says mocha that usually signals coffee. If that labeling ever changes I am in trouble, chocolate, ah chocolate so hard to resist.

My food allergy manifests itself in head splitting gut wrenching migraines. Just a few grains of coffee have triggered them. I am lucky while a migraine makes you wish you could be put out of your misery they generally will not kill you.

If you have never had a migraine you are a lucky, lucky, lucky person.  Imagine your head is being squeezed in a hat that is 4 or 5 times too small, and then someone takes a drill and starts shoving it through your eyeball and out the back of your head. Your vision gets these sickening wavy lines with flashes of color in your peripheral vision and your fingers become tingly and lose feeling.  Then you start feeling nausea, and if you move you can feel your brain sloshing around and it will for sure fall out of your head if you bend it even the slightest which you have to do to throw up.

The good news is when you get to the throw up stage you are on the home stretch for some reason throwing up releases the pressure in your head.  Instead of the hat being 4-5 sizes too small it is now only 1-2 sizes. It will take a few days for the brains falling on the floor if I bend over feeling to go away but it will.

I am very careful about eating things like chocolate cake. It is amazing what is hiding in an innocent looking piece of cake. I read the ingredients on all chocolate that I buy. I ask at restaurants for servers to check if there is coffee in the deserts or even some of the food. Even though I am vigilant sometimes it gets past me and I pay the price. Can you imagine what it is like to be allergic to something more common?

The FDA has recalled almost 70 products half of which are for improper labeling. You see what a few grains of coffee does to me, can you imagine what one peanut or egg or some milk can do to others?

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Dear Forbes/Facebook/CNN/GoogleNews enough with the “promoted stories” and girls in itty bitty swimming suits. I wrote this topic some months ago when one day website after website had these “promoted stories” the majority of which had pictures of girls in itty bitty bikini’s.

I went to look for some examples today to put in this article and doggone it I couldn’t find any. But that’s a good thing. I am hoping I couldn’t find any of these stories because these sites and other news sites realize that there is nothing news worthy about a girl in an itty bitty bikini. I know it is wishful thinking. I know sex sells. I just find it disheartening when I am reading a serious news article and there it is right next to it.

I get it that “promoted stories” are paid for, and that news sites need to make money somehow . . . but I just don’t think it helps their credibility at all.  I am not a prude; there is a time and place for sex and sexuality, just not on a news website.

There are a lot of better ways to get people’s attention such as blood and gore and bashing people’s reputations.

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My mother swore we were Irish. My brother swears we are not. I would rather believe her than him but he has “evidence” in the form of the family genealogy. Ah well, today . . . today we are all Irish. Much corned beef and cabbage will be consumed maybe some green beer will be drunk and all will have good wishes.

The luck of the Irish didn’t start out as a blessing. It started as more of a backhanded compliment. During the gold rush many of the prospectors were Irish and when one of them struck gold it was said it was due to “the luck of the Irish” rather than through hard work.

No matter what you are doing there will always be someone who attributes your success to “the luck of the Irish” rather than your hard work. It will be hard to deal with. You know how hard you have worked for your success. You have worked hard and some people just do not want to see it. They do not want to put in equal effort so in order to feel better about themselves they attribute your success to luck.

Well so what! Wayne Dyer had the best quote about it “What other people think of me is none of my business.” Remember that while you are enjoying the fruits of your hard work. Or today if you are drinking green beer, the grains!




May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind always be at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

The rain fall soft upon your fields

And until we meet again

May God hold you in the palm of his hand  ~ Irish blessing

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Benjamin Franklin wrote a book called Early Rising and one of his famous quotes is “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Aristotle is quoted as saying “It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.”

I have always been an early riser, if the sun is up so am I. I call myself a reverse vampire once the sun goes down so do I. I would rather get up at 2 in the morning than go to bed at 2 in the morning.

I get up between 4 and 4:30 every weekday and about 5:30 on the weekends. I find the early mornings peaceful and productive. Within 10 minutes of getting up I am on my exercise bike or doing T-25 or even taking my dog for a walk.

I find if I exercise right away in the morning it adds more clarity to my day. It gives me extra energy and generally makes my day more productive. I usually get the bulk of my difficult tasks done before 10:00 am.

Evidently I am considered a “Lark” because I like to be up early and those who like to stay up late are “Night Owls.” WebMD did study and found that more women tend to be larks and more men tend to be night owls. Their study also mentions that people who are Larks tend to get more sleep and sleep better. We all know that sleep is very important to success. A lack of sleep leads to mistakes and illness.

An article by Dr. Michael Breus in the Huffington post discusses physical differences in Lark and Night Owl’s brains. The evidence suggests that those who are Night Owls have “reduced integrity of white matter in several areas of the brain. White matter is fatty tissue in the brain that facilitates communication among nerve cells. Diminished integrity of the brain’s white matter has been linked to depression and to disruptions of normal cognitive function

I have found that when I try to be a night owl for a period of time I am not as productive nor as happy as I am when I go with my natural Lark tendencies.

Because I get up so early I also go to bed early. I generally go to bed around 8. So please do not call me after that.






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Here are the three traits you need to be a successful salesperson: Optimistic Realism, Organized Flexibility, and Thick-skinned Sensitivity.

Yes I know that each one of these statements is a zero sum comment. How can you be optimistic and a realist? How can you be organized and flexible? And what is this thick skinned sensitivity?  I am sure you are thinking have you lost your mind? If you really think about it what I am saying makes sense.

Let’s look at Optimistic realism. We have all heard the joke “A pessimist looks at a glass of water and sees it as half empty, an optimist looks at the same glass and sees it as half full, and the salesperson looks at the glass and says “Have I talked to you about the benefits of ice?”” That is optimistic realism. The optimism comes from the possible desire for ice; the realism comes from the glass not being full. It’s a way of thinking that there is always something I can do to help you with your problem. Whether the glass is half empty or half full is irrelevant, there is room for something else and I might have a solution.

Organized flexibility operates on a similar principal. My calendar is broken into 10 minute intervals. Every ten minutes I have an activity planned. Sometimes it’s a telephone call, sometimes it’s an email, sometimes it’s a trip to the loo, no one says I have to plan my day in those intervals it’s just what works for me. Most of the time . . . sometimes it doesn’t work at all.  Sometimes a person throws my schedule off by actually talking to me and wanting information. This is a good thing. So I chat with my potential client, get information together for them, maybe send out some samples. All of this takes more than the ten minutes I have scheduled for the call. Things have to be rearranged in my calendar. I am okay with that. I like the comfort of having my day planned, but I like the disruption of being able to chuck the whole thing and help someone.

All good sales people have to have thick skin. You can’t do sales if you take rejection to heart. I take it personally because I care about my clients and my company. But I don’t let it get under my skin to where it can fester and wound me. I need to be sensitive enough that I can hear the nuances in people’s voices or see the desire or lack thereof in their faces.  But I can’t be so sensitive that a simple no sends me off my game.  Thick skinned sensitivity – you care enough that you want to help solve people’s problems, are willing to get involved in their search for a solution but not so much that you lose sight of your goals and your companies goals.

So there you have it, to be a great salesperson you have to have some pretty big contrasts in personality traits. Sales isn’t for everyone.

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