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It’s that time of the year when everyone is thankful for things and people and happiness and healthfulness and pretty much everything in their lives. I am too. I could write about how thankful I am for my family. How my children and grandchildren are happy, healthy and thriving. I could write about my brothers and sisters and their families and how grateful I am that they are all happy, healthy and thriving. The list can go on about my friends and all the people I know. At this time of year we think of those things.

I am going to write about how thankful I am for my parents. We were not a rich family, still aren’t, at least not monetarily. We are a rich family in that we love each other and will be there for each other. None of us are saints; we don’t have any major sinners either. We are just ordinary good people who you can count on in a pinch.

My parents met in high school. They didn’t go to the same school so their meeting was serendipitous for my siblings and me.  My dad was drafted into the Army and when he came back he and mom got married. They had four children in 5 years and then a much wanted outlier 4 years later. We were raised on a shoe string and a prayer. Sometimes there were great highs, sometimes great lows. But there was always laughter.

My parents taught me pragmatism, optimism and elbow grease. No matter how grim things got they always got through it, often times a little battered and bruised but through it.

So for this Thanksgiving season I am thankful for my parents.


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On LinkedIn right now they are having influencer’s talk about the road not taken. Now to be an influencer you have to from my perspective be rich, be a CEO-COO-CFO of something, or famous in some form of business. I am none of these things, I do write a weekly – blog isn’t the right word for publishing on LinkedIn – column I guess. Yes I write a weekly column. That was what my grandmother wrote for the local newspaper for as long as I can remember, so column it is.

I digress, I am not writing this about writing on LinkedIn. I am actually writing about the road not taken. Hubby and I were talking yesterday about if you could go back to puberty and do it all over again. I said no way, no how! Not ever. He said what if you could do it knowing what you know now. You could fix your mistakes. I have zero desire to go back and “fix my mistakes.”

My mistakes have made me who I am today. I like who I am if I fix the mistakes I made I would be someone different. Think about all of the minute details that make up our lives what if changing one of them changes the whole trajectory of your life. What if I had remembered to give a valentine to that boy in 6th grade? Would not having that little niggling guilt change who I am?

There are so many versions of the road not taken that people can obsess over. I have always tried to take the path that works for me. It hasn’t always been a straight line, sometimes it circles back and kicks me in the butt, sometimes it went over some very big bumps and sometimes it has been an a easy trip. It has always been what is right for me and my family and I really a truly have few regrets.

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I am a THREE STAR MOM. I have the banner on my window at home and one on my wall at work. I have a picture of my smart, beautiful daughters who have all answered the call. We represent three of the 5 branches of the military Navy, Army and Air Force.

I say we because this has been a commitment by the whole family. My girls have been deployed multiple times to war zones. There have been sacrifices made to our country that most people do not understand. These are sacrifices that my girls are willing to make that leave me in awe.

I have had have the “If anything happens to you where do you want to be buried?” conversations with each one of them, a couple of them more than once. This is not a conversation that most parents have with their just out of high school/college age children. But I have, more than once. We make these sacrifices willingly and with love in our hearts.

We have sacrificed so much; it has been over a year since we have all been together. I am not sure when the next time that will happen. We don’t celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or most holidays when the holiday takes place, we celebrate them when we can, with as many of us as can be there.  We make this sacrifice willingly. We knew going into this that the life we helped our children choose would be a lifetime commitment for all of us.

I am a THREE STAR MOM and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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