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I do a lot of searches on Google. I like Google, it usually has the information I am looking for. I don’t like Bing – MicroSoft in general gives me the creeps and really their track record with software . . . well you get the picture. And Yahoo! pretty much fell off the rails and so far I just haven’t bothered to try them again.

Which brings me back to Google. When I am searching for things I usually have to find it in rather obscure places. I am talking about pages in the double digits. *Gasp* I know I was shocked when I found out that there really were more pages than the first on to look things up. I guess when they say there are 13.9 million results they mean there will be pages and pages of stuff.

It doesn’t necessarily mean there are 13.9 million results for what you are looking for, but there will be pages and pages of stuff. I have noticed that Google seems to have a case of ADH–ooooo shiny.

I will be skimming through the results returned and then about page 5 Google start inserting results that really have nothing to do with your original query. Like a dog chasing a ball and suddenly there are rabbit tracks. Next thing you know you have a baby rabbit dropped at your feet. Just one off the subject result, so you keep skimming for the information you are looking for and damnit there’s another rabbit.

If you are not careful and paying attention next thing you know there is Alice asking if you would like some tea and all you can think is WTF Google I was looking for information about ball throwing and now there is tea. Where in the algorithms does that come in?

Like I said, I like Google, it amuses me.


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Be kind when no one is looking. Be kind when all you want to do is punch someone. Be kind when there is absolutely no advantage to be gained. Be kind to those who can not help you. Be kind when no one is looking.

I say this to you my darling daughters not because I think the world is evil and getting worse but because I know it is good and getting better. The more outrageous and horrible the things you see on the TV the more actions that occur to counter act them. For every act of hubris that occurs there are 100’s maybe thousands of acts of kindness that happen. In the end are what will add up.

Which is better/bigger? One person acting like a giant ass or 100 little hero’s? Karma . . . we all know about her. Be kind, you never know what good comes from a single act.

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Steve update

Steve has come through all of the stressful things that have happened to him like the good boy that he is. He endured his two shots in two days this week with hardly a whimper. He was even happy to go to the vet’s office on Tuesday for his second shot. Everyone at the vets office love him, they wish all of the pets they see were as mellow as he is.steve

He has a small infection in his jaw where they took his giant tooth out. I did tell you about the fact that the tooth we thought was broken all these years was actually there under the surface. Evidently some hair got into the wound and caused it. He is on an antibiotic to clear it up.

Steve is not a young dog. We believe he is around 10 years old and up until all of this he really wasn’t showing his age. Since all of this started he has started getting grey in his muzzle. He still wants to walk and run but he is slowing down. Some of it is forced on him because of the medicine for the heartworm and some of it because he is getting older.

He is such a good dog. He has put up with all of this with a minimum of whining. I hope when and if I have medical issues I can show the same type of grace.

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