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Steve had his surgery today. The canine I told you was missing actually wasn’t! It never came out of his gums. Unfortunately it did a bunch of damage to his jaw. The vet said they had never seen anything like it. They had to pull a couple more teeth because by removing the impacted tooth there was nothing for the teeth to hold on too. He is not a happy camper.

Poor old thing is wondering around the house whining. We know he is hungry but we are giving him food slowly so it doesn’t upset his stomach, because dog barf is so gross. Although he is oozing blood all over my carpet and really that’s pretty nasty too.

The good news is because it is his mouth it will actually heal pretty fast. He has a checkup in two weeks and then it will be decided when he resumes his heartworm treatment. He will be fine.  I will keep updating you all as we go through this.

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Steve was supposed to have his first shot to kill the heartworms today. I say supposed to because it didn’t happen. Steve has been with our family for approximately eight years for that entire time he has been missing his lower left canine. This is important to remember for the rest of the story.

Steve was on some pretty powerful antibiotics. As you may recall they made him sick one Sunday, so we split the dosage and kept giving them to him. He really hasn’t been feeling well ever since. He still rolls in the snow and wants to go for walks but hasn’t been eating the way he should. In fact he is no longer our 100+ pound chocolate lab he is now our 95 pound chocolate lab. He lost 12 pounds in a month.

I mentioned to the vet that he didn’t seem to be feeling well. So she checked him out, felt him up and listened to his insides, checked his temperature and then felt his mouth. Well tried to feel his mouth he absolutely would not cooperate. She ended up putting Steve up on the table with a couple of tech’s holding his head so she could look at it. Turns out Steve’s lower canine is abscessed and infected.

He is now on a different antibiotic, a chewable painkiller and soft food. The soft food is rice and ground beef or boiled chicken, baby food. This afternoon we went grocery shopping for food for Steve, we are going to be having almost the same thing for dinner as he is only a little bit more tarted up.

On Monday Steve will be having surgery to remove what is left of the tooth/roots and clean out the abscess. Ah the things we do for our pets. I will keep everyone apprised of how he does.

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