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I had an interesting conversation with Mrs. Air Force Girl today. She is trying to make some important decisions and as we all know those lead to random worries. I have noticed that the things we tend to worry the most about never seem to matter in the end. We spend a lot of time thinking of all of the terrible scenarios that could happen when what we should be spending our time on is being present in the things that are happening. I wasted a lot of time on these nameless fears and worries until I realized a few things.

First it is human nature to think of all of the worst case scenarios. It is what makes us human, that awareness of what “might” happen. It doesn’t make us good or bad and really has no bearing on the final results of what actually happens. Trust in yourself, let the worries resolve themselves, they always do.

Second have faith that it will work out because it always does. It may not work out the way we want it too but it always works out the way it should. Who ever said failure is not an option is an idiot. Failure shows that you are willing to put yourself out there and try. Often times what seems like a failure is just a different unknown path opening up. Robert Frost had it right when he opted to take the path less traveled. The great unknown and the exploration is what make life interesting. So have faith.

Third life is hard, if it was easy what fun would that be? If it was easy how would there be joy in the little victories? Life is good; the little victories are what make it so. The hard work is what makes the joy so much sweeter. And joy and the spreading of joy is one of the best goals to work for. Makes a nice circle doesn’t it?

Trust, faith and joy what more can you ask for? Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I broke down and got on Pinterest. I am still not sure what the big obsession is with it. Maybe because I am not into crafts, clothes, hair or wedding stuff it just doesn’t appeal much. I have found a couple things I like, like space stuff there are a lot of nifty pictures of space. Stars are so cool and seeing as I am not going to be getting onto the Starship Enterprise anytime soon I will have to just enjoy the pictures posted by others. And yes I know that makes me sound like a total geek, HELLO have you actually read my blog? I am a total geek.

I have found some useful marketing things on Pinterest as well. I “pinned” them and now don’t have a clue what to do with them. Not even sure I can find them again. As I said I am still exploring. One of the problems is when I signed up they forced me to choose 5 areas of interest. This is a problem because with the categories they had there was only 2 maybe 3 that I had interest in, so I have all this other stuff cluttering up the screen and no idea how to get rid of it.

I know I am behind the curve on this and am not sure I want to get on board all that much. Mrs. Air Force Girl and Mrs. Army Girl go on it a lot. I know because they tell me about it and send me links and are following me – is that right following? I don’t know I am still trying to figure this out.

Have a great day everyone! I am off to avoid pinning things and get my daily 5k in. Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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