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Someone said “No good deed goes unpunished.” I am not sure who but I certainly can attest to it. Gpa had to have surgery on Monday so I am staying with him this week while he recuperates.  He is doing as well as can be expected for someone who is almost 74 and has stage 4 COPD and is male. He has a check up on Friday and I will be heading home after it.  Not to worry Sister B is always here and Brother C and family are going to be here for the weekend. But this is not the good deed.

ducks hanging out on the upstream side of the dam I went for my walk this morning. I walked down to and across the dam. I took some pictures from the dam. The silt from the dam has created a tiny island; it even has a tree growing from it. As you can see from the picture the pelicans (I think they are pelicans, they could be some other large white non-swan too big to be a gull bird) have decided this is a great place to hang out. Because of the amount of rain that the north has received the dam is wide open with water rushing through. It is a pretty neat site. On the up side of the dam the ducks are all hanging out. I am not sure why they have segregated themselves like this. My thinking is it has to do with the speed of the water, the ducks on the upstream side where the water is slower and the pelicans on the downstream side where the water is faster. This has nothing to do with the good deed either. pelicans hanging out on the downstream side of the dam

When I got home . . . well that is when I was doing the good deed. Now I had just walked 3.2 miles and taken all of the garbage out when I decided to weed the garden. The punishment comes in the form of bugs. So what I am going to tell you next is gross so if you don’t like gross stuff don’t read it! OK? The stupid bugs flew in my mouth and I am pretty sure I swallowed at least two of them; I know that rinsed another one out of my mouth when I came inside. So there is the punishment for the good deed.

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