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I have mentioned before that Steve and I go for a walk almost every day. I try to do a 5k (3.2 miles) every time we go out. I know that there a bunch of people who do that couch to 5k training cycle. I personally don’t do it because there is no way I am going to run. My knees just can’t take that type of treatment. Plus it takes me about 1 hour to walk a 5k why would I want to go any faster?

I started slow, and worked my way up to the 5k I do now. That is how I do most of my work outs. I often start at the beginning of the month and work my way up adding one more sit up, one more burpee, one more leg lift etc. Nowhere does it say you must start with the maximum. I deal with enough pain just being alive; I am not going to inflict it on myself if I don’t have too. That “no pain, no gain” axiom was thought up by idiots.

I walk in a bunch of different types of neighborhoods. I must say I really prefer the older ones. The ones developed before homeowner associations. I walk through these newer developments and there is no imagination, beige, tan, grey boring houses with overly landscaped yards. They don’t look like they would be any fun to live in. A lot of the houses have swing sets or pools but there is never anyone playing on or in them. Probably because of all of the pesticides on the grass, because god forbid if there is any dandelions or wild flowers growing in your yard.

I could never live that way. I like to hang my clothes out to dry, and I love dandelions. They are so pretty. I love wild flowers too.

Today I saw a woman out running with her dog. Why is the remarkable I am sure you are wondering, and no it was not the woman I accidently insulted the other day. It is because she was carrying the dog. I am not kidding she was jogging down the sidewalk carrying the dog. My personal opinion is that kinda defeats the purpose of taking the dog with you but hey to each their own right?

I guess that brings me back to the housing developments. If you can stand to live with their rules I guess I will have to just keep wandering by.



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I accidentally insulted a complete stranger today. I feel bad about it, it was completely unintentional. I have tried to teach my girls it isn’t just what you say but how you say it and well . . .

So what happened is I was walking Steve when we encountered a woman pushing one of those fancy two seater strollers with the bike tires. Inside the stroller was a dog, it looked like a medium sized collie. She gave us a compliment “he walks really good” meaning he was behaving well without his leash. Instead of just saying thanks I said “that’s because I won’t push him.”  She walked a couple more steps then says “my dog is really old.”

I know that I deserve a big slap in the forehead for that. What I meant is because I am a big meany and make him walk. It doesn’t matter what I meant, because I insulted a perfect stranger who was being nice.  So just a gentle reminder to think before you speak.

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We all have a unique smell. I have been thinking about it a lot lately. My mom’s birthday was this week and I miss her a lot and that made me think of the way she smelled. She smelled like freedent gum and lipstick and on special occasions she smelled like Chanel no.5. I miss that smell. It brings back lots of good memories.

My grandma smelled like Avon Lilly of the Valley. I would love to get a jar of it. I wouldn’t wear it; I would just open it and smell it. She also had a vast (well to me being small) garden of Lilly of the Valley between her house and her garage. I still smile whenever I see the plants or get a whiff of it.

I smell like Bath and Body Works Moonlight Path, Avon Night Magic deodorant and whatever shampoo I am using – recently Suave Keratin Infusion. As long as my girls are in the military I will smell like this. I want them to know that when they encounter that smell I am there.

I know that when I smell Chanel no.5 or Lilly of the Valley or the unique smell of freedent and lipstick I know that I am loved. I hope that you all have good memories brought to you by good scents.

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Chandelier that Mrs. AFG and Hubby made

Chandelier that Mrs. AFG and Hubby made

Army Girl and the boy got married. It was a beautiful fun ceremony and a beautiful fun reception. Baby O was adorable as flower girl and Mrs. AFG and Navy Girl were lovely bridesmaids. It was one of those weeks that took forever to get here and then flew by. We pulled the wedding together in less than two months and I think that truly helped keep Army Girl from becoming too stressed over it.

All of the various pieces fell into place and it was like it was made to be. 🙂 Mrs. AFG and Navy Girl flew in the weekend before and we had a lovely time hanging out at my house. We went to a baseball game and the children’s museum did some shopping and lots of laughing. Mr. AFG flew in during the week and all of the kids headed north. It felt like a small time out before the rest of the fun started.

Hubby and I went north on Thursday and Friday was spent decorating the hall. Mrs. AFG was in charge of the decorating and she did a lovely job. It was a huge space 70×99 and we managed to make it seem a little less cavernous. The nice part was there were a lot of decorative pieces that others have used and left for future people to use. So we used just about everything there and then some! And it was beautiful.

Table decorations

Table decorations

Army Girl had both her dad and hubby walk her down the aisle, as she started walking down the aisle the boy burst into tears. She looked so beautiful and the happy tears were just a flowing. There were tears and laughter and lovely sermon by the pastor and a lovely response by Baby O and the kiss and ta da! Hello Mr. and Mrs. Army Girl.  We all couldn’t be happier.

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