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I think spring has finally sprung. This is a bird’s nest in one of the bushes next to my apartment. The blue plastic is a grocery bag that I think fell out of my pocket when I was walking Steve during the winter. It is amazing what they will use to make a nest. I saw a robin with a piece of plastic yesterday and there was another bird eyeing it up to see if it should steal it.

I have an appointment today with the person who is going to do the alterations on my dress. For the most part it just needs to be hemmed. I am a short person so I need clothes to fall at about knee length so I won’t look even shorter than I am already. I am so pleased with the dress otherwise.  🙂

Ok, I have to get this off my chest. In my not so humble opinion Gwyneth Paltrow is ugly on the outside and the inside. I cannot fathom what People magazine is thinking naming her the “most beautiful woman in the world.” There are so many amazing women doing amazing things and to name such an elitist ass as the most beautiful of them is just sickening. Ok enough said, deep breath, let it go, wooooo saaaaa.

The wedding is coming together nicely; we have a caterer, photographer, venue, church, and now music so we will have a good time. I am very excited. I hope the bride and groom are too. I am so looking forward to having family time; we get to all be together so rarely.

I am still job hunting. I was turned down for a Marketing Coordinator position last week; I had an interview for a Sales/Marketing position last week and a phone interview Monday for a Product Marketing Specialist position. I am still hoping but sometimes it feels like when you were picking teams in school. I am very good at what I do; I just need someone to pick me for their team so I can show them.

I hope spring has sprung where you are too. Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I found a dress for the wedding. I think, well I ordered one, I hope it fits. It should be here in a few days so I will know if I have to keep looking or I am done. I have a hard time finding clothes that fit. I am just tall enough that petites don’t fit – they are too short- and just short enough that “regular” sized clothes are too long. Whoever decided on the sizes and lengths is no friend of people who actually have to wear the clothes that is for sure.

I also have very large breasts so most shirts are too short. I know that most clothes are designed to only look good on a clothes hanger not on actual people, so those of us who are not shaped like a clothes hanger  . . . well you get the picture. Often times in order to get a shirt long enough it is also seems to be miles wide.

I am hoping the dress I ordered will fit with a minimum of alterations. I have found a place locally that can do alterations so I should be good to go. Fingers crossed and thinking happy thoughts for it to fit. I really am not much of a shopper, unless it comes to shoes. Then I like shopping.

My hope is someday clothes designers will actually design clothes for real people, not paper dolls or clothes hangers. In the mean time I am not going to hold my breath, we all knows all that happens is you turn blue and pass out, and nothing changes.

If you hear sobbing that means the dress didn’t fit or looks horrible on me. I will let you all know in a future post how it looks.

Ew a robin just pulled a worm out of ground and it stretched and ew. There is a cardinal walking around on my patio. This one is the female, yesterday there was a male looking in my window. Sorry got distracted.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I am a control freak. I have raised a family full of them. Sometimes that leads to problems, and sometimes it doesn’t   Case in point: planning a wedding on short notice. When a whole group of control freaks try to plan a wedding . . . well there hasn’t been chaos yet but . . .

Actually I think it will be fine. If the bride lets the rest of us just do it – oh who am I kidding?! What bride wants to give up the control of their day? I am taking her ideas and hopefully making them into what she sees as her lovely day. So far things are falling into place, the original venue is available for the new day, and the caterer has been booked, the photographer, the church.  What else do we need? I am sure there will be things.

The wedding has had to be rescheduled because of upcoming deployments. That is one thing that happens with the military. They say that “God laughs when man makes plans.” Well so does the military. We are working on a short time frame but it will be a wonderful day for my beautiful girl.

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