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Those of you who know me, know when I don’t have something to do, or something to learn I start to go stir crazy. I was reading one of those advice columns (one of my many guilty pleasures) and the columnist recommended that the person take some classes. Then she recommended two different places where you can get free classes from top notch schools. So I looked into it.

I am now taking a class called Artificial Intelligence Planning from the University of Edinburg through the website Coursera.org. It is a 7 week on-line class in something I have always been interested in. I am signed up to start a 12 week course on Feb 4, called introduction to Computer Science and Programming from MITx and starting March 4th I start a class called Social Network Analysis from University of Michigan through courser.org. I wish I had known about these classes earlier I would have been taking classes all along.

I love learning. I cannot imagine living a life where I don’t learn something every day. I am so lucky to have this opportunity, I have time – not that I wanted to have the time, but I would have made it – and I have the ability so I am going to take advantage of it. There is a class on quantum physics that I would really like to take but I need to brush up on some of the math aspects before I take it. I don’t want to get in there and be completely lost. I don’t want to take some ones spot that can do it better. But I will be taking it someday.

I have included the links to the websites below.  I hope you at least look at them. Well I have to get to work . . . 🙂

Happy thoughts for a happy day!






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Today is the 27th anniversary of the Challenger explosion. Navy Girl and I were watching it on TV when it happened. She went around for the next week telling everyone “unbelievable! It just blew up!” and it was. At the time the internet was not readily available like it is now so we could only learn about it from the TV and newspapers. Years later I met an engineer who had worked on that mission. The engineers had advised against launching that day but the President was there and they went ahead with disastrous results. My thoughts are with the families of all those who died and all of us who watched it happen.

Speaking of disasters, that night club fire in Brazil, it just makes you weep. If you go into a building and there is only one exit please use it immediately. Your life is worth way more than a few hours of entertainment.

My job hunt continues. I struggle some days with depression and a sense of why bother and anger. Unfortunately I wasn’t born with a horseshoe embedded anywhere like some people in my family – Hubby, youngest brother, a few cousins – to name a few. So I will have to work very hard to make something work. The good news is of the 5 jobs I applied for last week I have only been turned down for 1. I haven’t heard anything from three of them and the 4th says they will be making decisions on who gets interviews in a week or so. My goal this week is to apply for 2 jobs a day and get at least one interview. I have started a spreadsheet to track where I have applied and the results. Things will work out, they always do.

I am glad to live where I do. If you don’t like the weather just wait a day or so and it will be vastly different. I cannot imagine living somewhere, where there is no change. Last week we were in the 0’s and this week we will have 50’s and then teens. It definitely keeps things from getting boring. If you are going out today, please be careful, they are saying there is a lot of black ice.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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There has been a marked change in the weather. Yesterday it was in the 40’s and an absolutely lovely day. Today it is in 0’s and supposed to get even worse. One of the “nice” things about not having a job is that I will not have to go out in the very cold weather . . . oh wait yes I will.

We have this very large dog, Steve-O. He will insist on going out, he will insist on my staying in the present and not wallowing in my own self-pity. It is good to have something, someone, keeping you in the moment. We had a bit of health scare with him the last couple weeks. He tested slightly positive for both heartworm and lymes disease. The vet redid the tests and sent them out to independent labs for double/triple checking. He does not have either.

We were vastly relieved; heartworm is usually fatal in a dog the size of Steve. Our loving pound puppy is approximately 7.5 years old and weighs 107 pounds. Dogs of this size don’t usually have as long lives as smaller ones so we are doing everything we can to keep him around for as long as we can.

Hubby and Steve are out walking, it is a balmy 5 degrees, just about their favorite temperature. It would be even better if there was snow.  In a time of upheaval I hope you all have someone like Hubby or Steve who will keep you in the present and from wallowing in self-pity. Thank you Navy Girl for the loan of such a great companion.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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On Thursday I lost my job. The owner of the company came in and told me they had decided to eliminate my position. And that was that. He said I had done a very good job and I had accomplished the goals that he wanted and now he didn’t  know what to do with me. So he was ending my employment. He will give me a glowing recommendation and will not contest unemployment or any of that. He said some other things but I wasn’t really listening, the roaring in my ears and my just struggle to not cry pretty much negated anything he said. I made it all the way home before I cried.

So now I start over again. At least this time I am in an area that has a demand for what I can do. I am going to try to keep positive but some days it is very hard. This is not how I want my career to go, this is not how I planned things. But then I should know by now that plans and actual life events rarely coincide. I can and will overcome this latest setback; I just wish I didn’t have too.

I have let my girls know and now I am passing the information on to you. Hubby told the people at his work, they were worried this would mean he would be leaving too. He assured them we are not going anywhere. This is just a small set back.

This morning Hubby was out walking the dog when the door buzzer went off. I thought it was him so just pushed the door button. Then there was a knock at the door, I looked out the peephole and there was a man there with a box. It was the FedEx guy with a box from Sherries Berries. Hubby’s company sent me a dozen chocolate covered strawberries and a note that says “Hang in there. We know you will find something better. The gang at Hubby’s company.” It made me cry, I so appreciate their support.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - Militarymomie

An unexpected and completely appreciated gift

And so I start on a new adventure. I have no idea where it will lead, but as long as I have Hubby, my girls and all of you I can and will be fine.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Setting Sail

The flu continues to kick everyone’s butts. That is not something new; it just is a statement of fact. Because of this we will be staying home again this coming weekend. We really need to make the rounds; it has been far too long since we have seen Gpa or R&D. But we can NOT bring this stuff to them. It has hit Hubby pretty hard. I was lucky because I got my flu shot months ago (October) so have had time to build up antibodies. I think that is why I was lucky enough to catch a mild form of it. I am hoping that once you get it, it makes you immune to getting it again. Okay even I know that is doubtful.
Navy Girl has set sail. Mrs. Air Force Girl called her dad crying so hard that he couldn’t understand her. She had just left Navy Girl on the ship and did not want her to go. No one wants this, but people are people and there are always some who just won’t behave. As long as we continue on as we do, I doubt much will change so Navy Girl will go to sea, Army Girl and Mrs. Air Force Girl will go do their deployments and life will go on.
It just sucks when that life means you can’t pick up the phone and call and arrange a play date. They will have to wait a few months. And none of us like waiting. We all got very spoiled the last two years. We just had the everyday life worries; now we have those vague worries that you just can’t quite put your finger on. The ones where you don’t know where she is or what she is doing or even how she is doing but you just want the best to happen.
One of the things about this deployment is we really do not know where they are going this time. Last time we knew she was going to the Med. This time . . . well this time I don’t think she even knows. We will leave the vague worries right where they belong, on the back burner, in the freezer where they can’t bother us too much.
Fair seas and fallowing winds Navy Girl! We love you.

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Baby-O and Hubby

I was going to write about how great Baby-O was on the trip. How she did awesome on the plane rides and didn’t really have any major melt downs. But Hubby is so very sick with this sinus stuff that I am going to write about that instead.

Although it is way more interesting to hear and read about how adorable a nearly one year old is, way more interesting than hearing and reading about a sick nearly 50 year old. But this stuff that is going around is so nasty. Worse than the poopy diaper that Baby-O graced everyone with on the first flight of the trip. Luckily we had some Ziploc bags with us and we were able to contain the toxic mess. Unlike the flu which seems to be catchable through the phone.

Hubby is willingly taking lots of naps, unlike certain very grown up baby girl. She has decided that she won’t willingly take them. But when she does she is down for the count. Kinda like Hubby, when I get home from work he has been sound asleep on the couch, doesn’t even know that I have walked in the door. I usually end up scaring the crap out of him when I wake him up to put him to bed. When Baby-O is sleeping that hard you can change her diaper, put her in her jammies and put her in bed and she won’t wake up – Hubby not so much.

Like I said, I wanted to write about how great Baby-O was on the trip, but with Hubby so sick . . .

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Well it has started it-the next round of deployments. We had a lovely four days visiting with Navy Girl and Mr. and Mrs. Air Force Girl. And of course when it was time to leave (ok most of the morning) I bawled like a baby. The more I tried not to cry the harder I cried. It is so hard when soldiers, sailors and airmen are deployed. The worst part is not being able to pick up the phone and hear their voices.

Navy Girl pointed out to me that we don’t see each other all that often now, but we can and do Skype so at least then I can see her pretty face and hear her lovely voice. Now it will be many many many months until I get to hear her. We are luckier than many families; her job requires her to check her email frequently so we will be able to get email from her fairly regularly.

We all seem to have caught the sinus version of the gunk that is going around. It starts with a sore throat and moves into the sinuses. That seems to be as far as mine went. As soon as I was coming down with it I started drinking 2 teaspoons of raw honey in some hot water. That helped my throat a lot. I read that if you take 1 teaspoon of raw honey with ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon in some hot water twice a day for three days it will help knock down a cold. It seems to have worked. Plus get lots of rest, I took Vicks sinus stuff and slept at least 8 hours a time. I feel pretty good right now.

Many people have been getting that horrible flu that is going around. Please be careful if you get it, BFF and Mr. Air Force Girl’s mom have both ended up in the hospital with it. Everyone I know that has caught it has been knocked down hard with it. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands! Cover your mouth when you cough, cover your mouth when you cough, cover your mouth when you cough! It is the best way to not catch things and to not give it to anyone else.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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