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There are some people be they friends or relatives that you just can’t help. They fall into the damned if you do and damned if you don’t category. If you do help them they may be further enabled in their downward spiral and the same can be said for if you don’t help them.

Trying to figure out which category they fall into, the don’t want help, the want too much help or the it doesn’t really matter because  . . . well see the above statement. I have one of those dilemmas right now. Letting the pieces fall where they may is heart breaking but the alternative isn’t much better.

We all have these situations in our lives at one point or another. A big part of the problem is being completely unable to relate to what is happening. There is always the question of “why don’t they just pick themselves up by their bootstraps and just do what needs to be done?” and my answer is “I don’t know.”  But sitting here watching it unfold . . .

If I am needed I am ready to jump into it with both feet. But in the mean time I can’t beat myself up for not being able to fix the person. I have to step back and let it unfold. I can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. Especially when there is distance involved. My hope is that as a group we can influence and support while let the person figure it out. After all they are an adult.

We can all use some Happy thoughts for a Happy Day!

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Time Flies . . .

and really we have been having fun! Hubby and I have a new apartment in a nice town outside of the big one where I work, and near the other small town that he works in. Hubby has a new job that he really likes and clicks with the other people working there. That is so important, you don’t realize how important until you don’t have it anymore. He is working lots of hours and doing very well. We now have the big brown dog living with us. It does put a bit of a damper on just being spontaneous, we can’t just decide to go somewhere overnight on the motorcycle or anything but Hubby and dog are very happy to be together, and I am happy to be with them too.

Air Force Girl is now Mrs. AFG. It was a lovely wedding, and if people didn’t have a good time it was their own fault. We missed all of those who couldn’t make it and miss all of those who couldn’t make it – Mom, Dennis, Grandma Bea, and a long list of others. We know they were with us anyway. BFF I owe you so big! Thanks to your decorating sense the “chandelier” looked awesome. Plus you kept me calm and made sure I took care of myself while I made sure everyone else took care of themselves.

Navy Girl is doing the shake down cruises that happen after a ship has been in dry dock. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of where she is. I do know that I miss her all the time.

Army Girl is going to school, working and raising the adorable baby-O.

We have been incredibly blessed and incredibly spoiled this last year. No one was deployed. That changes for 2013, at least two of the 4 will be deployed somewhere. We are easing back into the routine with Navy Girl taking short cruises but it will be in earnest next year.

I will try to write more often so that I get back in the habit, again with no one deployed I got spoiled too.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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