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Trying to find a place to rent with a great big dog has proven to be an adventure. But we have found a place and it looks like we will be moving into it next month. I know that both Hubby and Steve will be very happy to be reunited. Hubby will have something – someone- to go on his marathon walks and Steve will have Hubby.

The last time we were home Steve was overjoyed to see him and when we left he wouldn’t even come out of his kennel to say goodbye. He even turned so he was facing the wall. Poor big sad goof. But that should be changing this next month. We will be living in a two bedroom one bathroom with a garage apartment not too far from where we both work. It will cut both of our commutes in half which will be a huge time and money saver. Having an extra hour a day to do things will be really nice.

Yes I know that extra hour will probably be spent walking the dog but it will accomplish a few things. Not the least of which will be helping our waistlines. Now Hubby is in pretty good shape because he is a walkaholic but my knees limit me. But walking the dog will help get them in better shape and I will feel better.

I have started riding my bike again too. So between walks, bike riding and of course pushups I might have some interest in actually shopping for a dress. And I really do need to get looking on that.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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So many things have been happening in my household right now I hardly know where to begin. Let’s start with the most momentous news. Hubby and I are living together again! YAY!!! (Lots of smiley faces and wild cheering.) It was 20 months apart and now nearly one month back together. It is so nice. You have no idea, well actually if you have dealt with deployments maybe you do.

Baby O is four months old already. She is growing like a weed and I expect that to continue for the next 16 or so years. 🙂 Army Girl is doing a very good job. I am very proud of how they have adapted. We are all at that phase now where we can’t remember what life was like before O.  She (Army Girl) has found a nice home with her new unit attached to a cavalry unit and is taking the summer off of school. It is great to see things falling into place for her.

Air Force Girl and the Finance are doing well, three months until the wedding. We went and met her future in-laws. Liked them a lot! We hope to be able to see more of them than just wedding stuff. Boy who knew Air Force Girl was so organized and crafty? Well I guess we all knew about the crafty part but the organization part has been a happy surprise!  It will be a loverly day for all.

Navy Girl is off doing Navy stuff, always going in 17 directions at once. She sent me an email and the list of titles she holds is quite impressive. I have no idea when she sleeps. I hope in the not too distant future she will be able to slow down a little and maybe have a life too. I miss her, it has been too long since we were able to see or speak to each other. That is what happens when you are all so busy.

It is turning out to be a crazy busy summer. I hope you are all having as much fun as I am. I will try to write more regularly but no promises.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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