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I heard the best quote this morning.

“At the end of the day the best job in the whole world is being a parent.” Simon Baker

I would add that for me the best vindication of being a parent is having three very happy successful military women. I have always been and continue to be the very proud parent of these beautiful, smart young women.

I have always said my girls are wonderful and exceptional in-spite of my best efforts. I look back in awe and often distress at my very real lack of parenting knowledge and cringe at the mistakes I made. I have always tried to own up to my mistakes and I believe that has been one of my saving graces. Children do not come with operating manuals, and most of the parenting experts are dead wrong. My kids never were even close to the milestones touted in books, they were either way ahead, way behind or just not interested in what the experts had to say. I threw those books away fairly early and just did the best I could.

It must have worked because as I said in-spite of my best efforts they are amazing women. I am so proud of them every moment of every day. I agree with Simon Baker wholeheartedly.

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