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I have the worst luck with computer cords. I am not sure what my problem is but I seem to have killed yet another laptop computer cord. *Sigh* Whatever the problem is I wish it would stop. After a while it gets expensive. And then I can’t get on my computer to update this lovely blog because the computer is dead.


I will have to go shopping for another one this weekend. Bummer I am actually not much of a fan of shopping. But it is a necessary evil in this case, so I will have to bite the bullet and just do it.


That is something that happens a lot, doing things we don’t want to do. But because we are grownups we just get over ourselves and do it. So what are  you having to get over yourself about? Do you have bad luck with certain things like computer cords? Tell me about them and the we can both get over ourselves and do it. I find if I tell people about things I have a better chance of accomplishing the task.


And who doesn’t like accomplishing things? Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Courage comes in many forms. A New Jersey mayor is being called courageous because he ran into a burning building and saved a woman life. And he was. But there is a different type of courageous that I am going to talk about today.

Everyday our military people get up put on their uniforms and leave there families to go protect us. This weekend Army Girl put on her uniform and for the first time left baby-O to go to drill. This is about as courageous an act as I know. Baby-O is just 8 weeks old and yet Army Girl is already put on her uniform and reported for duty. She is available to go when called. That is courage, the willingness to put others ahead of your own wants and needs. Believe me when I say that what Army Girl really wants is to be at home snuggling with baby-O.

There are thousands of parents who get up every day and put on their uniforms to protect and serve us. Our military, our police, our firefighters and many more face not just 8 hours away from their children but often days, weeks and months. The courage to say ”I love you more than anything and I still have to go” it impresses me every time.

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I watched an absolutely beautiful sunrise this morning. I was standing at the sink making my lunch and as I was washing my apple and slicing it the sun peaked above the horizon. I had been watching the purples and reds of the night sky fading into sunrise and then the brilliant pink/yellow of the sun popped into view. It was one of those truly lovely scenes. The prettiness of the day continued on my hour long drive to work.

People seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was as there didn’t seem to be an overabundance of tension on the drive. Traffic moved along smoothly as the sun rose in the blue, blue sky. It has been a day full of promise. Spring is definitely here. People’s attitudes are  starting to become just as hopeful as the spring promise.

I hope you all get to experience the thrill of seeing something so pretty and just enjoying it. Don’t think about the day ahead and whatever stresses it may entail just look at the beauty we are surrounded with. We have been given the gift of being cognizant of beauty, use it when you can.

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It is amazing how much we rely on our computers and our websites to market our businesses these days, the website for the company I work for crashed today. We are not sure what happened and went through all of the things we knew how to do but no such luck in fixing it. So we are blind or more to the point others can’t see much of us and what a weird feeling that realization created.

We are all so plugged into the internet these days. You don’t even realize how much you rely on the knowledge you can gain from it until people can’t see you. Like reading this blog, I hope you learn something from it even if I have not been doing a very good job updating it lately.

Like my work website today, I temporarily was lost. But I think I may be found again. Life has a way of helping you find the flaws and usually shows you the path needed to fix the problem. It usually is just a matter of finding the right person or persons to help you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for that help and guidance

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I got to spend the weekend with Army Girl, the boy, baby-o and Hubby. It was a lovely weekend. I even managed to shove Army Girl out the door to go celebrate the boy’s birthday. Baby-o is starting to coo and I think bubbles will be in the near future. This stage of life is lots of work and little sleep so really grandparents enjoy it way more than parents. I wish I could see her more often, but I do get to see her about once a month which is pretty good considering.

It always cracks me up how clean just born babies are on tv. And how many steps are skipped in their births.

It is amazing how fast babies change at that age. She is starting to get a real personality, I am sure that those who see her more often can see it, but right now I am just happy that she will let me holder her and snuggle with her. I am going to get her a mobile for Easter. She is at that stage where she will really like and benefit from having one.

Army Girl has already started reading to her: textbooks, research for her papers, essays and of course Army Girls favorite book growing up “Go Dogs Go!” Reading to children is one of the best things you can do for them. It doesn’t matter how good of a reader you are, reading to your kids will help you both.

Go read to your kids, and if you don’t have kids, go read anyway. Go Dogs Go is an awesome book.

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