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Treating people with respect is very important especially when you hold their livelihoods in your hands. I have recently encountered a serious lack of respect by the leadership of a company. It is incredible the lack of consideration that was afforded to the people that work for this person. Everyone has a management style whether they are managers or not. It is how you manage life if nothing else. And this particular person has a very abrasive style.

It doesn’t help that the person has one of those strident voices at the best of times and because they grew up the heir apparent in this particular company they didn’t have to learn to play nice. They have never had to struggle so when dealing with those that are dependent upon them they don’t always have the necessary compassion needed.

Unfortunately after lambasting one employee for a few hours it spread to others within the organization and the second one got hammered even worse. It was an incredibly ugly thing to witness.

I cried in the shower because I realized that this person’s actions and demeanor reminded me of all of those bullies who tormented me growing up. Their aggressiveness, overt and covert hostility, and disdain when dealing with others makes so many people miserable it is hard to be there.

Don’t be like this person. Treat people with respect and the results will be amazing.

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I am working at the company that originally brought me to the southern part of the state yesterday and today. It is such a sad thing. This company that has been in business since 1947 will be completely closed on March 19. The product lines have been sold and are in the process of being moved to their new owners and the equipment will be put up for auction in April.

The factory is an interesting old building built on two levels with over 350000 square feet of manufacturing space. It has one of the neatest paint lines I have seen in a long time encompassing two floors.  I the aisles are named after streets so that you can find your way around.

I am there to pack up the branded products so that the right materials get to the right new companies. It is so sad. One of the people still there says it is like going to a funeral every day.  She is one of the lucky ones; she already has another job and will start it after the plant closes. Many of the people have found jobs and left but this was a union shop so a lot of the workers are older and I worry about them.  Most of them are skilled so will have a better chance of getting a new job but people like the customer service reps and some of the older engineers are struggling. It is almost impossible to get a job when you are in your late 50’s or early 60’s but you can’t retire because you are too young. Please keep these people in your thoughts.

Yesterday I packed up all of the big heavy dirty stuff that needed to be shipped. Today I will be packing up all the paper, brochures, pictures etc and getting that sent out. It was exhausting work yesterday and I anticipate it being equally tiring today both physically and mentally.

Count your blessings and hope you never have to do this. It is sad; the loss of a business, the loss of community, the loss of hope is depressing and hurts us all.

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