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Welcome to the world baby-O! It is amazing how quickly your arrival has changed our lives. With your button nose and long toes you have enchanted us all. It is amazing how small a new human can be. I do not remember her mommy being that small.  Could be because she never was that small!

There is just no way that we will remember what it was like before you arrived. Your Aunties: Air Force Girl and Navy Girl will be here soon to see you. Gpa is looking forward to meeting you soon too.  I guess we will have to call him great-Gpa now.

Army Girl I know you will be a great mother. You will muddle through just like all of us do. Baby-O will grow and thrive in spite of your best efforts, just like every other human on this planet.  We try our best and kids turn out well anyway. So while it may sound like a curse, I really do hope you have a kid just like you. You haven’t turned out to terrible!  😛

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First off a big apology to everyone, I have not written in more than a month. My life has taken a very strange turn and it has taken a bit to process it all. I have said to many people that this is going to be an amazing year, I have felt that all along and well if the first month is the foreshadowing of the rest of the year . . . OH BOY!

I told hubby at the beginning of the year that this is the year we win the lottery and some amazing things were going to happen. Now this is not prescience on my part, after all Army Girl’s babyO will be here sometime in February and Air Force Girl is getting married in September and Navy Girls boat got floated so by definition that makes it an amazing year with lots of emotional lottery winning. BUT and as you can see that is a big but. . . January started the year off in a way wonky fashion.

So as you all know I started working at MPC in September on the 19th in fact. I was the sales and marketing coordinator and was doing some really interesting stuff. We had just developed this awesome new website that was set to launch the middleish of January and we were looking at signing some new reps and things were starting to happen. On the 19th of January my company pulled the rug out from under us and announced it was closing on March 19th. Are you seeing the dates? On the 4 month anniversary of starting with the company it was announced that it was closing! Talk about a sock in the gut! Did you notice in the second sentence of this paragraph that I said was? Keep reading folks there is more to come.

In this state when a company closes it has to give 60 days’ notice and it has to jump through a bunch of hoops.  The company has and will have as many people work up until that closing date as possible, while holding job fairs and the like to get as many people hired on other places as possible. Which is good because there are a lot of older people who work there that are going to struggle, I worry about some of them.  While I could have stayed until March 19 because the company is still taking and fulfilling orders I really didn’t have anything to do. Plus I got a job offer from someone else. So I took it. I started my new job on February 1. I am still looking because it doesn’t pay as well as I would like but it is certainly interesting.

So this amazing year has already had a few surprises, I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! I will try to write more often than the once a month I have been doing so far. I have seen some very interesting quotes lately that I would really like to write about. So who knows what is around the corner? Certainly not I but I can’t wait to find out! How about you? How is your amazing year turning out?

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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