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Happy New Year everyone! 2012! Can you believe it? Where did last year go? OK where did the last decade or so go?  I hope you all have as happy and exciting a year as you want it to be. We have so many exciting things happening this year. It is starting with hopefully a Bowl win and then a Super Bowl win for my teams, then an oh so special homecoming, and some business travel and possibly even a wedding. Air Force Girl and THE FIANCÉ haven’t set a date quite yet; it really depends on what the venues have available at this time. One of the places we contacted is booking into 2013 for sure and is meeting with a bride for a 2015 wedding. Just think of all of the cool stuff you can do ahead of time for that wedding!  LOL

I made it back to my place early this afternoon and got the heat turned up and went to the grocery store. I did ok at the store, I wanted to cry around most of it. I so very much hate having to cook for only myself.  And then I found out my crock pot has died so now I am attempting to make stew in my oven. My potatoes and carrots are not cooking well, I am sure it is because I only have the oven at 275. So I took the aluminum foil off for this next time period. I may just give up in the not too distant future and fish the potatoes and carrots out and nuke them. I have decided I need to cook for myself on a regular basis rather than eating frozen dinners. That way I have to eat healthy every day.

 I heard something interesting on the radio today. They were talking about small changes people can make to increase their happiness. A woman called in and said she said that she changed the way she thought about things like emotions. Instead of saying “I am angry” she says “I feel angry” because as a person she is not an angry person, that is just her emotion was at that time. I am going to try to think that way too.

So did you make any resolutions?

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