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I have 3 children with two different fathers that means right off the bat we have 4 parents, my ex and his wife and me and my hubby that equals 4. Now each of us has a set of parents, we are lucky that none of them are divorced so there are only 8 of them.  At the moment 2 of the 3 of them have significant others. Air Force Girl just got engaged and Army Girl and the boy will someday get married seeing as we will be soon having grandbabygirl1. Well it is my theory that has been confirmed by Army
Girls’ boy. I guess we will have to come up with a name for him won’t we? And Air Force Girls boy too, I guess right now we will call him THE FIANCÉ. So now we have THE FIANCÉ and the boy and their respective parental units. The math is just getting overwhelming.

I am with the girls for the second year in a row. Now this year I do not get them exclusively but the fact that I get them at all is so amazing . . .  sometimes people don’t understand the math of Christmas. Think about it if we really did the math I would be lucky to get the girls all together ever 6 or 8 years depending on how many of the significant others have divorced parents. I am lucky, I enjoy Christmas as much as anyone, but I believe Christmas happens when you want it to. It doesn’t have to be pinned to a date. Anytime I can get together with all of my girls and their soon to be growing families’ works for me.

As a family we were lucky in 2011, we didn’t have anyone deployed. I am thinking we will not be so lucky in 2012. Now I do not know this for a fact and if I did you wouldn’t find out unless it was announced by someone official, not me. But I also don’t expect to be able to spend ‘Christmas’ with my kids every year either. It would be amazingly lovely if I could but I do not expect it. As your kids get to be adults and as they start to pair up with others you add in so many others, the math gets huge very quickly. And the thought that you get to have a command performance by them every year is just plain naivety at its worst.

Christmas is nice because it is a time of year when everyone is forced to be nice to everyone. We all want Santa to come see us after all. But the rest of the year is just as amazing if you let it be.  The spring when everything is renewing itself, the summer when the heat makes everything grow, the fall when the bounty of the year is harvested and the winter when we learn to appreciate it all again.   The days don’t matter the being with the people you love does.

So we will continue to “sneak” in as many visits with as many people as we can. It is what we do, is it the preferred way of doing things? Oh heck no!!! But is it what we will do as long as we can, YES we will. If you don’t like it, I am sorry about that. But . . .

Merry Christmas!


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It is beginning to look like Christmas here. I woke up to a dusting of snow and some cold temperatures. I need to make a quick shopping trip to finish up a few odds and ends and then I am done for Christmas shopping for the year. I have been up for a long time already today, have accomplished a few things, have a load of clothes in the washer, finished a book, and fed myself. I am enjoying the sunshine coming in the window. I think I will take a quick shower soon and go outside and enjoy the sun. It has been a while since I saw it for more than a few minutes.

This working thing certainly cuts into the enjoyment of the sun, but I will take it and be thankful for it all; the job, the sun, the lack of sun, this wonderful life we all have. This next week is going to be hard, we all want the holidays to get here and the days will crawl by and fly by at the same time.

This whole year has done that, crawled and flew by and you look back and say “where has all of that time gone? What have I accomplished? Am I leaving this world a better place? Who have I helped this year? What more can I do?”

Do you ask yourself those questions?  I do, all the time. I was raised a Girl Scout and one of the few things I remember is when you go camping or such you should leave the place better (read cleaning) than the way you found it. There are plenty of things that need to be cleaned up. I am sure you can think of a few right now.

There are plenty of people traveling in the next few weeks. Try to be nice to them, try to cut others some slack, try to smile even when you feel like punching them in the nose. So if you haven’t helped as many people as you would like this is a perfect way, DON’T PUNCH THEM IN THE NOSE! Problem solved. 🙂

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I hate the Best Buy ad campaign for Christmas. I find it rude and unappealing. Anything that disses Santa Clause in this way is just wrong on so many levels. There is absolutely no way that I will buy anything from them.  Who ever thought up this campaign needs to be bitch slapped and given a lump of coal in their stocking!

I would like to know who it is that thought bullying Santa was a good idea. I think they should be fired to say the least. Bullying is never a good thing and showing it on TV is such a blatantly bad idea. Come on Best Buy, you are struggling in sales anyway and then to do something this dumb in your advertising campaign it just boggles the mind.


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Learning to be alone and on your own is something everyone needs to learn how to do.  For the first time in my life I am living by myself. I know I talked about it in an earlier blog but now it is the holidays and I am feeling my aloneness much more. Especially on a rare weekend like this one where I am not going anywhere and Hubby is not coming to see me.  I have not spent many weekends here alone.

When I was at home over thanksgiving I decorated the tree there and then on Tuesday I went to Target and got a cute little 4 ½ foot tall tree for my apartment.  I have all of the super breakable ornaments on the tree in my apartment; all of my traditional kid centric ornaments are on the one at home. I miss them.  My tree here is lovely, but it makes me feel old. No little people to worry about touching the tree here.  Or little dogs for that matter either.

I spent the morning cleaning my house and putting out the remaining decorations that I have here. I still have a ton in tubs at home. I may bring some more of it with me next weekend. So now I have a clean and decorated apartment all to myself. *sigh* I like the clean, I like the decorated, I am not a big fan of the all to myself.

I am lucky; this is just a temporary thing, this being on my own. I have a family that loves me and wants to spend time with me. Unfortunately there are lots of people who don’t. Do you know someone who is alone? That doesn’t have anyone to visit them? What is stopping you? Pick up the phone and call them, stop over and visit, bring a coffee cake and some happy smiles. It is amazing what little effort it takes to make someone’s day.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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