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Hey I’m back! Did you miss me? I missed writing to all of you. Life has been crazy, I started my new job, I finished my MBA, and a whole bunch of life happened too. I will write more about all of that at another date.  Something happened that I want to write about.

We live in a time of labels. Military mommie is a label, Hubby is a label, old, young, smart, dumb, learning disabled, ADD, ADHD, depressed, COPD, short, tall, and so many more.  And each of these labels has a description with them, a connotation and meaning that people have given to them.  But here is the thing, just because you have the label doesn’t mean you have to embrace it or believe it. I spent a lot of time making sure my darling daughters were not labeled so they could decide what they want to be.

I was talking to someone this week and they had been diagnosed with ADHD and depression. I could tell that they had done a lot of reading about this because they were convinced that because the book said they couldn’t do something, they couldn’t do it. Now I am all for some knowledge about any condition you may have but . . . you can’t live your life by some book written by someone else.  When we are born we do not come with a manual, and someone writing in general about a disease or disorder isn’t writing about us.  My thoughts about anytime someone writes about the symptoms of something is screw that, I am not going to do it. I have a great role model for that. Gpa has had stage 4 COPD for a long time, and yet he says “So what? Just because the book says things are going to go such a way at such a time doesn’t mean I am going to follow that.”

We all have labels placed upon us, some official and some unofficial, it doesn’t mean we have to accept them.


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