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I picked 46 tomatoes yesterday. There is at least 10 more that I could pick today. Probably will, if not today will get them picked tomorrow before I had back to my house for the week.  Just on the big beef tomato plant there are about 10 tomatoes the size of baseballs, at least 10 the size of golf balls, and at least 10 the size of marbles.  I haven’t even started counting the Roma’s.  The peppers have decided to take a page from the tomatoes and each plant has multiple peppers and multiple flowers yet to be peppers. Oh I forgot to mention that the tomatoes have another 100 or so blossoms on them.  The pepper plants are 2.5 feet tall or so and the tomatoes have just sprawled everywhere.  If I could or had actually stood the big beef tomato plant completely upright it would be over 5 feet tall.  It has been an incredible experience. I have learned a lot and will do some things differently next year.

According to the weather channel it is done hurricaning and raining where Navy Girl and Air Force Girl live. Now the clean up begins. I have not heard from them since they got to my brothers house, but we always go with the no news is good news theory in our family.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend. It has been a while since I didn’t have any school work to do. I am done with international business and Strategic Management doesn’t start until Monday.  And that will be my very last class. Eight more weeks and I will be completely done with school.  I am so looking forward to that.  I went and got a library card in my new city and got 4 books. I am so enjoying reading something just for fun! It has been a while since I have been able to do that.  I love going to the library, all those books, all that knowledge, pure bliss.

On that note, I am going to go lose myself in a book for a while. Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Just heard from Navy girl. She is getting out of the area. Hopefully Air Force Girl will go with her. They will be going to be heading to my brother C. He lives much farther in land and will not be as hard hit. This storm is going to be huge and cause a bunch of damage. I am glad the girls have decided to get out. As Midwestern people we really cannot relate to what is going to happen. We have tornados that can be monstrous, we have blizzard that can be huge but this is so far out of our comprehension.

The navy sent everyone who will not be on duty home, told those that will be on duty to plan on being there for days and said if you can, go somewhere else. It sent all of their ships that are seaworthy out to sea.

I would rather err on the side of caution and not need it than waiting and someone getting hurt.  Every report I see, it gets closer and closer to where Navy Girl and Air Force Girl are. The likelihood of it hitting where they are is close to 100%. I will keep everyone posted

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Exercise is one of those things that as you do it you get better at it. Don’t be afraid to take it slowly. You do not have to lift heavy like I do. I like the way it feels to really work my muscles hard. I like the feeling of soreness that results. Most other people do not and that is ok. As long as you are moving and working those muscles you will get the benefit of it.

I have been working out with a trainer for nearly a year; it has been well worth it. She kicks my butt on a regular basis. I am going to have to find a way to have one when I move. My hope is to continue to have her train me when I come visit Gpa on the weekends. But I know thing will be erratic for a while and don’t know how that will work. I have 3 more sessions paid for right now so will be able to get a good hard work out a few more times before I start work. Yesterday we did this extreme work out and today my butt and legs are really feeling it.

We started with some medium weight leg presses (180 pounds) and then did some lunges with 90 pounds on the squat bar – oh yeah those make your butt burn. We did three rounds of those upping the leg press weight 25 pounds for the last set. We then went and did a cardio/weight series, we started with a 6 reps on the leg extension machine (160 lbs) then off to throwing a medicine ball in the air while doing squats (15 reps), then moved on to floor tap jump up squat series (15 reps) to a hold in squat position as long as you can stand, we then moved to the leg curl (60 pounds, 15 reps). Then started the whole series over, doing three rounds. We finished the whole work out by doing plank pose with my feet on a medicine ball, just to make things even harder a slight twist of the whole body was added. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

I am not going to be able to hit the gym today; I have a bunch of things to get done for Gpa before I head back to my apartment. But I do have a plan for this evening while watching TV. Here’s the plan, feel free to try it and let me know how it goes for you.

15 push ups

15 sit ups/crunches – front, and both sides each

15 leg lifts

Reverse plank for a 15 count

Then the flip and do it again

Now if you can’t do 15 that’s ok, start with 1, that is how I started. On day 1 I did 1 pushup, on day two I did 2 pushups, on day 3 – 3 pushups and so on. By the end of the month I could do 30 pushups.

Try it you may just like it!

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I read a quote today that has stuck with me. It said, if you make a happy fuss over the small things that happen, true happiness follows.  The woman who said it has a four year old daughter who is very ill and has never spent a day out of the hospital. But the little girl is still alive and thriving to the best of her ability because her parents have made her life happy. And by making their daughters life happy it has made their lives happy.

It is that finding the silver lining in every cloud. Terrible things happen to everyone. No one is immune from it. It can’t be helped; it is a part of life, tragedies happen. People get sick and die, people lose their jobs, people break up their relationships, it happens to everyone. If you have not been touched by tragedy of some sort you cannot appreciate the good things in life.  Does that make going through the bad any easier, no not really but if you have faith that things will work out for the better . . . well they always do.  Sometimes it take a little work, ok sometimes it takes a lot of work but if you keep finding those little rays of sunshine and you make a fuss over them, life gets better.

When I lost my job, it was a financial and emotional disaster for me. But it has forced us to be more fiscally responsible and we have come out of it on much more solid footing, having learned from our mistakes. It made it so I was available to be here to help Gpa get back to feeling better. So while losing my job was a tragedy to me, the silver linings have been huge. I finally got a job, and then the start date was pushed back. Made me very sad and worried, but the silver lining is now I will be here at Gpa’s to get the tomatoes picked.  I could look at this and say “why do all of these bad things happen to me?” instead I have opted to look for the good that can come of it.

Not everyone is born an optimist, but you can decide to be one. The saying “when one door closes another opens” happens all the time. But often we are so busy looking at that closed door with longing that we fail to look around and see what may have opened. Am I optimistic every moment of every day? Unfortunately no, I am not. But I work at it all the time, sometimes I have to be reminded too.  So here is my reminder for you.

Have you found the opportunity for today? Quit looking at what might have been and look at what still can be.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I am going to be a grandma! I think I am excited. Well more like bemused, I think. I am still trying to figure out how I feel about it. Army Girl is going to have a baby. Sometime around the end of January we think. Although February would be good, we don’t have many/any February birthdays in our family.  I personally think ground hog day would be the perfect day for it to be born.

This has changed a lot of things for our family. What she had been trying to do is now put by the way side and hopefully school will be on the agenda. No matter what she decides we will support her whole heartedly.  Gpa is a little freaked out about becoming a great-grandpa. But Air Force Girl and Navy Girl are completely excited to become Aunts.

Hubby and I are going to be excited I am sure. It is always a shock when you find yourself thrust into a new generation. I mean how can I be a grandparent when I haven’t even reached middle age? 😛 ok I know in theory I am close to middle age, but I am in no way ready to admit it.

So I am going to be a grandma. Life keeps changing every time you start making other plans. So what is new with you?

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It has been one of those terrible no good awful days.  I was supposed to start my new job next Monday, but my new boss called and wants to post my starting for over a month!  I didn’t know what to say. It isn’t like I really have much of a choice in the matter, so I said,” uhm well I guess so.”  I have a lease and have pretty much moved in already, so I am rather stuck.  I wish he had said something before I signed my lease last week.  Sigh.

Hubby didn’t make it any better, I was trying to find the bright side in all of this and he just . . . well he stomped all over my heart.  This coming weekend is Hubby’s class reunion; I wasn’t going to go because I was going to spend the weekend finishing setting up my apartment. So I said, well now I can go with you to your reunion. And he started talking about how we spent all this money to set up my apartment and so evidently gas money and dinner is going to break the bank. REALLY??? I have been totally kicked in the head and instead of hugs and time; I get my heart stomped on.

And then Navy Girl called and it all was put in perspective.  One of her friends died this weekend. It is a tragic story to begin with and now this poor man is dead.  The guys’ wife was murdered while they were on deployment, the murderer was caught and the trial was held recently.  He was starting to put his life back together and now he has died. Navy Girl is understandably upset and pissed off. As she said “24 is too young to be a widower and 25 is too young to be dead.”

It completely put things in perspective. The job thing is just money; it will work out the way it is supposed to. Hubby and I will patch things up, we always do, and things will work out the way they are supposed to. But death is permanent and while I firmly believe we all have a certain amount of breathes to breathe, 25 is too young to be dead.

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