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My garden is growing like crazy.  I am posting pictures.  My radishes are growing and starting to fatten up, my beans are starting to get blossoms, and my peas are climbing up the trellis and starting to get blossoms too.  My tomatoes have gone crazy, they have leafed out beautifully and I have some of them in cages and the others are staked.  The big beef tomato plant is huge! It has thick stems and has a bunch of blossoms.  I broke a part of it when I put it in its cage.  I waited too long and had to squish it to get it into the cage.  But it seems to have weathered that pretty well.  It actually seems to have grown.  I am so excited, I love tomatoes so am looking forward to eating ones that I have grown.  My peppers are getting blossoms too.  I have had to stake up the biggest one, I am worried that it will be blown over and broken.  My parsley has sprouted and most of the garden is a lush green.

My carrots don’t seem to be doing well.  I am not sure what their problem is, but they just don’t seem to want to grow.  I have replanted one of the rows; it looks like I may have some new growth.  One of the first 4 rows came in, in a clump and the second row has 1 carrot.  I am bummed because I really like carrots.  That is one of the things I missed when we moved north, my mom used to have a garden and you could go out and pull a carrot and just brush the good dark dirt off of it and eat it.  It wasn’t sandy like it is up north.  Hopefully the carrots will get their act together and grow.  My chives didn’t come up as expected either.  I may replant those too after the fourth.  The good news is there is still plenty of growing time.

I still don’t know what I am doing most of the time when it comes to my garden, so I am probably having a lot of beginners luck.  I will take it! I am thoroughly enjoying watching everything grow.  Oh today we added three tiny little flowers, some pink pansy’s to the garden, now as Gpa says there is a splash of color to go with all of that green.  I hope all of your gardens are growing as well as mine.


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Giving long distance hugs is much easier now than it used to be.  Now we have cell phones so calls are less expensive.  Now we have Skype so we can actually see the person we are talking to.  It makes it easier to give at least verbal hugs.

In the old days with letters you sometimes had to wait month’s in-between.  It had to be so hard, even now it is hard not to be able to actually reach out and hug the one that needs it.  Seeing words on the screen or on paper you have to learn to read the nuances.  See that when people post that they love you and miss you, maybe you should pick up the phone and actually talk.

In this day and age where text messaging, instant messaging and emailing are the simplest ways to communicate we sometimes forget that actually hearing the words,” I love you and I miss you” makes a lot of things better.  Also picking up the phone and saying those words makes a connection, it says I hear you, you are not alone.  You may be far away, but you are not forgotten and you are not alone.

My girls know that I am always a phone call away.  They can pick up the phone and call me day or night and I am there for them.  I will listen while they vent and say the things that can’t say to anyone else, I will listen while they work through whatever is bothering them, I will listen while they are silly and need to tell me a story.  I am always there to give them hugs, even from miles away.

Hugga mugga’s my darling girls.

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Somebody said something to me today that has really gotten me thinking.  But first some context, I send out emails whenever I take my dad to the doctor.  Everyone always says let us know how he is doing so this is the best way for me to disseminate information to a lot of people.  I got this reply today:

“Thanks for the update on your dad.  You are so good to him.  I admire how you have put your life on hold to help him.  God bless you.”

Now I do not feel like I have put my life on hold, first that would require me to have had a life before this, and second, I am still doing the same things I would have been doing at home.  I am still doing my school work, I am still cleaning and cooking and shopping, I am just doing it for my dad instead of with my husband.  That part of my life might be on hold in some ways.  But I think my husband and I are closer than ever, we appreciate what we have so much.

Am I looking forward to the time when Hubby and I can be together again? Most definitely and at the same time . . . no.  Gpa and I have an agreement.  I am here until I get a job or he dies.  Now Gpa has no intention of dying anytime soon, and I am trying to prevent that too, so I guess I had better get a job.  I am looking, I have this next week off of school so I am going to try to research and apply to two companies’ everyday next week.

So instead of looking at this as a case of someone giving up their lives so they can take care of someone else, look at as more along the lines of trading. I get a better internet connection and a kick ass gym, Gpa gets someone to cook and clean and nag him, and Hubby gets all the time he can stand to go on marathon walks. It’s all temporary; life is too short to worry about giving things up.  Sometimes you just have to say yes and do the right thing.  And then later it will by your turn for the good stuff.  After all my kids are going to support me in the way I want to become accustomed too.

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In today’s episode we try to solve The Mystery of WHO SPILLED THE COFFEE? Dun dun dunnnn ♪ ♫ (imagine mystery music here) our mystery opens with Militarymommie asking Gpa:

“When you were reading about the new flooring did it tell you what to use to clean the floor?”

Gpa “you can’t wash the floor, why do you need to?”

Mm “I want to wash the floor where you spilled the coffee.”

Gpa “who spilled coffee?  I didn’t spill any coffee.”

Dun dun duuunnnn! ♪ ♫  If Gpa didn’t spill the coffee then who did?  Was it Militarymommie? Did someone sneak into the house and spill coffee on the new floor?  Oh who would do such dastardly thing! (Imagine very melodramatic voice here)

Gpa “where is this spilled coffee, I didn’t spill it.”

Mm “in front of the microwave, and it had to be you, I don’t drink coffee.  It gives me wicked migraines and throwing up and my brains falling on the floor is just not how I want to spend my day.”

Gpa coming into the kitchen, looking in the hallway, “I don’t see any coffee.”

Mm “it’s in front of the microwave, on the floor.”

Gpa “Oh”

Will we ever know who spilled the coffee? How will it get cleaned up?  Tune in next week to find that answer and the answer to “why do the batteries in toothbrush keep going dead?” and many more mysteries.

Bwahahahaah (evil laughter)


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I miss working.  I miss having a place to go, and people to see, and something to contribute.  I miss feeling important because I have a meeting to go to, I miss feeling like I have accomplished something.  I miss meeting new people and introducing them to my product, service, whatever.  I miss the stress of deadlines and the anticipation of seeing a job well done.

At the US Mayor’s conference this week they announced that they didn’t think that all of the people who have been laid off would be reabsorbed back into the work force until 2020 at least.  That is very bad news for people like me.  I am trying to remain optimistic.  I have real hopes that my new degree will help me find a job, but some days it is so hard.  I try to ignore all of the dire predictions and keep positive.

I have started ignoring all of the job advice on the news and most search engines.  It all contradicts each other.  Do this, no never do that!  The answer is no one knows why some people get jobs and some don’t.  Often it is pure dumb luck.  Being in the right place at the right time, and if you’re lucky knowing the right someone.  And even then there is no guarantee.

You join LinkedIn or BranchOut (on Facebook) or any other networking site and hope that someone you know will take an interest.  You refine your resume until it is so slick even your mother won’t recognize you and then you wait. You stalk companies on their websites, you join Monster and CareerBuilder and you stalk more companies.  It is hard to be the one when there are literally thousands of people applying for the same job.

But you still play the game.  You have too, you can’t give up.  Because maybe that one time you will be the one.



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Hi everyone!  Sorry I haven’t written in a while (a whole week! Mea culpa) but life has been crazy.  I am taking this class Consumer Behavior and it has had papers up to my eyeballs.  Seems like an awful lot of work just for 10 points.  *sigh* This professor has just frustrated the heck out of me.  If you follow his written instructions you get points taken off for not following the APA format when his written instructions specifically say do not follow it.  WTF?  And the tests! He puts things on the test that were not in the lectures or the textbook.  I think that is grossly unfair and unprofessional.  It took me 3 hours to do a test with 8 essay questions and 30 definitions.  It wouldn’t be so bad if I wrote the definitions but nooooo, he writes some vague semblance of the definition and you are supposed to figure out what it means.  As I told hubby, if I ever meet this guy I am going to punch him in the face and then kick him when he is down.  I expect graduate school to be hard and time consuming, but I also expect it to be fair and give me at least a fighting chance to get the answers.

Pretty Toes

I had a great time with my sisters this weekend.  We don’t all get together very often so when we do get to it is fun.  M and I went and got pedicures this weekend, I know I said I wouldn’t take pictures of my broken toe and post them anymore but they turned out so awesome, I have to share.  Btw I still have the toenail.  It is still firmly stuck in place; the new nail is growing out very nicely.  I figure another 6-8 months and the old one will come off and the new will be there.  Anyway back to my sisters and me, we played ladder golf (testicle toss) most of the afternoon.  It was a lot of fun; it took us oh six hours to complete three games.  We went to the store between games 1 and 2, and then ate dinner between games 2-3.  But we are also terrible players!  We did a round robin so everyone got to play with everyone.

My garden is doing nicely; well it was until I looked at it this morning.  We had some storms go through and they didn’t seem to be bad but my plants seem to have been run over by something.  I hope that it is just a protective measure on their parts and when I look at them later they will be upright and proud again.  I have some peppers that are teeny but getting bigger every day, and some blossoms on one of the tomato plants.  So hopefully they weathered the storm.  I will let you know.

Busy week coming up, the big project due at the end worth 25% of my grade, I always wonder if the professor actually reads any of it.  When you have 30 people in a class and each of them has to write a 5-7 page paper that’s a lot of words and pages to read.  There have also been some distant rumblings on the job front a few not instant rejections and a couple of follow ups.  Everyone think happy thoughts, it is good for you.

Have a great week and if I get inspired about something I will try to make time to write.  Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I am the luckiest woman in the whole world. My husband loves me so much that he drove 6.5 hours one way just to spend one night with me. He arrived at 5pm on Saturday and left at 1:30pm on Sunday.  If that doesn’t make me the most spoiled wife ever I do not know what would. He is such an amazing guy.  I hope that when Navy Girl, Army Girl and Air Force Girl get married they find someone like him.

Now he is not the most romantic guy, I don’t get flowers for no reason, he isn’t going to write me a poem or sing me a song. But what I am going to get is someone who checks the oil on my car before I take a trip, who drives 8 hours one way to O’Hare airport to pick up a kid and then turns around and drives another 8 hours back in one day, or who does the dishes because he knows I hate to do them.

While he was here he taught me how to use the grill helped me put up clothes lines and entertained my dad and my cousin while I talked to Army Girl to keep her awake on her drive home. He supports me in my crazy ideas like grad school and taking care of dad and walking 60 miles. He treats me like I am fragile even though I am not.

He believes in me, and I trust him. I know he would not lie to me so if he believes in me, I believe in me too. I am the luckiest woman in the world.

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