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It was a fun weekend.  It is amazing how much stuff a person accumulates in a life time.  Every time we clean here at Gpa’s or I watch that show Hoarders, I just want to go home and clean my house out.   For the most part everyone acted nice to each other and there were only a few rocky moments.  I figure for 5 very diverse people that is pretty good.  When the time comes it will be fairly easy to take care of things.  There is just a ton of Christmas decorations to go through and a few bits and pieces we didn’t know what to do with. 

Hubby said that we had inspired his dad to start cleaning out his shop.  You clean things up and your thoughts are, why was I keeping this?  Why does someone keep every nail, screw and bolt they ever touched?  What in the heck is a birth certificate doing on a work bench?   But there are treasures to be found at times like that as well.  We found our baby books and G got a big surprise, I am not sure what the bigger surprise was, that he had a baby book and there were entries or that it was pink.  🙂 

One of the treasures that were found was my teddy bear and other stuffed animals that I had thought were lost forever.  That makes all of the stress of these weekends worth it.  Well that and how much fun I have with my brothers and sisters. 

It is amazing how different we all are.  We may not always like each other, we may not have been friends if it wasn’t for blood, but we always love each other.   Families, you don’t pick them but they are so amazing.   I know that I can count on my siblings to help me, and they know that I am always there for them.  It is just nice to know that someone always has your back. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!



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“If you will it, it is no dream.”

I saw this on a comic called Mutts by Patrick McDonnell, the link is below.  Army Girl wanted to run in the Army 10 mile race, she put in her application and was accepted.  Now she has put in the work necessary to do well.  By being willing to put in the work she has moved from having a dream to fulfilling it.

We all have dreams, but are we willing to make them happen? What are your dreams? What are willing to do to make them a reality?


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You make your own happiness.  I have been saying it for years and years and now there is a study that says just that.  I have added a link to the article about the study below.  The study followed 150,000 Germans from 1984 to 2008.  They found that peoples happiness levels changed over time.  That people changed their happiness level.  Happiness is not genetic.  It is a conscious choice.  What do you choose?  Do you choose to be happy or do you choose to not be? 

We all know people who have chosen not to be happy.  They wear you down with their relentless negativity.  It is good to know that you now have science on your side.  You can choose to not be like them, you can choose to be happy.  I am at that time in my life that I am ready to tell all of the negative Nelly’s to just stuff it.  If you choose to be unhappy that is your problem quit trying to bring me down. 

The study says there are some things people can do to create or increase their happiness.  These are:
Marry well, focus on the family, go to church, work, get social and get moving.

My two cents on each of thing on the list

Marry well.  When you date and maybe eventually get married be with someone you like and who likes you.  That sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Often we are attracted to people who we really don’t like.  We think we can fix them or save them or they are everyone else’s ideal.  Make sure this is someone who if you could never do anything except spend time with them or talk to them ever again you would still want to be with them.  And make sure this is someone you can be yourself with.  Authentic, warts and all, you, that person we all know we are in our heads and are usually mortified that others find out about, if you can’t be that person find someone else.

Focus on the family, but don’t do it to the detriment of yourself.  Having your family be your whole life is wrong.  You are shortchanging yourself and you are shortchanging them when you sacrifice your youness.  If you have no outside things (hobbies, sports, pampering, etc) you cannot be a good example to your family.  Every person should be selfish.  If you don’t take good care of yourself you cannot take good care of others. 

Go to church.  I would disagree with this one but the study says they couldn’t determine if it was the religion or the community that brought the happiness.  I would argue for the community and against the religion personally.  But this is a personal decision on your part.

Work but not too much or too little.  Find a job that you love, and you will never work a day in your life.  How many of us have heard that saying?  How many of us have been lucky enough to do that?   I miss working. 

Get social and get moving.  Join a gym, a choir, a bowling team, do something that gets you out of your house and into the world.  Being around other people, helping other people, that is what happiness is all about.

So there you go a whole study about making yourself happy.  What are you going to do with it?  Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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There is a new show on Fox called Raising Hope.  I watched the premier episode the other day.   It has gotten me thinking about raising kids.  Kids do not come with instruction manuals.  And really it doesn’t take any brains to make a baby.  The making a baby is the easiest part of being a parent.  Anyone can be a mother or a father, an egg here a sperm there and voila you are a mother or a father.   But to be a mommy or daddy, that is a whole other ball of wax. 

Being a mommy or a daddy means putting in the time, you have to be there physically and emotionally.  And it is very hard work.  Being a mommy or a daddy means there is a high opportunity cost and the present value is sometimes lower but the future value, ah the future value makes all of the costs worth it.  Opportunity cost is what you give up in order to have the option you choose. 

There are so many opportunity costs when it comes to having kids.  You can’t just pick up and go . . . well anywhere.  It doesn’t matter what the age of the child, as long as they are still a child they require stuff.  Babies need diapers and bottles and toys, toddlers need toys and snacks and extra clothes, and as they get older their stuff gets bigger and/or more expensive.  But you still need to drag it with you. 

Putting in your time is a cost too.  Sitting up with sick kids, sitting up with cranky I forgot to do my homework kids, sitting up waiting for your kids.  It is all time you could be doing something else.  But why would you?  There is nothing that is more work and has the long term wait for the reward that is more worth it.  Because when you invest your time in your kids, they invest it back.  And then they send you text messages telling you they are in a relationship and are so happy, because you taught them that.  They send you emails telling you about their adventures, because you taught them to not be afraid to try new things.  They call you with exciting news, they tell you their hopes and dreams because you made it so they feel safe to tell you anything.  And you realize that the while at the time there may have been an opportunity cost, it was oh so very worth it. 

Anyone can be a mother or a father, I am proud to be a mommy.  Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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