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It was a fun weekend.  It is amazing how much stuff a person accumulates in a life time.  Every time we clean here at Gpa’s or I watch that show Hoarders, I just want to go home and clean my house out.   For the most part everyone acted nice to each other and there were only a few rocky moments.  I figure for 5 very diverse people that is pretty good.  When the time comes it will be fairly easy to take care of things.  There is just a ton of Christmas decorations to go through and a few bits and pieces we didn’t know what to do with. 

Hubby said that we had inspired his dad to start cleaning out his shop.  You clean things up and your thoughts are, why was I keeping this?  Why does someone keep every nail, screw and bolt they ever touched?  What in the heck is a birth certificate doing on a work bench?   But there are treasures to be found at times like that as well.  We found our baby books and G got a big surprise, I am not sure what the bigger surprise was, that he had a baby book and there were entries or that it was pink.  🙂 

One of the treasures that were found was my teddy bear and other stuffed animals that I had thought were lost forever.  That makes all of the stress of these weekends worth it.  Well that and how much fun I have with my brothers and sisters. 

It is amazing how different we all are.  We may not always like each other, we may not have been friends if it wasn’t for blood, but we always love each other.   Families, you don’t pick them but they are so amazing.   I know that I can count on my siblings to help me, and they know that I am always there for them.  It is just nice to know that someone always has your back. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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