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Happy birthday Army Girl! I tried to find a card that said everything I wanted to say but as usual couldn’t. I wanted the card to say how much I love you, I wanted the card to say how much you were/are wanted and needed. How our family would not be what it is without you. I wanted the card to tell you how proud of you I am. I have enjoyed the years and look forward to enjoying watching you in the future. I look at what you have done and so proud.

Happy birthday my dear Army Girl.

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While we were in Washington DC we did some of the tourist things. We went to the Washington monument etc. It is pretty amazing to see things you see on TV a lot. It was a beautiful day to walk but the wind was wickedly cold, when you were out in the open it was miserable but when you were sheltered it was wonderful. We started at the Washington monument it is a lot narrower than I expected. There is a rule in Washington that no building can be taller than the Washington monument. And there are a lot of buildings stuffed into a very small space. Which brings me to the White House.
When you see pictures of the White House it looks like it is in the middle of the country side. You see the pictures of the helicopter landing on the lawn and gardens and tennis courts etc. You just think it would be a very large place but it isn’t. It isn’t a large place and it isn’t in the country. It is smack dab in the middle of a very busy city. I would have to say that architecturally the West Wing Building is much better looking than the White House as well.
We walked from the Washington monument to the World War II memorial, that memorial is amazing. There are a number of fountains and the walls have quotes from various generals, leaders and important people. There are columns with the names of every state and protectorate that fought with the United States in the war. It was impressive and moving as heck. We then started walking to the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln has always been a president I admired. When I was young I read everything I could get my hands on about him. We walked the mall to get there; the mall consists of reflecting pool and grounds. What a disgusting mess that is.
The reflection pool is the water pool that Forest Gump ran through to find Jenny in the movie. The reflecting pool is in desperate need of fixing. The water is a disgusting green covered in algae and full of duck shit. It is a sad, sad thing. We need to take better care of our national treasures.
Next time I go to Washington I hope to be able to see the Smithsonian. I think everyone should go see the capitol. I hope the paranoia levels relax soon. They have a tendency to take all the fun out of things. And I am all about fun!
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Army Girl rocks! She did her 10 mile race today. It was pretty amazing, 21000+ people running, almost all of them some form of military people. She finished in the top third of all runners. Air Force Girl is the only one who actually saw her cross the finish line. I am not very tall so I couldn’t see over most of the people by the fence so I was watching on a giant screen. She started wearing a pink tank top, but got too warm so she took it off, I was looking for a pink top and she ran by in a black one. oh well, we were there and she did amazing.

Those people were crazy! Some of them looked like the just went for a walk in the park and some of them looked like there were about ready to die. The first person across the finish line did it in 46 minutes. The first woman across was in 63 place and she did it in 55 minutes. 10 miles in 55 minutes! Can you imagine? The oldest runner was 83 and two people in their 70’s ran faster than Army Girl. Amazing!
Tomorrow ok probably Tuesday I will write about our trip to Washington DC.
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Navy Girl sent me the following quote yesterday. “If at first you do succeed, try not to look surprised.” It got me to thinking; we have so many quotes with defeatist attitudes. I am trying to rearrange them in my head so that they have a more positive attitude. Case in point, yesterday I was on my way to Chicago for a career expo before heading home when I got the quote from Navy Girl. Often when you are heading into these types of situations you think, “Here goes nothing” so yesterday I decided my mantra would be “here goes everything!” Instead of “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” How about “everything ventured, everything gained.”?
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I have all these ideas whizzing around in my head. I see things that I would like to change. I just need to be able to talk to someone and I think I would have a job. But getting past the gatekeepers is not something I have been able to accomplish. Yet. I will figure it out someday soon, I hope.
Unfortunately there are millions of people like me. Well maybe not just like me. I have a very odd skill set, I know that people look at what I have done and what I am doing and the dots don’t always connect. But given a chance . . . unfortunately there are millions of people who are saying the same thing. Given a chance I could change the world.
When the economy went in the toilet it took a lot of people with it. We are all still feeling the repercussions. Hubby and I have weathered the first part of the storm, mostly ok. We have cut back on everything; we don’t do the things we used to do. We have tightened our belts. We took some very hard hits and are still on our feet. But, and this is a big but, my unemployment runs out in a few weeks, if I don’t have a job by then things will get very ugly. We are doing our best Scarlet O’Hara impression and we will worry about that tomorrow, because tomorrow is another day and who knows what will happen.
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Living is worth more than being alive….  Air Force Girl posted this as her Facebook status today.  I think it is a pretty good quote.  I know some people who are just existing.  It is such a waste of a life.  It makes me very sad.  I don’t want to be one of those people who just exist.  I want a life.

Pet peeve of the day.  One of my Facebook friend’s keeps using than instead of then and it is driving me nuts.  So just to satisfy my frustration here are the definitions.

Definition of then: (from http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/then)
1. at that time: Prices were lower then.
2. immediately or soon afterward: The rain stopped and then started again.
3. next in order of time: We ate, then we started home.
4. at the same time: At first the water seemed blue, then gray.
5. next in order of place: Standing beside Charlie is my uncle, then my cousin, then my brother.
6. in addition; besides; also: I love my job, and then it pays so well.
7. in that case; as a consequence; in those circumstances: If you’re sick, then you should stay in bed.
8. since that is so; as it appears; therefore: You have, then, found the mistake? You are leaving tonight then.

Definition of than: -conjunction
1. used, as after comparative adjectives and adverbs, to introduce the second member of an unequal comparison): She’s taller than I am.
2. used after some adverbs and adjectives expressing choice or diversity, such as other, otherwise, else, anywhere, or different, to introduce an alternative or denote a difference in kind, place, style, identity, etc.): I had no choice other than that. You won’t find such freedom anywhere else than in this country.
3. used to introduce the rejected choice in expressions of preference): I’d rather walk than drive there.
4. except; other than: We had no choice than to return home.
5. when: We had barely arrived than we had to leave again.

Thank you, happy thoughts for a happy day

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portrait of a happy man

Portrait of a happy man.

My brother G and his sons went on a quest the last couple days. My dad built a car, he and C and G spent a lot of time building this car. Through some twists of fate the car ended up near where I live. G was able to track it down and purchase the car and bring it back to Gpa’s house.
Today G surprised Gpa with it. It needs some work and it will be a while before it is drive-able but Dad has dreamed of this moment for a long time. I am just so proud of G for pursuing this and making Dad’s dream come true. When G left with it a few minutes ago Gpa said “I never thought I would see the day that car was here.” It makes me weepy as I write this.
Thanks G! Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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It was a fun weekend.  It is amazing how much stuff a person accumulates in a life time.  Every time we clean here at Gpa’s or I watch that show Hoarders, I just want to go home and clean my house out.   For the most part everyone acted nice to each other and there were only a few rocky moments.  I figure for 5 very diverse people that is pretty good.  When the time comes it will be fairly easy to take care of things.  There is just a ton of Christmas decorations to go through and a few bits and pieces we didn’t know what to do with. 

Hubby said that we had inspired his dad to start cleaning out his shop.  You clean things up and your thoughts are, why was I keeping this?  Why does someone keep every nail, screw and bolt they ever touched?  What in the heck is a birth certificate doing on a work bench?   But there are treasures to be found at times like that as well.  We found our baby books and G got a big surprise, I am not sure what the bigger surprise was, that he had a baby book and there were entries or that it was pink.  🙂 

One of the treasures that were found was my teddy bear and other stuffed animals that I had thought were lost forever.  That makes all of the stress of these weekends worth it.  Well that and how much fun I have with my brothers and sisters. 

It is amazing how different we all are.  We may not always like each other, we may not have been friends if it wasn’t for blood, but we always love each other.   Families, you don’t pick them but they are so amazing.   I know that I can count on my siblings to help me, and they know that I am always there for them.  It is just nice to know that someone always has your back. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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“If you will it, it is no dream.”

I saw this on a comic called Mutts by Patrick McDonnell, the link is below.  Army Girl wanted to run in the Army 10 mile race, she put in her application and was accepted.  Now she has put in the work necessary to do well.  By being willing to put in the work she has moved from having a dream to fulfilling it.

We all have dreams, but are we willing to make them happen? What are your dreams? What are willing to do to make them a reality?


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You make your own happiness.  I have been saying it for years and years and now there is a study that says just that.  I have added a link to the article about the study below.  The study followed 150,000 Germans from 1984 to 2008.  They found that peoples happiness levels changed over time.  That people changed their happiness level.  Happiness is not genetic.  It is a conscious choice.  What do you choose?  Do you choose to be happy or do you choose to not be? 

We all know people who have chosen not to be happy.  They wear you down with their relentless negativity.  It is good to know that you now have science on your side.  You can choose to not be like them, you can choose to be happy.  I am at that time in my life that I am ready to tell all of the negative Nelly’s to just stuff it.  If you choose to be unhappy that is your problem quit trying to bring me down. 

The study says there are some things people can do to create or increase their happiness.  These are:
Marry well, focus on the family, go to church, work, get social and get moving.

My two cents on each of thing on the list

Marry well.  When you date and maybe eventually get married be with someone you like and who likes you.  That sounds so simple doesn’t it?  Often we are attracted to people who we really don’t like.  We think we can fix them or save them or they are everyone else’s ideal.  Make sure this is someone who if you could never do anything except spend time with them or talk to them ever again you would still want to be with them.  And make sure this is someone you can be yourself with.  Authentic, warts and all, you, that person we all know we are in our heads and are usually mortified that others find out about, if you can’t be that person find someone else.

Focus on the family, but don’t do it to the detriment of yourself.  Having your family be your whole life is wrong.  You are shortchanging yourself and you are shortchanging them when you sacrifice your youness.  If you have no outside things (hobbies, sports, pampering, etc) you cannot be a good example to your family.  Every person should be selfish.  If you don’t take good care of yourself you cannot take good care of others. 

Go to church.  I would disagree with this one but the study says they couldn’t determine if it was the religion or the community that brought the happiness.  I would argue for the community and against the religion personally.  But this is a personal decision on your part.

Work but not too much or too little.  Find a job that you love, and you will never work a day in your life.  How many of us have heard that saying?  How many of us have been lucky enough to do that?   I miss working. 

Get social and get moving.  Join a gym, a choir, a bowling team, do something that gets you out of your house and into the world.  Being around other people, helping other people, that is what happiness is all about.

So there you go a whole study about making yourself happy.  What are you going to do with it?  Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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