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what a week

It has been an interesting week.  Two doctors appointments with Gpa, Homework, a job interview, a new bed, and good news and bad from Navy Girl.

Gpa had an eye doctor appointment on Monday, it took forever!  An hour and a half, they must have been using really slow acting eye dilators.  He got a new prescription so we went to the evil empire to get them.  On Thursday he had an appointment with his cardiologist.  That one took two hours.  Lots of tests coming up and appointments, it is hell to be chronically ill.

Homework is homework.  Managerial finance these 8 weeks, already in week 3.  Time just keeps flying by.  I am actually understanding most of it, I guess if you make me do it multiple times for multiple classes it eventually sinks in.  The biggest thing is every problem is very involved.  No just a few steps and done, it takes many, many steps to get to the simple answer.  That’s why it takes 3 hours to do 20 questions on a test. 

I had the weirdest job interview on Friday.  I am still not sure what I was interviewing for.  I don’t know if it was for them, or for another company.  Hopefully something will come of it.  I don’t know.  When I got done with the interview I got in my car and I thought “What the hell just happened?”  I still don’t know.  I sent them a thank you letter, thanking them for the letting me get the feel for their hiring process.  I didn’t know what else to say.  I am still very bemused by the whole thing.

I got a new bed at Gpa’s.  We did a big switch.  B has been having some pretty severe back problems this week, Gpa needed a bed that you can raise up so he is not laying flat (it helps with his breathing) and I was sleeping in the twin bed from when I was a kid with the same mattress.   So Gpa got a new hospital bed, we can raise and lower the head of the bed and the feet too.  B got Gpa’s mattress because it used to be hers and the one she had bothered her back and I got that one.  So now I have a queen sized mattress to sleep on instead of the ancient twin.  It felt pretty good; I will let you know in a few days how I sleep. 

I got the following email from Navy Girl,
You’re not going to believe this…
…I got called the Reactor Officer’s office today. 
…He wants me to bake cookies.
…He’s arranged it with the wardroom galley to coordinate my watch schedule.
…Can you mail me vanilla extract…right now?!  It’s the only thing I’m going to have a hard time getting here.

 …I think…I’m in shock. 

Love and miss you,

 And then I got this one:

On a less exciting note…one of the guys I stand watch with lost his wife this week.  He’s 23 and a widower.  The news out of Virginia is that she was murdered.  How awful is that?  I can’t even imagine what he’s going through right now.  They sent him home on the soonest COD they could.  I don’t think he’s going to come back to us.  R Department is kind of in shock.  We’re taking up a collection for him; it’s all we can do, really.  But it’s hard to deal with that.

Your thoughts and prayers for this young man and all of Navy Girls Department would be gratefully appreciated.

Happy thoughts for a happy day.


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