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Gpa and I are having growing pains.  It has been a long time since Gpa has lived with anyone else and it has been a long time since I lived with anyone other than Hubby and my girls.  We have had some hits and some misses.  There have been more than a few days I have felt that the next person who tells me how lucky I am was/is going to get punched in the nose.  I know that I am very lucky.  I know that Gpa is very lucky too.  I also know we drive each other nuts.   Will I regret the decision to come and help him, no I won’t.  Will I actually punch someone in the nose, probably not, most of the people who tell me that I am lucky do it through the phone or e-mail or are taller/tougher/bigger than me so I don’t really have access to them.  Plus, really, poking them in the eye would be more satisfying.  J  Mostly just kidding.

I went to an employment agency today.  We will see what comes of that.  The guy I talked to seemed pretty confident that he could find me something.  So BFF it looks like you will be heading “home” soon. 

Think happy thoughts for my sister B.  She hosed up her back and is doing pretty poorly. 

I have been doing some research on COPD, here are some things I have learned.  FYI Gpa’s airflow is less than what is listed here.

“End-stage COPD is present when airflow in the lungs is below 30% of normal, or when cor pulmonale or respiratory failure is present. Other signs that COPD has reached a stage when life expectancy is shortened include very severe of shortness of breath, a poor ability to do physical activity, and weight loss or a low body mass index.” (http://www.healthcentral.com/copd/c/95381/105294/progression-end/2)

“Repeated bouts of increased cough and sputum production disable most patients and recovery from coughing attacks may take a long time. Patients with severe lung damage sleep in a semi-sitting position because they are unable to breathe when they lie down. They often complain that they awaken during the night feeling “choked-up,” and they need to sit up to cough.

Survival of patients with COPD is closely related to the level of their lung function when they are diagnosed and the rate at which they lose this function. Overall, the median survival is about 10 years for patients with COPD who have lost approximately two-thirds of their normally expected lung function at diagnosis. “ (http://seniorhealth.about.com/od/respiratorycond/a/copd.htm)

There is a lot of information out there.  Not much of it good.  we all have a tough time coming up.  But we can do it.  Gpa and I will overcome our growing pains, I will find a job and we will all live happily ever after. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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