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I read this on line the link is provided at the end and thought what a great thing.  I hope you think it is pretty neat too.

My way of keeping a close relationship with my five grandkids is to have a journal for each child. Every few months, we have our journal time, where I ask about classes, best friends, favorite movies and video games, frustrations, teachers, cartoons, etc. They also have to supply me with a writing sample each year and photos — all of which go into the journal. It has been a great way to get alone time on the phone and certainly when I visit. On my recent visit, the 13-year-old asked if I’d brought the journal with me because he had new info. Who knew?

Something else I do to stay involved: I have my daughters e-mail me the spelling test for the week. Each Thursday, I call to go over the newest words in preparation for their Friday quiz. One boy is struggling a bit with reading, so he calls me weekly to read from a book that we both have (thanks to public libraries). I read a chapter and then he reads the next. The 3-year-old gets a bedtime story twice a week — again with a book we both share so I can ask questions about the pictures. It’s no more energy than what I would expend if they lived here, it’s 1,000 times better than e-mail/Facebook.



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Heya Mommy-o!


So, we’ve made it through another MTT.  Not unscathed, by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s over.  Thank god.  The exam sucked, the drills kicked our asses, and some maintenance evolutions were just doomed.  It’s not that we don’t know what we’re doing; it’s more that we can’t seem to avoid stupid mistakes and bad luck when MTT shows up.  Could we have foreseen locking out the only functional maintenance computer? Not really; it’s never happened before.  Did we have a fighting chance at some of the drills? Nope; we’d never seen half the drills they decided to run on us.  Actually, looking at that…we’re awesome, no matter what they say because we didn’t break anything and we put the plant in a safe condition every time, regardless of the fact that we’d never, ever seen some of this shit before.

 *sigh* But it’s done.

 Now on to better things. Has my fruit made it to you yet?  I really, really want that soon.  My work schedule is about to get tighter, so I’m going to need food that doesn’t require prep work or milk, and is reasonably good for me.  “But Navy Girl, why would you need that?”  Why, thank you for asking, Mom!  The thing is, I’m being put onto a full-time watch team!  Yay me!  I’m actually genuinely excited to be going to a watch team on a permanent basis.  It looks like I’m going to be a Throttleman, which is a huge compliment given that I’m not even Senior-in-Rate yet.  It also means I’m going to freeze my ass off in EOS for 5 out of every 20 hours (we rotate 5 on, 15 off), but I’ve acquired a (huge) foul weather jacket for that.

 That’s really all I’ve got right now.  They say the sailor phones are going to be fixed this week, so maybe a phone call this weekend?  It really depends on if they get the parts in.  Stupid AT&T proprietary parts. 

 I love and miss you tons, take care of G-pa, and say hi to everyone for me!

 Hello Baby!

Congrats on being put on a team.  Teams are good things, yes?  I have zero knowledge about your fruit, I have been at Gpa’s for a week and Army Girl is in the Dells.  I will try to remember to ask Hubby tonight.  My plan is to get a box together for you this weekend to send out on Tuesday.  Long range plans I tell ya.  It doesn’t surprise me that you are getting responsibilities above your grade; you have always been like that.  I am trying desperately to keep up with you, just like always.  You have always made me smarter.

i am thinking that one of the reasons they come and test you multiple times on this stuff is to make you fail.  You learn way more when you fail than when you suceed.  It is frustrating as hell but they are doing things so that when the weird stuff happens for real, you think it is a piece of cake because you have tried weirder shit than that already.  Seriously think about that.  

 I was talking to Gpa, I am going to wal-mart today and getting you a bunch of stuff to send to you, anything in particular you would like?  This box will be from Gpa.  I showed him the picture of you singing.  He thought that was pretty cool.  We are getting central air put in here at Gpa’s tomorrow (Thursday 9-2).  That will be pretty nice.  I think it will help his overall health.  Get the house at an even temp and humidity.  Right now you walk out of the living room into the kitchen and I think it should be raining, the humidity and temp rise.  We had two guys come in and give us quotes, the first guy was very nice and listened to me, and the second guy was kinda rude and didn’t listen to me.  The first guy was $500 cheaper too.  So we went with them, now Gpa is second guessing himself.  Sorry dad, friends shouldn’t overcharge friends by $500.  Nothing personal, just business. 

 So why will you be freezing?  Will you be outside?  Or just heavily air conditioned?  Either way can i come?  I am tired of sweating my butt off.  Plus I miss you a lot. 

I am pretty sure I have lost weight, I feel thinner.  Does this make sense?  I will know on Saturday.  Probably all in my head, I know I am losing brain cells.  God menopause sucks, I feel stupid most of the time.  Or maybe that is just unemployment?  Either way, I feel stupid.  No matter what, I keep thinking this has to be a learning experience, it will get better.  Right?

 i love you so very much. hugga muggas my darling girl.


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