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Who decided that feathers were a good thing to put in pillows?  Maybe when they are new they are a good idea but when they get old some unsuspecting person can come along, with only good intentions, strip the bed and poof!!!!!! Feathers everywhere!  Horrible little feathers floating through the air, getting on everything, invading spaces where they do not belong.  Feathers everywhere!

Cleaning them up is just an exercise in futility.  You have to try to corral the pillow and keep what is left in the pillow, in the pillow.  And those little suckers don’t want to be in the pillow any more.  Steps required to clean up escaped feathers:   Get a plastic bag carefully put the pillow in the bag, close the bag without letting any of the air out of the bag because the feathers will try to escape with the air, tie the bag tightly and remove from the premises immediately.  Lug the vacuum cleaner up the stairs and get out the hose, be very careful feathers fly even when not attached to a bird.  As you vacuum the little suckers will try to escape by flying at you, stand your ground and suck them up even out of the air.  You will probably have to repeat vacuuming multiple times as feathers are sneaky. 

Be aware that you will probably have a second infestation of feathers in your laundry room.  Do not be afraid, you can defeat this scourge.  If you come across someone bearing gifts of feather pillows you have my permission to use said gifts to pummel both the pillow and the gift giver into submission.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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i miss my tv

I miss my tv.  When I am at home we have 3 tv’s.  If I don’t like what is on, what other people are watching I can just go to a different tv.  Here there is 1 tv, and the owner is addicted to annoying shows.  I know I like nerd shows but . . . most of the ones I like I have to wait a day or even a week before I can see them on the web.  *Sigh* Some days I am very sad, in the pathetic nerd type of way.  I think the hardest part is the loss of control of the remote.  😉  Man I am such a geek!

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I have been feeling a little down lately.  Things have not gone as I planned them in my life.  What is that saying?  “Life happens when we are making other plans.”  I am pretty sure that has happened to me.  I was talking to Hubby this morning and I said, “This is not what it was supposed to be like” and he said “yes it is, don’t worry, it will be ok.”  I really needed to hear that today.  And then I got on FaceBook and one of my friends had posted the following quote.

‎”If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” ~ Wayne Dyer

Smart man that Mr. Dyer.  A simple twist on the way a person thinks can change their whole outlook on life.  We don’t often think that we can do simple things to make big changes.  But if you think about it, life is just about our attitudes towards it.  We can let things get us down or we can look at them as an opportunity to learn something.  We learn way more from failure than we do from success.  Now I will be the first person to say I would really like to try success for a while and I will let you know how it is, but I obviously have a lot more to learn. 

I have learned that getting there is usually more fun than being there.  I don’t know what is ahead but I will greet it with a smile rather than a frown.  It makes things more fun and usually irritates the heck out of the naysayers.  And that usually makes it worth it.  🙂

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Doing what we want to do is a lot more fun that doing what we have to do.  Air Force Girl is swimming almost every day.  When she was on swim team we couldn’t even bribe her to swim at practice.  But now, because for almost a year she couldn’t swim she realized just how much she likes it.  Now it is fun again, now it is something she wants to do. 

I have been looking at work out alternatives here at Gpa’s.  There is the Y and they have a great parks and rec here.  Both of which are cheaper than Curves and have more opportunities.  I think I will probably go with the parks and rec, they have swimming, aerobics, weights, yoga to name a few.  It is something that I want to do. 

Being here with Gpa is something that I want to do.  I miss my home and Hubby and Army Girl very much.  I know that in the end we will not regret this decision. 

Funny story:  Gpa and I were discussing celery and its benefits for fiber which lead to the following story.  Gpa lived on a farm and they used to feed the cows lots of fibrous foods to keep them “loose.”  This would make the cows produce more milk.  Gpa’s oldest brother Robert was milking cows, when one of the cows let loose, poor uncle Robert received an earful.  He hightailed it to the shower in the milk house and was there quite a while trying to clean himself up.  When he finally emerged from the shower he was greeted with much hilarity and more than one “can you hear me?”  Gpa says Uncle Robert was one of those happy people who never really got mad. 

I hope you all have a day doing what is fun, and if you do what you have to do, try to make it fun.

Happy thoughts for a happy day.

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There is a hoax that has been going around the internet for a while.  That tonight Mars will be the size of the moon in the sky.  In 2003 Mars was the closest it would be for a very long time.  For some reason every year this hoax gets sent around.  There are a lot of hoaxes out there.  It is amazing how many people believe anything they read on the internet.  Just because it was on the internet, TV or even on the radio it doesn’t mean it is true.  It is amazing how wanting something to be true will cloud our judgment.  Cynicism in healthy doses is ok.  Too much, like too much of anything is a bad thing. 

Too much of a good thing, it sure has been a long time since that has happened.  It seems that even my good things are happening in moderation these days.  Someday I hope to have an excess of success.  Wouldn’t that be something?  An excess of success . . . I like that saying.  Do you know anyone who has that?  Let me know. 

Army Girl is getting her new car tomorrow.  The continuation of good things happening.  She is very excited and rightfully so.  I will get to see it Labor Day weekend.  She has purchased a Hyundai Tucson GLS, Iris blue.  Lucky girl, extremely happy girl. 

Brother C was supposed to come here to Gpa’s this weekend, but he has the flu.  Because of this he cannot visit.  If Gpa were to get something like that it could be catastrophic.  He is wheezing pretty hard, we are going to have to shut the house up tomorrow and turn on the air conditioning.  It has been fairly dry and sort of cool in temperature for the last few days.  But the next week is supposed to be awful again mid to upper 80’s and humid.  Ew. 

The good news is we have gotten high speed internet here at gpa’s and we have appointments set up with the plumber and the contractor to put in the central air.  That will be so nice!  Of course I will not be able to put it at the arctic temps I would like but if we can get an even temp in here it would be nice.   I hope they can do it soon. 

Ok enough babbling for the night. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Are you addicted to your blackberry, iphone, computer, ipod, mp3 player, or tv?  I know that I am.  Sort of.  I have been staying with my dad and he had dial-up.  Now for someone who doesn’t use the computer much it isn’t a big deal.  But when you are trying to do anything on the web, dial-up is just impossible.  Today we upgraded to high speed internet.  It is like going from a model T to a rocket ship in one step.  For me it is a sigh of relief, I am connected to the world again.  I was actually going through withdrawls!  Pretty sad isn’t it?  I would have to say that I am addicted to my gadgets.  I don’t go anywhere without my blackberry, I am on my computer for much of the day, and I love my dvr.  How about you?  What would you do if you had to give up your gadgets? 

My girls are all semi-techies to downright geeks.  I don’t know where they get it from . . .  😉  Even out at sea or in Iraq my girls have/had their computers.  And Air Force Girl has the fastest thumbs of anyone I know.  We are a connected world, but they are also a barrier.  If I am looking at the screen of my computer, ipod, phone, whatever, I do not have to look at you.  If I don’t look at you, you can not affect my life if I don’t want you too.  It is like when little kids close their eyes and think you can’t see them, the eyelids (cell phone, computer etc) are the barriers.  What barriers are you putting up? 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Some advice for when you decide to do the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure.

Announce to the world that you are going to do it.  It will help you keep to your training and fundraising.  Letting people know what you are doing helps you be accountable.  People will ask how your progress is and that will keep you motivated.  And motivation is necessary, especially when you start with the long walks that take hours. 

Start training early; I started 24 weeks before the event.  This next time I am starting 56 weeks before the next time.  Walking and cross training is essential.  Find the hilliest place you can to train.  Running will NOT help you train for a 60 mile walk.  Running uses different muscles than walking.  Also running will not condition your feet and back to take the punishment of walking 60 miles in three days. 

 Start fund raising early, don’t be afraid to ask everyone you know to donate and then follow up.  I left a lot of money on the table, I should have been better at taking the money as soon as it was offered.  Most people asked “when do you need it” my answer should have been “right now” people would have been willing to get out their checkbooks and write a check.   But I waited and had to scramble at the last minute. 

Think up a cool name.  There were so many wonderful team names.  Here are a few:  dudes for boobs, boobalicious babes, save the speed bumps, bodacious ta tas, save the ta ta’s, thanks for the mammories, saving melons, bats and balls for boobs, blisters 4 boobs, no boob left behind, mission pink:possible, team believe, breast friends forever, viva la cure. 

Now I know that many of you are thinking that is crazy.  But doing something crazy for a good cause is so worth it.  It doesn’t have to be breast cancer it can be any worthwhile charity.   To steal Nike’s phrase “just do it” you will not regret it.     Go to the www.the3day.org to find a team to donate to.

Oh by the way, my family and I will be doing the Susan G. Komen 3-day for the Cure in Washington D.C. September 23-25, 2011.  I will let you know what our team name is as soon as we get registered.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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