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I successfully made it to Gpa’s this morning.  Well it was nearly 1 by the time I actually got here.  Hubby’s alarm woke us up around 3 this morning, he got up and off to work he went, I set my alarm for 4:45 and dozed until then.  Man that is still early in the morning.  I am getting way spoiled on the sleeping in thing.  Gotta quit doing that.  Anyway I packed, showered and was on the road out-of-town by 6:45.  Had to stop at the grocery store for breakfast.  I made pretty good time, I stopped three times for a total of less than 15 minutes, once for gas and twice to pee.  I got here in time to meet with Sister B and Gpa and the woman who is going to clean once a week for Gpa.  I wish I had someone who would do that.  When Army Girl leaves my house will revert to my standards of cleanness.  *sigh* 

I am surprised I am still awake.  3 was a long time ago.  I went shopping with Sister B and her daughter, guess what!?!  I still hate shopping!  I did find a cute sweater for $13 so I bought it.  It is a pretty red.  I like red.  Something about liking being the center of attention can be inserted here. 

Gpa is really struggling tonight.  He has been up and down a bunch coughing disgusting things up.  I wish there was something I could do.  I wish sleeping would make him better like I used to tell the kids it would.  Sleep is the greatest way to heal what ails you.  But it won’t help this.  It makes me sad. 

It looks like all of my siblings will make it for my Uncle’s funeral.  I have decided to start a savings account so I have the money to go to funerals.  Most of my relatives live where I will have to travel to be there.  I hope they all live for many more years.  But life has a way of sneaking up on you.

On my way down here I ran into lots of traffic after I crossed the border, I am pretty sure every old person in the state was out tootling around.  And not very quickly.  I usually use slow traffic as a practice for patience.  But after the 8th or 9th old person cut me off in traffic and then went 15 miles bellow the speed limit even my patience was wearing thin.  Luckily I got here about then!  I realized something on the drive here.  Life is good.  I am happy.  I will write more about that later, right now I am going to go brush my teeth, wash my face and go to sleep because I am tired.  😀

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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So I have some news about Army Girl . . . She is joining the army.  Wait, what? You thought she already was in the army?  Well yes and no.  She is in the National Guard and is going to go active duty Army now.  She will get to pick a few bases and Navy Girl is lobbying already.  Here is an e-mail Navy Girl sent to Army Girl.

 Yeah, yeah, I know.  You haven’t made up your mind yet.  But I’d be a terrible big sister if I didn’t lobby for you to come live with me!

 Reasons to pick East

 -You have a place to live in town without having to apartment hunt

-Lovely beaches

-Lots of military resources in the area

-You can come see my ship

-We can resurrect “Pizza and NCIS” Thursdays


-You will be within hugging distance

-Short drive to shooting ranges, sand with water attached, and Buffalo Wild Wings

-It’ll up the Packer and Badger Fan quotient

-You don’t have to drive up mountains

-Decent gas prices

– Busch Gardens

-My friends want to meet you

-My friend G, and her son, love penguins, too

-With three of us in the same area, we’ll be one step closer to World Domination

-We can go bowling!!!

 Besides, it’s colder at West !

Lurve and mishu!

-The Committee to Bring Penguin to East

 I just want her to do whatever will make her happy and give her the best advantage in life.  They all have to support me in the way I want to become accustomed too.  😉

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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😡   Oy, I am so crabby I can’t stand myself.  The dogs are hiding in their kennels, the cats have disappeared and poor Hubby will be home soon.  I just don’t feel like making soup today so I am cheating, I am taking chicken and ramen noodles and maybe some vegetables and going to call it soup.  I was going to make some sweet potato soup from a Rachel Ray recipe but I need to empty and wash the pot I used to make chili last week.  But I don’t want to.  Because I am crabby!  😡

Did you know that a can of diet pepsi can spray your walls and everything within a few feet and take forever to soak up, clean up and dry?  Well it does.  I don’t know how the damn thing fell either, I was working on my business plan and all of a sudden it spilled.  Must have ghosts or something.  It wasn’t very nice of them if they are the ones that did it.  GRRRRRRRR, more crabbiness.  So now my living room is messy because I had to throw everything out from the wall to get it dry.  Crabby, crabby, crabby.    👿

I got pink highlights put in my hair on Tuesday.  So of course I have to go to a funeral next week.  Isn’t that the way it usually works?  But my uncle would have just given me grief over it and that would have been the end of it.  So me and my crabby self will just head down there and enjoy seeing everyone, have a good cry because it is sad that my uncle is gone, and talk about how it just really sucks that we only get to see each other these days when someone dies.  Adds to my crabbiness today.  

Someday menopause will come.  And hopefully the crabbiness will go.  Sometimes it is worse than being a teenager and just getting it.  The mood swings just suck.  Suck, suck, suck!  More crabbiness.

Happy freakin thoughts for a happy freakin day! So there.   😈

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RIP Uncle Laurie

My Uncle Laurie passed away today.  He had been ill with cancer and today he died.  He was a good man.  Uncle Laurie was my Moms only brother; he was married to my Aunt Betty Jo with two sons (Tim and Ed) and one granddaughter Sarah.   My uncle was a quiet man who drove a truck for as long as I knew him.  He will be greatly missed. 

The last time I saw him was at the family reunion in Missouri.  I didn’t get to talk to him for very long because I spent most of the afternoon in the emergency room with my dad, but Hubby did.  Hubby is wonderful that way.  I am pretty sure he talked at length to everyone there.  Uncle Laurie was already sick at that time but was in remission or it was very slow growing then.  In the last few weeks/months he had been having a lot of trouble.  Today he gets to start the next adventure.

We all love you so very much Uncle Laurie, we will miss you.  We all love you so very much Aunt Betty Jo, Tim, Ed and Sarah.  Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

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Karma can be a bitch.  Case in point, Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer, he had a world record time in the 10,000 meters when it was learned he had made a mistake and missed a cross over.  It is very sad for him and his coach.  However karma had a hand in all of this, it seems Sven Kramer had won a gold medal in an earlier race, a reporter who was to interview asked him to say his name so she would have the correct pronunciation and his reaction was “NO, what are you? Stupid?”  Karma is a bitch and a vindictive one at that. 

With that in mind I am having a very hard time thinking anything except negative thoughts towards a certain person I used to work with.  I am trying desperately to think happy thoughts but these niggly nasty wishes keep creeping in.  The worst part is the person keeps contacting me to find out where things are.  I am trying to be gracious about things but still, it is your fault I don’t have a job anymore and you want me to help you?  I so want to just tell them to stuff it, but I am also trying not to burn any bridges.  I am trying to keep karma on my side. 

Examples of good karma, Joannie Rochette, her mother died a few days ago, last night she got her best score ever.  She is turning tragedy into triumph.  The Norwegian Curling Team entered the competition with a relaxed attitude and the most awesome pants since John Daly started golfing, have over 300,000 fans on Facebook and are doing pretty good in the competition.  The United States Curling team came in totally uptight and totally tanked in the competition.  Karma is a bitch but she likes to have fun too.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Having children in the military means that your children are exposed to more danger everyday than the average person.   We know this when they go in.  We hear it with our ears but we really don’t process it with our heads.  And then a soldier is killed in an accident on the base where your baby lives.  You just want to rush there and give her a hug and hold her when she cries.  But you can’t.  Luckily she is in this country so you can call her and console her.  And then your day goes on. 

In the afternoon you get a call from Navy Girl, she is having a really rough day she says.  You say why and she starts to cry.  All your protective instincts kick in, doesn’t matter what it is, you just want to reach through the phone and hold her.  And it gets worse; she is physically fine but emotionally devastated.  Navy Girl has a dangerous job, she knows it, we know it, and this weekend it was proved most tragically.  A sailor on the Ronald Reagan (not Navy Girl’s ship) was killed this weekend.  They were doing something in the reactor area and somehow he was electrocuted.  There are different types of nukes in the Navy and this man was the type Navy Girl is not, but she is still exposed to danger often.  The sailor who died was an E7 and had been an instructor while Navy Girl was in tech school.  She did not have him as instructor but her friend did.  The worst part is they lost 4 people, 1 died and the other 3 saw it happen and are now very traumatized.  It never should have happened.  The circuit was supposed to be dead.  They will find out what happened and then every sailor in the fleet will hear in detail what happened.  She says it is like living through it all over again.  I just wanted to reach through the phone and hug her so hard.  Just hold her while we cry it out. 

When your children are in the military they will know more people who die than the rest of us.  It is a sad fact of life.  People die, we can’t shield them from that, and they can’t shield us from it.  It takes a special kind of person to step up and say “Yes I know the danger and I accept it.”  I am so proud that my girls are that special kind of person.  But it isn’t easy, most of the time we can hear about danger with our ears, yesterday we heard it with our hearts. 

My condolences to the sailors family and the Navy on their loss.

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I recieved the following e-mail from Air Force Girl today and I can not stop crying.  Please take the time to read it.

Hey everyone!
 Its me Air Force Girl as im sure all of you know i am in the Air Force. I am at tech school in Goodfellow AFB. I am doing well. My base here is occupied by every branch, but im writting this email about something unfortunate event that happened to the Army yesturday. I was on my way back from the mall with some friends and as we were heading back we came across an accident. There were several cars on the side of the road, and the bridge we usually take was blocked off. Today i found out what was the cause of the accident. A soldier was on his bike on the bridge when someone cut him off, he lost control of his bike and ran into the wall of the bridge. He flew off his bike over the wall of the bridge and onto the ground below. I am telling you this because it is a very sad event that could have been PREVENTED!! and that soldier would still be HERE! So please pay more attention when you drive…you never know what could happen or whos life you could be taking. I know people are dying everyday but this hit me hard…knowing that i may have actually known this person. I dont want anymore of my brothers or sisters in arms dying cause of things like this. So please be more careful when you drive. I just wanted to let you all know. Please pass this email onto who ever you would like. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hope you all are having a good year! Miss you and love you all
-Air Force Girl

My condolences to that soldiers family and friends and Air Force Girl Iwish I could be there to help you through things like this.

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