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shooting star

I saw a shooting star this evening. I made a wish, I can’t tell you what it was or it won’t come true. It was a pretty decent fire ball for such a late meteor. It was very cool to see. I looked for them earlier in the month but I guess the best viewing for the leonides was in china and australia this year. I would love to be an astronaut. To old and not smart enough by far. I still like looking up there though
We stopped at our friend C’s house on the way home. I did a Partylite party for her. She has a pretty decent amount of sales. She is so amazing. She has remodeled her house essentially by herself. She even installed a new water heater by herself. She gets herself whatever book she needs to teach herself how to do her project. She is awesome!
Hubby and I ate at the Culvers just north of Milton in Newville (the highway 59 exit) today. What a neat restaurant. It isn’t like any of the other ones we have been to. If you get a chance you should stop there.
We will be home in about two hours which is good, I am so ready to be out of the car and into my bed!
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and if you went shopping survived Black Friday.  I personally do not see the appeal of waiting in line for hours to buy things.  I am not a big fan of crowds.  Hubby and I have had a good time with my family this weekend.  The only thing that would have made it better is if Navy Girl, Army Girl and Air Force Girl had been here too.  You were all greatly missed.  All of the “kids” were asking when the next time they would see you.  So when and if you get a weekend off . . . I am so funny! 

Yesterday we spent the day doing some sprucing up of Gpa’s house.  We got him new blinds and washed the curtains and washed the windows (thanks Hubby) and got new shades for his lamps.  Trying to get some more light in his life.  I think the more light he gets the less depressed he will be.  It is so dark in his living room.  He spends most of his time in it so I would like it to be a little more happier rather than the dark depressing place it has been.  He has not felt very good while we have been here.  It makes me sad to see him winding down the way he is.  He is in the bathroom right now coughing and wheezing.  Smoking is such a horrible thing.  Most of what we washed off the windows was tar.  Brown and nasty.  The inside of the windows were dirtier than the outside.  We talked about getting someone in to clean at least once a month, I would like them to start washing down the walls too.  I don’t know how much longer he can be independent.  I know he is worried about that too.  He has talked about the assisted living place over by the church.  We should look into it.  See how much it is and if there is a waiting list.  I worry.

Everyone will be heading out today.  It was good to be together.  I hope we can do this more often.  I just don’t see happening.  Everyone has such busy lives.  All of my kids are grown and so are sister M’s but everyone else is still working on raising theirs.  We are a very lucky family, we have really nice kids.  I hope it stays that way. 

We heard from Army Girl on Thanksgiving, she got to talk to Gpa.  Poor kid had another migraine.  I went through a period like that when I was about her age.  Seemed like every time I turned around I was getting one.  I found out my triggers were stress, coca cola and coffee.  So I try to avoid all of them.  Navy Girl called later on Thanksgiving, we talked for a little bit but it was hard to hear her.  We were at the church still and the echo was fierce and everyone was laughing.  So we talked again yesterday and she got to talk to Gpa.  We have gotten pictures from Air Force Girl so we know she is having a good time.  I am going to make sure she talks to Gpa before we leave today.  I hope you all have taken the time to tell everyone how much you love them.  We are all here such a short time.  I love you all.  Thank you for reading this blog.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Happy Thanksgiving!  I am very thankful for all of you.  I appreciate that you take the time to read this blog.  I hope to make it something you will enjoy.  Thank you for being my friends.

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues. — Cicero

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, and peaceful Thanksgiving.  I will be missing all of the girls, but will be with my siblings and daddy.  I need to pack my clothes and get some sleep. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day.

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I decided to give Steve a reprieve, because I had to move Steve’s food dish out of his kennel today.  Totally freaked him out.  He couldn’t find his food until I pointed to it and told him to eat.  Poor dog you change his routine and he just doesn’t know what to do. 

Hubby and I got a lot of little jobs done today.  All those things that need to be done but are so easy to put off.  Seeing as the weather is supposed to turn nasty it was time to get them all done.  I will be really happy when the Direct tv guy gets here and finishes installing my receivers.  My living room is a mess and it is driving me nuts!  Ok Army Girl you can pick yourself up off the floor.  Even I clean sometimes.  Hubby is grilling hamburgers.  Gotta do it while the weather is still nice. 

Air Force Girl is doing mandatory fun today.  That is when the military has a picnic and orders everyone to go.  Therefore mandatory fun.  Free food, you have to be there, you might as well have fun. 

Bowling tonight.  I’ll let you know how I do.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I got bored with the theme of this blog so I changed it.  What do you think of it?  I thought the picture was pretty.  I have absolutely no idea where it is.  It was just one of the choices and I thought it was pretty. 

It is feeding time for the yahoos (the cats and dogs) they all get so excited.  You would think we never feed them.  I am pretty sure the dogs don’t even taste their food.  I have been trying to slow Zoey down by tossing it to, at, behind, across the room, her.  I am sure it will get worse for a while after we get back from Thanksgiving. 

The Direct TV guy is here to update our dish and receivers.  We don’t have HD tv’s but our dish will be able to pick it up.  

oooo Steve is dead.  I just caught him trying to eat Army Girl’s cookies.   I still haven’t forgiven him for eating the banana bread this summer.   

Navy Girl has started a blog.  I have the link on side in the blog links but here it is as well.  http://navygirlduck.wordpress.com/  she is writing about baking cookies.  I hope you all like it.  I think she is very funny and  she bakes awesome cookies.  I just wish that I could get the cookies to pop out of my computer.

Air Force Girl will be home in less than a month.  Navy Girl will be home in a little over a month and Army Girl will be home in a month and a half. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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A funny thing just happened.  Zoey being a typical dachshund likes to burrow under things.  There is a pile of blankets on the floor that she is under.  Steve being a comfort loving dog just layed down on the pile of blankets, which Zoey took great exception too.  Needless to say Steve removed himself from the blankets very quickly!  It was very funny.

I went out with some friends last night.  I had a good time.  When we were talking I realized I had forgotten to write about a funny e-mail Navy Girl had sent me.  Here it is:

…in which I spent ten hours watching people pee. 

That’s right.  Ten hours. 

 So the moral of the story is: being an unqualified E-5 on a carrier has some significant drawbacks.

 Oh, and Army Girl?  If you ever think about getting that particular area of your anatomy tattooed, resist the impulse.  It’s not pretty a couple of years down the road.

 Love Always,

As you can see being in the military is fun!  I would not want to be the idiot who triggered the drug testing of 5000 people.  The thing I find most amazing about this is they tested everyone on the ship, from the Captain to as Navy Girl put it the lowly seaman just out of boot camp, absolutely everyone. 

I am chatting with Army Girl and it is always a weird experience.  There is a delay and it echos.  I keep getting distracted by myself.  There is always odd noises and sometimes she gets booted off but Skype is cool.  It doesn’t cost her very much and we get to actually talk as opposed to typing to each other. 

I have to study and take my test so I will get going.  Plus I have to make cookies.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I totally have nothing to write about right now.  I am just going to babble for a little bit.  Hubby is going beer hunting.  The high holy days of deer hunting start on Saturday and Hubby and his brother S go beer hunting.   They have a good time and that is the most important part of the weekend.  I am planning on doing really exciting things like shampooing carpets and studying.  Not as much fun as beer hunting but fun enough.  I might go out with some friends but not sure about that.  I worry about drinking and driving and crowds and socializing and not being able to hear.  It’s hell getting old!

I read a bunch of blogs about marketing and stuff.  I have some of them listed over on the left.  I have been subscribing to one by Seth Godin.  His blog today is short and to the point.  At it kicks you in the teeth.  This is his blog today in its entirety

The reason they want you to fit in…is that once you do, then they can ignore you.  http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/11/the-reason-they-want-you-to-fit-in.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+typepad%2Fsethsmainblog+%28Seth%27s+Blog%29&utm_content=Yahoo%21+Mail

How is that for a kick in the teeth?  It is so true too. 

Ok I really have nothing else right now.  I will write again tomorrow.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I received an amazing gift today.  10 pounds of my favorite popcorn from Rural Route 1.  Thank you so much Army Girl!  I love you so much.  I miss you.  It means so much to me that you all read this and I thank you.  I have been bawling since it got here.  Happy tears, I miss you tears, Thank you tears.

It was/has been a nice break from listening to lectures.  I didn’t listen to last weeks for school so I did all of last weeks this morning and tomorrow I will do all of this weeks.  Plus I did some research for this weeks discussion.  I have 4 chapters to read and need to finish chapter two in my work book.  I have a test this week too.  Never a dull moment, no wait those are mostly dull moments ;-/ Oh well I am learning a lot so that is good.

I swam my first mile today!  I did it in 56+ minutes.  I have forgotten the seconds.  I do know that I averaged 1:36:19 per lap so that was pretty good.  I had to share a lane with Mary today.  I think that is what made me swim faster.  I was trying to stay out of her way.  Today I swam for distance and on Thursday I will swim for time.  I have to work on Thursday, we have a company coming in that if all goes well may make it so I can go back to work.  I hope so!  I will continue working on my MBA even when I do go back. 

I have to go walk to meet Hubby.  It looks like it is supposed to be yucky the rest of the week so need to get the walks in while we can.  I am listening to Christmas music.  I love Christmas music. 

Thanks again Army Girl!

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Hubby and I have been doing the annual how much health care can we afford calculations.  Nothing hammers home that you are a grown up more than health care.  I hate having to do this every year.  Every year it costs more and we get less.  We don’t go to the doctor all that much but I am on some rather heavy-duty drugs (too bad none of them are the fun ones)  and need more knee surgery.  I keep putting it off, I have noticed the more I work out the better if feels to a point.  Then it just goes down hill quickly.  It is like a switch is flipped.  Another reason I have encouraged my girls to join the military.  They never have to worry about it. 

Hubby and I went to the post office today.  Debbie who works there is always so helpful.  We really appreciate her helping us with customs forms.  Did you know that when you send a box to someone on a military base out of country (which is considered US soil) you have to fill out a customs form?  What is up with that?  We will have to do it for Navy Girl too, even though it will be going to a ship at sea.  I think I know why the post office is losing money, printing forms for stupid stuff like that.  Oh did I tell you that the forms are not just triplicate but 6 pages thick.  So if you are sending packages to someone out of the country on US soil press hard when filling out the forms.  And use lots of tape on the boxes.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I love popcorn.  The old-fashioned kind made in a pot on the stove.  Hubby makes the best popcorn, we have a pot just for making it.  It makes your whole house smell good.  We have tried lots of different types of popcorn.  The best is Rural Route 1, we also like boy scout popcorn.  We don’t get either right now.  We moved and the only way to get Rural Route 1 for us now would be to special order it.  Unfortunately that just isn’t feasible right now.  We also haven’t been able to get boy scout popcorn either, the boy who came to our house to sell it graduated from high school.  Now no one comes.  *sigh*  I really like popcorn.  There is nothing better than eating popcorn and watching football.  I like football.  My mom was a huge football fan.  There were lots of Monday nights that dad would be in bed and she would be up yelling at the TV.  I miss her. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA D.  I hope he has a good day.  They were going down to the Mississippi to look at eagles.  I guess there are whole flocks of them that fish the river at this time of year.  Every time I write Mississippi I think of that jump rope song “m dotted letter, crooked letter, crooked letter, dotted letter, crooked letter, crooked letter, dotted letter, hump back, hump back, I”  I have no idea why we sang it while jumping rope we just did.  What can I say it was the 70’s.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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