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It is very nice to be home.  We had a very good time with lots of times when we could have bitten each others heads off.  I tried very hard to be flexible.  I would have liked to yell at some people in frustration.  But I refrained from doing it for the most part.  I think.  I know that I am a judgemental, cranky, witch but I do try to be nice some times.  Once in a while, you know when I want something.  😉

We have heard from Air Force Girl, she is doing good.  She gave me a list of things to send to her.  It will take several boxes to get it all to her.  We forgot to ask her if she has access to a fridge.  Oh well next time.

Hubby and I made pizza for supper.  It was really good, we used the pizza stone we have had forever and are just now figuring out how to use.  We put tomato sauce, pepperoni, pork sausage, red peppers, tomato and red onions on it. I guess it was a very red pizza.  But it was yummy!  The pizza stone made the crust nice and crispy in spite of all the toppings.  Betty Crocker recommends only sauce, one topping and cheese.  Wimps. 

I have home work to do tonight.  Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Happy Birthday Army Girl! 

We all love you and miss you so very much.  23 years ago my life was made better because you entered it.  I hope you have a good day, a good year, a good life. 

Love Mommy

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day 10 last day!

We started our trip in the rain and are finishing our trip in the rain. At least this time Hubby is driving and D is in the front seat sleeping. D is a nice man in much smaller doses than 10 days and his driving quite frankly scares the crap out of me. I try to sleep as much as possible when he drives. He doesn’t pay attention to what is going on around him and is losing his hearing. On day two he nearly slammed us into the back of another car because he was gawking around and could not hear us saying car, car, CAR until we were yelling. R is a pretty negative person not as bad as her mother but close. Both R and D are in their 70’s and it shows. They are both VERY set in their ways.I have bitten my tongue so much I am surprised I have one left. We just have to get through today and I never have to do a trip like this with them again! LOL, just kidding, I would do it again if it meant seeing my girls. Hubby and I just travel a lot differently than they do.
We saw some intresting things and met lots of new people. I hope a couple of them turn out to be clients. The nice part is by seeing them we can now write off the trip. I like that! When we get home I have to work tomorrow and do some homework, on saturday I have a PartyLite party to do and then of course it is halloween too. Hmm I think I am forgetting something . . . What could it be? Oh yea, tomorrow is Army Girls birthday! We will wait to wish her a happy to you til tomorrow. 🙂
Yesterday Hubby got a ride in a Shelby Mustang. The guy we stopped to see had a brand new one. That car is worth more than my house! Someday I hope to be able to get Hubby something like that with out having to live in it. Someday we will be able to. Positive thinking!
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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We are finally on our way home! I am so happy. We stopped to visit a cousin of R’s today. He has a machine shop in texas, a couple of years ago he wanted Hubby to come and work with him. Air Force Girl and I were all for it, but we couldn’t get Hubby to call him. So now the cousins shop is going great guns and we … Well we aren’t. *sigh* sometimes Hubby’s unwillingness to change frustrates the crap out of me. I have really gotten an eyefull of why he is this way on this trip. That is all I am going to say on that.
I have been trying so hard to keep my frustrations to myself. But we are failing spectacularly at the moment and I just don’t know what else to do. On the good side both of the people we saw the last couple of days have taken my cards and might be having me do some research for them. I am thinking of starting a research consulting business. I really like doing research and I have a very broad range of experience. Both of the small business owners we talked to this week said the same thing. Find a niche and then do it. Both of them had other jobs while starting their businesses on the side. So we will see.
I am so glad to be going home. Everyone is getting on my nerves.
Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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We are still in Texas.  I am pretty sure we will go home some day.  Or maybe move here permanently.  Of course by the time that would happen Air Force Girl will be off to somewhere else.  I don’t know where she will end up but I do know it will not be Texas.  We went to see some friends and are staying at A & H’s house.  Their lovely daughter E has graciously given up her bedroom for us to stay in for two nights.  We really appreciate it.  We went to see A’s business, he manufactures cabinets.  They are just beautiful.  It is very tempting to move down here and work for him.  I don’t know about the snakes, spiders and scorpions though. 

I am supposed to be studying.  I have to get chapter 2 read and start working on the discussion topic that is due Sunday.  I just don’t want to get in the habit of leaving everything till the weekend.  I want to do really well in this.  It has been a while since I was in school of any kind so I really need to learn how to study again.

I see that Navy Girl is getting settled in her apartment.  She is unpacking her kitchen things.  I hope she sends me some cookies!  I think when she retires she should start a company called Navy Girl’s Cookies.  Mmmm cookies.

Time to get to work, Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I am having a good time, but I am tired and really ready to go home.  I am trying to study, obviously can’t you tell?  I am listening to my first set of lectures.  I have read 1 1/2 chapters of my text-book.  I have downloaded a financial statement for the Hershey Corp.  I had to pick a publicly traded company and this is the only one I looked at that filed a 10-k.  It is some form for the SEC.   I will have to rewatch most of the stuff I am watching tonight, I do this type of stuff so much better in the mornings.  I am so not a night person!

Air Force Girl made it to her new base.  I see she posted that she is there and kinda likes it.  I do not know when she will be able to talk to us.  I will let everyone know how she is doing when I know.

Navy Girl is working so I have no idea how her flight was.  I do know she made it home safe and sound shortly before midnight. 

I am thinking happy thoughts so hard my hair hurts.  If I keep smiling and ignoring everyone we will all make it home still liking each other. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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My eyes are red, swollen and hurt.  So is my heart.  First we put Navy Girl on a plane to go back to her base and then we left Air Force Girl at her current one to catch the bus to the next one.  If I could have crawled into either of their luggage I would have.  I have never been able to figure out how to capture them and keep them with me so I would like to just go with them.  Plus I would never want to hold them back.  I enjoy watching them soar, I just wish it wasn’t so far away.  This is one of the times when it really sucks being a military mommy.  I am so proud of all of my girls!

Air Force Girl will be leaving on her next phase of her adventure very early monday morning.  She is excited and worried.  I know that my big brave dog will do wonderfully.  It looks like she will be home for christmas.  We will keep our fingers crossed.

We talked to Army Girl today.  She was at lunch or dinner today and a bunch of officers sat down at her table and had lunch with her!  They were very encouraging about her joining the Army full-time.  I just want her to do what will make her happy.  They said if she wanted to continue to pursue a recreational therapy type career with the Army they would be beating a path to her door.  She could also continue her studies at the school she has already started at, or she could go some where warm.  😉  I do know that one of my friends is a physical therapist and she gets job offers all the time.  I would love for that to happen for Army Girl, for all of my girls.

Navy Girl is on her way back to her ship.  I hope she has a good flight.  She is delayed so far after the first leg of her flight.  Poor kid.  I hope it isn’t to late when she gets back, she has to work tomorrow. 

I cleaned out my book bag last night to use it for the laundry and came across this quote.  “Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspect of their lives” — William James.  How appropriate is that quote for today.  I am going to work on being happy that the girls have flown the nest, I know that pretending to be happy can actually make you happy.  So I am going to be happy.  I promise, tomorrow, or maybe the next day.  No? Ok how about now? See I’m smiling. . . ;-}

Navy Girl just texted me saying that she has been on buses bigger than the plane she is on.  She says she has a window and an aisle seat all in one.  I told her this way she doesn’t have to figure out who gets the arm rest this way, and she answered who ever is in the aisle walking by!  Have a safe flight my darling.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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We had a fun day on the River Walk.  We went to a place called Casa Rio for lunch.  I would definetly go back there again.  Air Force Girl got her hair cut, she is not happy with it.  The woman who did it is an idiot.  She is going to have to get it fixed when she gets to her next assignment.  But the rest of the day was fun.  I hope she had fun anyway.  The rest of us did.  Navy Girl, Air Force Girl and I went and got pedicures.  The only thing that would have made it better would be if Army Girl was here too.  Soon I hope.  We took Air Force Girl to the AT&T Arena to see a hockey game.  She went to the game, we are at the hotel doing laundry.  I hope she has fun.  She is watching the Rampage, they are a minor league hockey team.  I don’t know how you designate them.  I have really never been much of a hockey fan.  I am pretty sure neither is Air Force Girl but it is something she can do with her friends from BMT.  They all start leaving for their tech schools tomorrow.  I am so not ready.

Air Force Girl walks like a grown up, talks like a grown up and looks like a grown up but she is still my baby.  The faster the time goes and the sooner both she and Navy Girl get to leaving again.  I don’t want either of them to go away again.  I know it is best for them but *sigh* I don’t know if it is best for me!  Tomorrow is going to be a hard day.  I will do my best to make it easier for them so they can go feeling good about themselves.  Because I am so proud of them.  I just miss them all so very much.  Army Girl will be home in a few months, we will see both Air Force Girl and Navy Girl during the Christmas/New Year holiday so we have lots to look forward to.  I just miss hugging and snuggling with them. 

Oh yeah, I miss spoke in one of the earlier posts.  We had Shiner beer, we had the blond at Rudy’s and today we had the boch.  Very good beer, I highly recommend it.  I think Hubby and I would have more if we didn’t have to drive around.  Time to go check the laundry.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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day 5 all day pass

Today we get Air Force Girl for the whole day!  She is primping right now.  We are going to go to the evil empire to get her hair cut.  Need to pick up some plastic bags and a small thing of laundry soap.  Being gone for this many days is hard on the wardrobe. 

Yesterday when we brought her back to the room she opened her suitcase to check out her civilian clothes.  She checked them all out and when she got to her hair straightener she actually gave it a hug.  🙂  It was very funny.  We have been having  a good time.  I will write more later.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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We are back at the hotel with Air Force Girl.  She has gone through the suitcase we brought with us for her.  I think we will be making yet another trip to the bx.  Today she bought herself a computer.  We are getting it set up right now.  Actually I am writing this and Navy Girl and I just watching her.  She has to be able to do this stuff with out us.  It is so funny watching her, she wants to just rush through things.

Air Force Girl has actually gained weight at basic training.  Which is a good thing.  She is now at her “perfect” weight.  The graduation ceremony was very cool.  It is so amazing to see these people who are willing to give up their lives for us, standing in rows in the sun.  There were over 500 people who graduated today.  They said that approximately 39,000 people will go through basic training this year.  After the ceremony when we could go and get her, we were standing there and the general who presided over the graduation came up and we got a picture with him and Air Force Girl and R and D.  They were talking and it turns out that the General is from the same town as Hubby and graduated from high school two years before Hubby!  In fact the Generals’s address on his driver’s license still says his home town.  What a small world!

After the computer buying and much driving adventure, we went to The Cheese Cake Factory for lunch.  It was very good.  We got some humongous pieces of cheese cake to bring back to the hotel with us.  Which Air Force Girl is devouring at this very minute.  She is so funny, she has been out eating everyone since we picked her up yesterday.  Good thing she is very active.  I have to go get more forks for the cheese cake so I will end this.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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