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I love living here

I love living here.  It got very cold last night.  When I came home from bowling last night, it was 36° and only 10:00 pm.  It got really cold.  When I went to Curves this morning it was 30° and there was very heavy frost on everything.  After I got home from working out I took the dogs out and the neatest thing was occurring.  The sun is out and was heating the trees and it was raining underneath.  It was very cool!  The sun is shining and the air is fresh and it is raining under the trees.  I love living here.

A reminder that a well reasoned rebuttable will get you much farther than screaming and crying.  While kicking and screaming and calling names would be satisfying, it won’t get the results necessary to advancement.  Unfortunately you also can’t take a baseball bat to stupid people. 

I love you all!  Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I read this quote today in one of the e-zines I get everyday.  “I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning” Peter DeVries.  You can find the link to the e-zine at the end of the blog.  I get a lot of my quotes from Dr. Mardy.  I liked this one because I try to find something to write about everyday.  Some days it is easier than others.  Today it is a little easier because of all the interesting things that happened today.

First we need to talk about the weather.  It got up to 53° today, but the wind is blowing so hard it felt more like 33°!  The building that I work in is metal and you could hear it deforming from the wind.  If you have ever taken a piece of metal and shaken it you will know what it sounds like.  The dogs were more than willing to hide today.  All the pretty leaves have been blowing down.  There will be plenty to rake in the next few days.

I got an e-mail from Army Girl today.  She wants me to send her flea collars.  It is that time of year in Iraq where the fleas get really bad.  The last time she was over there she attached a flea collar to each end of her bed and that kept them away.  So I went to the grocery store and got her two kitty ones and sent them off with a box full of other goodies.  Hopefully it won’t take to long to get there. 

I talked to Navy Girl today, I had to her damn dog ate a loaf and a half of banana bread.  Banana bread I made yesterday for my breakfast for the next week.  I am sure he had help but it pisses me off that I can’t punish him because I didn’t catch him in the act.  Navy Girl was having frustration of her own.  Today she got to sit in really boring classes that started with “What to expect in your first 72 hours on a ship”  Uhm ok yeah that might have been helpful before she was on the ship for 3 weeks already.  She said it was even more useful for the 2 people who have been in the Navy for 20 years that are in her class.  Your tax dollars at work.  When I talked to her she was at the NEX because she needs to buy something and really didn’t want to go spend the money, then she was waiting because she did not want to encounter the admiral that was walking into the NEX.  If they are outside and in uniform they have to salute and they all try to avoid that when ever possible. 

Air Force Girls boy M called to see if we had heard from her or not.  We did not hear from her this weekend.  I am not sure what happened but no news is good news.  Her flight must have been busted for something.  The way it works in the military is one of you messes up everyone messes up.  We will hear from her either by letter or by a call I am sure.  I told that if I hear from her I would let him know and he said he would let me know if he heard from her too.  No news is good news.  That is one good thing about your kids being in the military, they are always accounted for. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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missing my girls

Today is one of those days where I am missing my girls very much.  Navy Girl is looking for people to watch football with and I can’t be there, and I miss her.  I haven’t heard from Army Girl in a couple days, I am sure she is fine, I just miss her.  We got a letter from Air Force Girl, she is doing fine.  Still hates basic training which is the way it should be, but I miss her.  I know that everyone goes through this when their kids leave home.  I just don’t . . .  I have never been on my own before.  I went from a high school kid to a mommy, I don’t know what to do with myself. 

We saw one of Air Force Girls friends downtown at the Harvest Fest.  She is doing good and really liking school.  It made me miss Air Force Girl all the more.  I was hoping she would call yesterday, it just depends on their schedule. 

The sun is shining and the wind has started blowing.  There is a front coming in that is supposed to cool off and bring rain.  We really need rain. 

In the mean time I am thinking Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Happy 70th Birthday Dad

Today is Gpa’s 70th birthday!  Yeay!   We are all so happy that you are still here.  We love you so very much.  We are all looking forward to Thanksgiving when we can all be together. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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what a bunch of hooey

I just want you all to know that the world is coming to an end.  For the first time in 19 years my beloved Hubby wished me a happy birthday.  The first year we were together I told him I was pregnant on my birthday and I think he has had a mental block about it ever since.  Usually the girls remind him and he goes out at the last minute and gets me a card and some flowers.  He has completely forgotten a few times.  When he does, it is crushing.  But today, today Hubby wished me a happy birthday first thing this morning.  I must be dying.  LOL  😉

I read this article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal that babies born in the winter are less likely to succeed.  What a bunch of hooey!  Now tell that to Navy Girl who was born in the middle of winter.  Navy Girl is a National Merit Scholarship finalist, a national honor society member, and picked the hardest thing to be in the Navy, but will never succeed.  Now tell that to Army Girl who was born at the beginning of winter, who had the grades for national honor society, made Sargent before she turned 21, and has more ambition than six people, but will never succeed.  Now tell it to Air Force Girl who was born in end of spring, the least ambitious of my girls, who is just as smart as the other two, who graduated using the least amount of effort possible, she will be the only one to succeed.  What a bunch of hooey!  All of my girls are already great successes.  I think people use any excuse they can to not try.  Oh I was born in the winter in the middle of a snow storm under a ladder that a black cat walked by so I will not be a success so why should I bother trying.  Oh I was born in the middle of the summer with a drought and my mom stepped on a crack and heard a frog croak at dawn so I will not be a success so why should I bother trying.  What a bunch of hooey.  Why did this country become a bunch of whiners and losers?  How did we lose our pull yourself up and dust yourself off and try again initiative?  I blame Dr. Spock. 

I swam 28 laps today.  I had some distressing news about the Curves I go to.  It is closing.  I will not be going there after October 1.  I am bummed.  The woman who owns it needs to move to be with her husband.  There have been several people interested in buying it but none have been able to pull the trigger on buying it.  So I will be done on Wednesday of next week.  The good news is Hubby joined a “biggest loser” team at work.  So we will have to get control over our portion sizes and start eating healthy again.  So hopefully we will hold each other accountable and keep going with our size reduction.  Did I tell you I have lost 30 inches since January of 2008?

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Army Girl called this morning.  She made it to her base with only a few fits and starts.  She sent me the following e-mail, I edited it some just for full disclosure

Hey! Just writing to let you all know I made it back to base. It was an interesting trip. First off our plane was late getting to the gate in Atlanta so we didn’t leave until 8-830 EST. Then we stopped in Leipzig, Germany to refuel and got stuck there for 11 hours because they had to fix the plane. It wasn’t too bad, we have our own terminal with a couple of gift shops. They also opened the room with beds so we didn’t have to sleep on the benches. I got to Kuwait about 0600ish. We left the check-in base at noonish to head for another base in Kuwait closer to base). We convoyed from there to our base, getting in about 0230ish. I have checked in with all the people I need to and am just trying to get back to business here. I love and miss you!

It is always a relief to hear from the girls.  When I don’t hear from them I start to worry.  I know it is a huge waste of time to worry because if anything happened to them the military would let me know.  But I do any way.

I have been cleaning out my PartyLite room.  Air Force Girl had been using it as a dumping ground.  I have discovered a floor!  I took everything out of the room and then cleaned it and have inventoried everything that was in there.  So I know how much stuff I have.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it all.  I sure am tired from all the stairs.  Darn split level houses! 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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if it ain’t broke…

I found the best quote today!  “Normal people think if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  But engineers think if it ain’t broke, it has no features yet” Nigel Shadbolt.  Isn’t that the funniest?  I am so totally digging it.  I am a total geek.  I will be the first to admit it.  Of course normal is boring.  At least that is what I have always taught my girls.  Which is why it is odd they all went in the military.  Hmm were they trying to tell me something?  If so I don’t get it.  🙂

Hubby is sound a sleep on the couch.  Has been for an hour.  I hope he will be able to sleep tonight.  I should just send him up to bed.  But I am enjoying his company even if he is asleep.  Going back to work is hard!  It makes you very tired. 

My car is done!  We just have to figure out how and when we are going to get it.  Probably Friday. 

I heard briefly from Air Force Girl today.  She needed some information for her security clearance.  She is ok.  I got to tell her I love her.  I hope it helps.  We also got a letter from her today.  She says keep writing to her, it really helps. 

I have not heard from Navy Girl or Army Girl today.  I am pretty sure neither of them are where they can talk right now.  No news is good news. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Yesterday was a good day and a bad day.  Bad because Army Girl left for Iraq and that makes me sad.  Good because I was contacted by all three of the girls.  I got the following e-mail from Navy Girl.  I cleared it with her before publishing it.

Good Morning, Mommy-o!

So, I have a story for you:

This morning, I woke up around 0500 when someone turned on one of the mirror lights.  Not a big deal, I usually go back to sleep within a couple of minutes…but not this time.  Instead, I hear this really annoying alarm clock going off in a three note series (think a slightly warped version of “Why do birds…”).  I wait, hoping someone will get up and the noise will stop, but about a minute later it goes off again.  And again. And again.  Every. Minute.  So I get up.  A little later, Black comes up to get ready and asks me why I’m up already…so I tell her about the annoying alarm clock…and she starts laughing.  “Oh honey,” she says.  “That’s not an alarm clock.  That’s a submarine.” 

 *sigh*  We’re being pinged, and since we live by the hull…we hear it very, very clearly.  Yay, war games.

 I have some more fun stories for you, but they have to wait until I can call you ‘cause I can’t write them down.  Next year is going to be very interesting, to say the least.

I won’t be publishing the stories she will be telling me.  Sorry.  But somethings just can’t be passed along.  But the ones she lets me tell you all, I will.

Army Girl made it to Norfolk yesterday and then Atlanta today.  She should be on a plane for a very long trip any time now.  I miss her already.  I will let everyone know when she has made it there.

Air Force Girl called yesterday.  She is now half way through her training.  She cried for a bunch of our time but that is ok.  She is doing very well.  This next week she gets her bdu’s and her name plate.  She will be going out to “the beast” next week or the week after.  That is the out in the field training.  We are so proud of her.  Air Force Girl also talked to Army Girl yesterday.  Air Force Girl had cried when I told her we had already taken Army Girl to the airport.  But Army Girl still had her cell phone so I told her she could call her too.  Army Girl called me afterwards in tears.  They all miss each other so much.  It will be easier for them all to communicate once Air Force Girl is out of basic and at least part way through her job training.  As they get farther through training they get more and more freedom and things, like cell phones.  Army Girl pointed out to Air Force Girl that the actual military is nothing like basic training.  The actual military is more like going to work everyday.  Just like the rest of us.  Just sometimes it is in some very interesting places. 

Have a safe trip my darling!  See you soon.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Army Girls tattoo is amazing

Army Girls tattoo is amazing.  We had a good time today.  She got about 2 1/2 hours of work done today and still has another 2 hours to go.  But what is done is amazing.  When her whole back is finished it will be an amazing piece of art.  We met her cousin for lunch and then headed back home.  R and D came over to see Army Girl before she goes. 

Army Girl will be leaving tomorrow 😦  I guess we will really be empty nesters.  *sigh* I guess I will have to focus on the next fun thing.  We will be going to see Air Force Girl in October!  And then . . . well I don’t know what. 

We got a letter from Air Force Girl.  She has reached the I hate basic training stage.  I wrote her back and told her that is ok.  Because you aren’t supposed to like basic training.  Any one who likes basic training is creepy weird.  Basic training is designed to make you hate it and at the same time excell at it.  Air Force Girl also stated that she has improved her mile and a half run time from 14:34 to 12:34.  I am so impressed by people who can run, as I have stated before I run like I am pulling a wagon.  She is in week four so we/she are half way through this phase. 

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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I am going with Army Girl to get her tattoo colored in tomorrow.  I personally think she is crazy for doing it so close to when she returns to Iraq but then I don’t heal as quickly as she does.  She also doesn’t feel pain the way the rest of do.  I am going so I can spend more time with her.  I am going to miss her when she goes.

I read this interesting quote today.  “Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” Benjamin Disraeli, former British prime minister.  What do you think this means?  E-mail me back and let me know what you think.

BFF is getting the ultimate woman surgery in the next few weeks.  We are jealous.  Sort of.  She has needed to do this for a few years.  Army Girl is a dork.  But now she finally found some one to do it for her.  Which is good.   I will write more another day.  Army Girl is demanding attention.

Happy thoughts for a happy day! 

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