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I haven’t written in a couple of days. I apologize for that. Here are my excuses.

1. On Thursday I was getting ready to write my blog when I got a call from Navy Girl and she fell apart. Some things happened and now she has to go before the board on Monday and we are concerned she may not even be able to stay in the Navy. I am so angry my head is going to explode. All I can say is pray, send happy thoughts, send all the positive vibes you can to Navy Girl. She is being shafted and there isn’t much we can do about it except that. Just so everyone knows I have also cursed her advisor and all of his progeny. May they get advisers and superiors that treat him the same way he has treated my beautiful girl. As for the professor who started this mess . . .

I am very frustrated because I want to ride to the rescue and I can’t. When your children join the military they are adults and you have to let them be adults. I just want to protect my babies and I can’t. I can’t call her teacher and read her the riot act, I can’t call her advisers boss and complain, I can’t write letters to everyone I can think of about the injustice of it all. I have to let Navy Girl fight it out herself and I can’t be there to support her, at least not physically. I will always support her in everything she does.

2. My modem and my computer had fight and I lost. My computer and my modem just randomly decided they did not want to speak to each other any more. They had been having disagreements for the last week or so and Thursday night just quit talking all together. Friday I tried to be their marriage counselor and they just were not having it. So I called the phone company and got my computer a new friend. The old friend is going back to them because we have only had it a month and literally just paid for it. So now the new modem and the old computer are talking to each other and tada here I am! All you lucky lucky people. There are people out there aren’t there?

3. To make the week end even better I dropped my Blackberry Pearl in the dish water. I was talking to Navy Girl and doing the dishes. I went to put the phone in the microwave and it squirted out of my hand and into the water! I was talking on it when it happened. I was freaking out! omg omg omg! I pulled it apart and called the local cell phone company to find out how to dry it. So my Blackberry spent the rest of the day and the night in a nice bowl of rice. I put it together this morning and . . . it works! The screen has a bit of a shadow but I can live with it. I am hoping the heat from using it will fix that. Everything seems to work and I am massively relieved.

No more excuses

Air Force Girl was invited to the awards ceremony on Wednesday. The AmVets group gave each of the 4 people who joined the military some “walking around” money. One of the boys joined the marines and he leaves on June 1. He also got some money from a “military scholarship” and from the VFW. The lady from the VFW said they give a stipend to a boy and a girl who join the military. Well Air Force Girl is the only girl who joined this year and they didn’t give her anything. I guess she meant to say or? But once again the VFW from this town is not supporting my girls. Not surprised. But the AmVets recognized all four of these young people who joined the military.

Gpa made it here safe and sound yesterday. He is wheezing pretty bad. I don’t know if it just because of the smoking or the weather change. We had some storms come through last night and hopefully that cleared the air some. The pollen is pretty wicked right now. I know I have been wheezy myself the last few days. B didn’t know he was coming up here yesterday. She was very surprised when I called her yesterday to get his cell phone number. Hubby doesn’t have any of Gpa’s numbers in his cell. I think I will be writing all of the numbers down from mine now. Maybe.

I will write about the graduation and Air Force Girls birthday tomorrow evening. I love you Navy Girl, Army Girl and Air Force Girl. Thanks for reading.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!


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It is a cold rainy day. Of course! It is the senior class picnic. I took a load of sleeping bags, blankets, sweatshirts and mittens out to the park. One of the perks of not working, I can do that! I hope they are all having a good time despite of the weather. They have kayaks and games planned, plus the food is being catered. I told Air Force Girl to keep moving and she will stay warmer. Tonight is the awards night. We were invited I don’t know why but we will go and see what happens. Air Force Girl is confused as well. She didn’t apply for any scholarships. We will see what happens and I will let you know tomorrow.

Air Force Girl is being harassed by some jerks from school. She was pretty crushed by what they were saying and doing to her. I just found out about it this morning. She didn’t want to go to school the next couple of days. I told her no way, she doesn’t go then those asses win and no way is that going to happen. I told her she needs to go up to them and tell them to go F*** themselves. They are losers and just keep proving it over and over. It is a good thing that Army Girl isn’t here or those jerks would be in serious trouble. Air Force Girl said she was going to talk to the school counselor Mr. F and the school police liaison about what her options are for prosecuting them for harassment. Me, I just want to kick the shit out of them.

Army Girl is unhappy with her job. She was thrown into the job she has and the person in charge of her office is of lower rank than she is. Evidently the lower ranking person doesn’t understand her place. It does look like Army Girl is taking the appropriate steps for dealing with her. I suspect in the not to distant future when Army Girl gets her feet under her and understands the job more she will be in charge again. You don’t get to be a Sargent in less than five years and not get noticed. So my recommendation is “Patience grasshopper”

I am battling with my depression over being laid off. I have found some interesting articles on Businessweek.com lately. They are about what to do when laid off and how to deal with rejection and depression. The main thing it says is “being laid off is not your fault” according to the articles I should not feel like I did anything wrong. I heard it on NPR too. It is easy to say but harder to feel. Especially when creditors are calling wanting money and there just isn’t any for them to have. At least not as much as they want. We aren’t to the blood from a turnip stage but if this continues for a long time it will be that way. Me and 10 million other people. Keep positive. I can do this. I know that the power of positive thinking can work wonders. I just have to remind myself that sometimes.

On a happier note I talked to Gpa today. He is planning on coming up on Friday. Navy Girl is coming up for the weekend too. Air Force Girls graduation is Sunday and so is her birthday. Boy life is just whizzing by isn’t it?

I need to shower because I stink. I went to Curves and worked out. Hubby and I will be doing 37 sit ups and push ups today. I can see the difference in my arms. My abs on the other hand are still buried pretty deep . . . oh well we keep it up 40, 50 years from now we will look pretty good.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day. I would like to say thank you to all who have served and all who still serve. I really appreciate everything you do for us.

A special Thank you to Army Girl and her roomies. Be safe my darlings.

Everyone made it home safe and sound from the weekend. We had a good time.

Air Force Girl and I have had our first clash of the day. We are both tired and PMSing and and and . . . GRRRRRrrrr! Whine whine whine ok better now.

We have to get ready for the parade. Last one of those too.

Thank you all! We appreciate everything you do.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Party recap

We had a really good time yesterday at the party. We had about 100 people there. And the weather was absolutely wonderful. Air Force Girl made out like a bandit. She got a beautiful necklace from Army Girl. It is a heart with a flag in the center. It is really pretty. She also got a beautiful emerald necklace with matching ring and bracelet from B. The neat thing is the emerald necklace fits right above the heart necklace so she can wear both. She also got a tattoo from her sisters. She is going after June 1 to get it. The older two girls and I all have the same heart tattoo on our backs and she is going to get hers too. We had to get permission from the Air Force for her to get it.

We had two brats and about 4 hot dogs left for the meat. There really wasn’t much left at all. We went through 3 yucky cakes, quite a few cases of beer and pop. All in all there wasn’t much food left. Which is good, although I would have liked to have some of the yucky cake left over. Oh well maybe Grandma R will bring some with her next weekend.

Of course there was some foolishness. Luckily nothing to horrible. Just drunken revelry, no harm no foul. As far as I know there was no puking either. Of course Hubby passed out before that could happen. 😉 We were in bed by 10:30 (2230 right?) Sad. I think it means we are getting old.

Air Force Girl is off to some graduation parties and Hubby and I are laying around watching the Indy 500. Navy Girl left about 6:40 and again at 7:35. She got to the next town and realized she had forgotten her saber. So she had to come back for it. She is in a wedding today. And is part of the honor guard when a military person gets married in uniform. I think that is the correct explanation anyway. If I am wrong I am sure people will correct me. Gpa, B and family have headed home already too. Trying to avoid all of the traffic going home tomorrow. Plus it is just nice to have a day to do nothing. Although if you breath there is always something that “needs” to be done.

One of the saddest things about having people visit is when they have to leave. I hate when people leave. It makes me sad. I know I can’t keep everyone with me, they would drive me nuts! But I still miss them.

Happy thoughts for happy days!

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Party Time

The party time is here! We are waiting for Hubby to get back with the buns. Then we can load the coolers and off to the park. People are starting to get crabby. So much to do to get ready for these things. But the pay off will be worth it.

Air Force Girl is getting ready and Navy Girl is here. We talked to Army Girl this morning. We used Skype. What a cool thing! I need to get a camera for my computer so I can talk to and see her! She looked wonderful. She was getting ready to go work out. I miss her so much.

I will write more on the party later.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Getting Ready

I have started this post multiple times this week. It has been crazy! We went to the last home soccer game, the last band concert, the last away soccer game which was also the last regular season game. The graduation party is tomorrow and Hubby and I have been cleaning the house a garage even though the party isn’t even at our house. But Hubby has the day off today so I am taking advantage of it.

I am going to start cutting up veggies pretty quick, and my hands are massively dry already. I am going to have some good alligator skin.

The Air Force called to make sure Air Force Girl is going to graduate. So far so good. I worry about her some times. She has always been uninterested in school. From kindergarten onward. I think the military will be good for her. Today is senior skip day. She only sort of skipped. She had a couple classes she needed to go to. So basically what she did is have an extended lunch. She has a little over two months before she leaves for the Air Force. WOW!

We sent a box to Army Girl yesterday. She had ordered some things and can’t get them delivered to her. Frustrating. So we boxed it all up and a few other things and sent them off. The post office has these flat rate boxes you can use . . . sometimes. The boxes aren’t very big. I wish they would make them bigger. Instead the boxes have gotten smaller. So post office if you are listening we would greatly appreciate bigger boxes to send to our troops over seas.

Navy Girl is coming tonight and so is B and family and Gpa. Hubby’s family will come over for the day tomorrow. It has all just come up so fast!

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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My friend D— and I went to St. Louis to see our friend A—– this weekend. We had a really good time. We missed one of Air Force Girls soccer games but Hubby made it to the game and they had some good daddy/daughter time. It is a long long way to St. Louis! But well worth it. We got to see A and her family and do some sight seeing. We went to the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It was gorgeous! We were there about 3 hours and did not see it all. The roses were in bloom and the irises and the dogwoods and a few others. It will be amazing in a month or so. It smelled so good! There were a whole bunch of weddings. What a cool place to get married!

On our way to St. Louis we drove through a lot of rain and managed to get south of the really wicked weather. We were listening to the radio and there were tornado warnings for places we had driven just through. It was a little exhilarating and slightly scary. But we made it and didn’t have to make a dive for a single basement.

Air Force Girl is starting to get cards in the mail. I am hoping she is making a list of everything she is receiving. So she can send thank you notes.

The phone tree for Army Girl was activated today to let everyone know that all of the soldiers had gotten to Iraq safe and sound. All present or accounted for. It was good practice on how the phone tree will work.

I work tomorrow, then a soccer game tomorrow night and am going to take Air Force Girl on her student counsel trip on Wednesday and her final band concert, a soccer game on Thursday and then it is Friday. This week is going so fast. I just realized that she will be gone in two months. Oh man I am not ready.

Happy thoughts for a happy day.

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