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We had our Tuesday Night Ladies Bowling banquet last night. It was a lot of fun. All of the ladies were dressed up so pretty. No bowling shirts and shoes on banquet night. Our team did really well having won the first half of bowling and the roll off for over all champions. It was a fun year. Our league runs the gamut from 20’s to almost 90. I absolutely love E—–. She is going to be 90 in January. When I grow up I want to be like her!

I exercise everyday. I go to Curves and I swim plus I walk to meet Hubby almost everyday. I have been doing sit ups and push ups too. I figure if Valerie Bertinelli can do it so can I. I was measured today and I have lost another inch off of my waist and my abdomen. I have noticed that when you go away and use some other exercise machines when you come back you do so much better on the usual machines. There is a challenge going on for the month of May. Sort of like the “biggest loser” highest percentage of weight lost. I am hoping this will motivate me to actually lose weight. I have lost lots of inches but not a lot of weight. I know that muscle weighs more than fat and the more fit I become the more weight that will come off. I am trying to keep up with my girls. They are all very fit. The military keeps them that way.

I hate grocery shopping. That and laundry. If I could keep everyone naked I would be happy to never do laundry again. Food shopping sucks just as bad. I do food budgeting about as well as I do money budgeting. It is getting better but…I still hate grocery shopping. But I went to the store today with $20, I got 1 pound of tomatoes, 3 pounds of bananas, some peppers, and Au gratin potatoes. We are going to have ham, Au gratin potato’s and tomato/pepper salad. What is the difference between Au gratin potato’s and scalloped potato’s? Is it just the name?

Air Force Girl was injured in the game on Monday. Her neck and back are out of wack. Sent her to the Chiro today. Hopefully that will help.

We won’t be hearing from Army Girl for a while. It makes me sad. I am trying very hard to be brave. I talked to her and didn’t cry. I am so proud of that. I know she is very excited to get this all started. The sooner they get going the sooner they get home. We love her so much and are so proud of all of them.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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leaving soon

I talked to Army Girl today. She will be getting on a plane very soon for the long trip over there. She says it takes 20+ hours to get there. Poor kid, she says some of the soldiers hygiene is sketchy at best and they had to pack up all of their personal gear already. So that gives some of them an excuse to not shower and then a 20+ hour flight. She is such a clean freak that I hope she sleeps through most of the flight. Every time I think about her leaving I just start having this crying fit in my head. I am trying to be brave and put up a positive attitude for her and her sisters but when I am alone…

Air Force Girls soccer team lost last night. She played the whole game. Those girls are amazing. I don’t know how they do it. Oh to be young like that. I have never been able to run, I look like I am pulling a train. She is an amazing athlete. She frustrates her father no end. She hates to practice. She was on the swim team for 10+ years and getting her to practice has always been a struggle. Her coach gave her a plaque for graduation with the statement “she is the only person I know who doesn’t go to practice everyday and still improve her times everytime she competes!” We love her so much!

Navy Girl sent me this yesterday
Weird moment of the morning: I just walked over a manhole that was blaring Metallica. Now that is a good start to the day!

I talked to Gpa today. He has a doctors appointment for a check up on his stint. He has been taken off one of his meds because it was thinning his blood to much. We are very excited that he is coming up for Air Force Girls graduation. I still have to get those invitations done!

I am always amazed at how life keeps going on when these major events happen in our lives.

We love you Army Girl, be safe, be happy.

Happy thoughts for a happy day.

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Air Force Girl went to Prom last night. She looked absolutely lovely. She borrowed a beautiful dress from a friend for the Navy Ball next weekend and decided to use it this weekend for prom too. She is so pretty. Navy Girl is going to have to keep a close eye on the little college boys next weekend. She said something about a name tag that says “Hello my name is….Jailbait” Only for a short time though. She will be 18 at the end of May. My baby is so grown up! We are working on Air Force Girls Graduation invitations. We were looking at the calendar and realized the party is in 4 weeks so we need to get them out. Time keeps flying by!

It is raining today. We needed it so bad. The good news is it held off last night so all the girls in their pretty dresses did not have to worry about them getting wrecked. We have been having a good day just bumming and watching the races. Looks like the grass might be getting green. It has been a good soaking rain and will hopefully knock down the fire threat. It is a nice day to just snuggle up and read or make invitations, watch tv and play on the computer.

I talked to Navy Girl yesterday and things are going good for her. She is working on getting certified as an EMT besides her engineering studies. She is amazing. She said she has finished her clinicals and I have no idea what the next steps are. She and Air Force Girl will have a good time next weekend.

Army Girl texted me today and said she climbed up and down a mountain today. It sounded like fun. She says she is tired and I don’t blame her! Climbing a mountain has to be hard work. We are so proud of all of the girls!

Happy thoughts for happy days.

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I left my baby at an airport. Actually she left me at the airport. And I cried. I tried so hard not to cry till after she left but I just couldn’t hold it in. People tell you how great it is that your children are serving in the military, but when you leave your kid at the airport and inside your head you are absolutely screaming inside NO! NO! NO! words don’t mean much.

Army Girl will be leaving soon and if we are lucky she will get leave between now and next next year. We will miss her every minute of every day. I am crying as I write this, I am sad and so proud of her. We had a great visit. I know I had fun and I am pretty sure she did too. We didn’t go many places or do many things but I don’t care. I got to spend time with my baby before she left.

As awful as I feel I can not imagine if this was my spouse or my parent. On the planes both ways there were quite a few people with children. I saw many of them with military people. I know that as much as my heart cries for my babies, wives/husbands and especially the children cry even more. I depend on my children because I love them so much. These families rely on these soldiers for so much more. Please keep them all in your hearts, the soldiers, the husbands, the wives, the parents, the brothers, the sisters, grandparents, friends, but especially the children. Most of the children were 5 and under. So young to understand what is happening.

My kids make fun of me because I cry everytime they leave. They joke I cry if they leave the room. It isn’t quite that bad but sometimes it is hard to have…

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Army Girl and I are having a good time doing not much of anything. We have visited the Harley dealer ship here and gone shopping a lot. Yesterday we went over the the Marriott and got massages. Oh heaven! A one hour Swedish massage each. I have decided that sometimes a great massage is even better than sex. Especially when your Hubby is 1000’s of miles away! I miss you lots my darling.

We spent the rest of the day hanging out by the pool and then dinner at a Japanese resturant. It was very good food and great company.

We still haven’t had any Texas Bar b que. It is looking like it will be the next time we come to Texas before I get any. Oh well. This trip is about Army Girl and what she wants. And we have had a great time and some very good food.

I am going to go work out and then who knows what we will do today!

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Visiting Army Girl

Thanks to BFF for taking me to the airport at 5 am Sunday morning. We had a good time on Saturday getting pictures of BFF’s granddaughter (what a cutie!), shopping, have great grilled food and just fun time. I appreciate that she put up with my snoring for the night and got up early, early to get me to the airport. It was an interesting day! Had to wait in line for check in, who would have thought at that hour of the morning!?! Waiting in line for security were the members of the New York Thunder, the professional LaCrosse team. They had played the Minnesota Storm the night before. They had won and you could smell it! I am pretty sure most of them had not been to bed the night before and celebrated long and hard! 😉 My flight from Minneapolis took off right on time.

Did you know that planes take off and land before 7 at the Minneapolis airport but most of the shops don’t open till after 7 am. I had a hard time finding a diet pepsi. I finally found a vending machine that at least had pepsi in it. One of the short falls of being allergic to coffee is most of the world isn’t so they never think about people like me who get their morning caffine some other way. Oh well Frontier Airlines gives out pepsi products so I did get some diet pepsi eventually.

I was rather worried about flying into Denver because they had had more that 2 feet of snow in the days before I flew in. But when we got there it was absolutely beautiful. There was a problem with one of the planes and it caused a casscade of delays and my flight was delayed an hour. Not to bad considering. So I wandered around the airport for a while. I was bummed because I couldn’t get into the new part of the airport where the really niffty conveyer system is. I would love to have watched that work. What can I say, once an engineer always a geek!

It took a while but I finally arrived in Texas. But all in all it was a nice trip here. I had to wait about an hour for Army Girl to get here. We went to Target and the mall and then had dinner and a few drinks. I went to sleep and she went out to play. It was a long day. But we had fun. I have met a lot of nice people on the way. The hotel is packed with military people and their families. I think most of the hotels in the area are. I am so grateful to G’pa for helping make this possible. I love you so much!

Thinking happy thoughts for a happy day!

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When my girls went to college they decided they “needed” cats. Navy Girl got a very cute all black kitty named Meco, Army Girl saw the pretty kitty and wanted one too. So they went back to where the Meco was born and got one of her sister kitties a white one named Maddy. They shared an apartment after Army Girl graduated from High School. Army Girl went to Katrina and Navy Girl, well before that she was College girl, joined the Navy. Army Girl comes back from New Orleans and a few months later gets Zoey. Sweet Zoey Jane a pedigreed mini Dachshund. So now they have two cats and a dog. Army Girl finds out she is going to Iraq and Navy girl finds out she is going to basic training in June. In fact they leave on the same day! So Navy girl goes off to basic training and Army Girl goes to Indiana for training and then Iraq for a year and where do Meco, Maddy and Zoey go? You guessed it, my house. Now that isn’t so bad two cats and a tiny dog if there are no other pets involved. But we had a medium sized dog (Tommie) and a very large cat (Gishy) in a very small house.

So lets recap, we now have two dogs and three cats. Unfortunately the girls’ cats and our cat did not get along, and the cats didn’t like the big dog either. So we lived some what peacefully until one day Gishy died. We were sad and at the same time rather relieved, Army girl came home from Iraq safe and sound and we were very happy. Then Tommie got sick. She got Alzheimer’s for dogs. When she got lost in the living room and had no idea where she was we had to have her put to sleep. We were all very sad especially Hubby.

We are now back to two cats and one little dog. During this time Navy Girl is living with someone and they get a chocolate lab named Steve. Navy girl gets picked up for officer training and the someone gets sent to his first gig somewhere else. Steve was supposed to go to the boyfriends parents but they ended up not being able to take him. So Steve moved in with us. So now we are back to two dogs and two cats. But the good thing is when Navy Girl goes to college she takes the cats. So now we are down to just two dogs. 100 pound Steve and 12 pound Zoey. Which brings me to the point of the story.

Steve drools. Not all the time, but when he does it is rather gross. Big gloppy stringy drool. I am sure he will get worse as he gets older. I am hoping that Air Force Girl won’t be bringing any pets home, but if she does I am sure we will take them in. I just hope it isn’t anything bigger than Steve!

Thinking happy thoughts for a happy day!

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Bowling Champions!

Woo Hoo! Congrats to my fellow team mates! We won the League Bowling Season last night. It was a really fun night and came down to the last bowler. After two games we were tied and ended up winning the night and the season 16-14! It was a lot of fun against a very worthy opponent. Army girl was on the team last year and we really missed her this year.

Speaking of Army girl I will be flying to El Paso on Sunday to see her before she ships out to Iraq. It is a weird feeling to leave your child and know you won’t be seeing them for months on end. That you can’t pick up the phone and call them when ever you want to. When your kids go to basic training you can not contact them at all. They are allowed to call you after a week or two and you get to talk to them for two minutes max. You can write them lots of letters and they will send you back one for every four you send but they don’t get very much free time. That time is spent doing exciting things like sleeping, showering and washing clothes. I mention this because the break is deliberate on the military’s part. It makes the kid independent from the parents and gives the parents a clear view of what the next few years are going to be like. So now we are entering another of those phases where we can not call her but she can call us when she has time. It is very hard and when I leave from my visit I will probably cry till I want to throw up but I will wait until after I am at the point of no return in the airport. I will smile until my face hurts while I am with her.

We will be changing the message on our answering machine and cell phones after she leaves the country. It is a sad fact that life goes on whether you want it to or not. And sometimes you miss those very precious calls. When Army Girl and Navy Girl were deployed elsewhere we left the following message. “You have reached the _____ please leave us a message and we will get back to you. If this is Army Girl or Navy Girl we love you, we miss you and we are so proud of you” They both said it was great to hear even if they couldn’t hear it in person. This next time it will be Army Girl and Air Force Girl. Hard to believe that in 4 months Air Force Girl will be off on her new adventure.

Air Force Girl’s soccer team won last night. That makes them 2-2! Their best record since Air Force Girl started playing. We are very proud of them. Grandpa D and Grandma R made the trip over to see the game. We had a nice dinner before they went to the game and I went to bowling.

Happy thoughts for a happy day!

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More about me

I have three daughters in the military.

Navy Girl is the oldest and has been in the Navy for almost three years. She will be a lifer when she completes officer training in a few years.

National Guard Girl hence forth Army Girl, is the middle, she started all of this by enlisting in the National Guard while still in high school. She has been in the Guard for 5 years and has reinlisted for another 6. She will be leaving for her second tour in Iraq around the end of the month.

Air Force Girl is a DEPper. She graduates from high school the end of May and leaves for basic training in August.

I am an engineer who is partially layed off at the moment. I work for a start up company that needed to conserve some money until the machinery is built and my job for them is to market/sell the product. No product No sales. In the mean time my house is very clean and I am working on this blog and my abs!

Hubby is a machinist and so far has work to do. His company does have a mandatory everyone takes 4 weeks off between now and September. We will make it work.

My girls and I have had some very serious discussions that most people don’t even have with their parents. These include life insurance, where they want to be buried if something happens, wills, power of attorneys, boyfriends, basic training, not to bring me anymore pets, what they want to do when the “grow up”, what I want to do when I “grow up”, and much more. We will be exploring some of these in later posts.

Happy thoughts for a happy day to you all

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Good morning,

This is my first attempt at a blog so I hope everyone bears with me while I learn how to do this. I know that things will get better as time goes on. So in the mean time welcome and hope this works.

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